Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 87


Recap: twiraj moments and leela to catch yuvi which was hiding in twinkle’s wardrobe

Leela was going to the wardrobe when Raman came from behind with Pinni.
Raman:”sis, Mr. John is calling you”
Leela nodded yes.
Leela left with Raman leaving Pinni with twinkle.
Twinkle:”chachi you go, i will come”
She was about to leave but turned back.
Pinni:”actually i came here to ask you to borrow me your scarf.”
Twinkle:”i will bring it”
Pinni:”let me choose”
And she opened the wardrobe and screamed seeing yuvi there.
Twinkle hold her head.
Twinkle thinks:”yuvi, you are gone”
Pinni, still in shock:”what is he doing here?”
Yuvi came out of the wardrobe.
Twiraj looked at each other and signing each other to do something.
Pinni:”i am still waiting twinkle…. Stop signing each other and answer me”
Twinkle:”chachi actually….. Actually….”
Yuvi:”chachi, you know when 2 people are in love they do such stupid things.”

Twinkle was shocked by his answer.
Twinkle thinks:”what did he say?”
Twinkle:”no, no chachi. Actually….”
Pinni:”twinkle what does he mean by love. Do you…”
Yuvi:”chachi, you are thinking so far. Let me explain to you… Actually Rohan and Chinki love each, Rohan came to meet her and went to spent some times alone leaving us here. They can’t meet in front of the families and if people get to know that they were meeting like this, they would talk about them so Chinki and Rohan dragged us in this.”

Pinni:”that’s fine but what’s the relationship with you being here in twinkle’s wardrobe”
Yuvi:”there is a relationship, they went out of the room and left us here, I didn’t have any option when Leela aunty came there.”
Pinni:”ok, ok now you should go”
Yuvi:”yeah sure”
Yuvi left from there.

Pinni:”lets go. Leela bhabhi must be waiting for us”
Twinkle:”yeah….” Twinkle was still thinking about what yuvi said.

The four (chinki also joined them) of them went for shopping.

Here at the hotel,
Yuvi was playing with some kids when Yuvi phone rang. He went aside to pick it up.
Speaker:”are you Mr. Yuvraj Luthra?”
Yuvi:”yes but who are you?”
Speaker:”if you want to know then come to…… I have something which is very close to you with me”
Yuvi:”hello…. Hello”
But the phone was already cut.
Yuvi:”who is he?”
He quickly left from there and went to the place where he was told to go after asking the directions from one of the hotel staff.

Isolated place….
He entered there and it was completely dark.
Yuvi:”anyone here??”
Then suddenly, one by one spot lights turned on.
The first spot light turned on and yuvi saw Anita there tied up to a pillar.
Yuvi, shocked:”mom….”
Yuvi was about to go to her but Anita stopped him.
Anita:”no Yuvi don’t come here. Don’t move from where you are”
Yuvi was stopped by someone.
The person came in front of him. He was wearing a mask.
Speaker:”wait little boy, see there…”
Another spot light turned on next to Anita.
There was Rohan tied up.

Yuvi turned back.
There was Sana who was crying as she was scared.
Another spot light, it was twinkle.
Then one by one, all the family members were there.
Leela, Raman, Pinni, dadaji, Sana’s dadi, Chinki, Mr. John family.

Speaker:”all of them are here.”
Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Speaker:”what did you think that you will come here and I won’t know. You did a big mistake, yuvi. In Amritsar, I would not have bring the family in it. But you forced me to bring each and everyone in this matter”

Yuvi thinks of Rajesh.
Speaker:”yes, i am the one whom you are thinking about. But i won’t remove the mask because I don’t want them (pointing towards the family) to know who i am.”
Yuvi was about to go to Anita.
Rajesh:”no no, don’t think of that. Do you see the ropes tied on their whole body, there are wires in it. Once you will touch it, there will be a big explosion. And you all will die”
Yuvi:”I don’t trust you, you will also die if that happened”
Rajesh:”i know the way out not you. The way from which you came is now blocked by my men”

Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Rajesh:”you put Malhotra in jail, you will be punished for that first. You will quietly bear everything or else I will kill one by one”
Sana was shocked hearing that her parents are in jail.

Some men came there and started to beat yuvi.
Yuvi bear everything silently.
They beat yuvi badly and he started bleeding.
Anita:”leave my son, what do you want?”
Rajesh:”he will give me what i want”

Yuvi fell down and Rajesh stopped his men.
Rajesh:”stop it, how much will this little boy get hurt”
Yuvi struggles to get up but he fell down.
All the family members felt bad for him.
Anita and twinkle had tears in their eyes seeing yuvi’s state.

Yuvi tried again to get up. This time he succeeds.
Rajesh:”tough boy”
Anita:”leave him plz, i will give you whatever you want”
Rajesh laughs.

Rajesh:”i want your permission to torture your son, (angrily) may i?”
Anita:”why are you doing this?”
Rajesh, came to yuvi:”seems like your mom wants to know who i am. Ok I will show her”
He removed his mask.
Anita, Leela, Raman and dadaji were shocked.
Rajesh:”yes me…. What happened bhabhi? Shocked to see your devar (brother in law)?”

Anita:”what are you doing here?”
Rajesh:”to meet my nephew and bhabhi”
Yuvi:”leave them, you want something from me. I will stay, let them go”

Rajesh:”no let them see how much I torture you”
Dadaji:”let the kids go, we will talk to you”

Rajesh acting weirdly:”yuvi, make them understand, I don’t want to talk to them. I just want to do my work”

He hold yuvi hand and pulled him.
Rajesh:”come on”
Yuvi tried to take his phone from his pocket but Rajesh saw him.

Rajesh:”cheater, bhabhi, didn’t you teach him not to disobey his elders.”

Rajesh beats yuvi.
Rajesh:”cheating, right?”
Dadaji:”leave him Rajesh”
But Rajesh continued to beat him.
Yuvi, unable to bear it anymore, punched him hard and he fell down.
Rajesh:”how dare you beat me?”
He called his boys and they hold yuvi.

Rajesh:”bhabhi, i want to tell you something, which yuvi can’t tell you. He is afraid to tell you, Leelaji, you must also listen to it. No let me show it to you. Boys projector plz”

The boys turned on the projector.
Rajesh:”till its done, bhabhi you must be aware that your son is in love, right?”

Twiraj and Rohan and chinki were tensed.

Anita:”what do you mean?”
Rajesh:”I mean that your son has a girlfriend, so let me tell you her name. Her name is….”
Yuvi:”Rajesh stop it. This is my personal matter…”
Rajesh:”yuvi beta, you should thank me as then your mom can fix your marriage with the girl”
Yuvi:”rajesh, plz I am begging you, don’t tell anyone”
Rajesh smiles seeing yuvi’s plead.
Rajesh:”her name is Miss Twinkle Taneja…”

Everyone was hell shocked hearing that except the ones who knew.
Twiraj looked at their moms to see their reactions.
But both were shocked and speechless.
Rajesh, to Leela and Anita:”your children have betrayed you. You two kept fighting and they were romancing.”

Twinkle:”maa, don’t listen to him.”
Yuvi:”mom…. Ignore him… Listen to me”
Rajesh:”and i have proof to that”

He showed them the pictures of twiraj on the projector.
Their pictures together in Goa and Amritsar.
He stopped at a moment.
Rajesh:”I can’t show you the last picture, you will feel bad…. But i want you to feel bad so…”
The last picture was of twiraj’s date where they were closed to each other and were kissing.

Twiraj were very tensed seeing all this.
Rajesh:”don’t know till how far they have…. Crossed their limits. But bhabhi, leelaji, they are kid, we can forgive them even if they have cross all their limits and didn’t think about their reputation. And they did all planning to get you two together”

Twinkle:”maa, trust me! It’s true that me and yuvi love each other but we didn’t do anything that is wrong, yuvi tell them”

Yuvi:”yes mom, plz trust us! Aunty, we didn’t do anything”
But Anita and Leela were still in shock.
Rajesh whispered to yuvi:”how did you like my surprise? I was the one who gave you a blank call to trace your location, i was the one who was following twinkle, i was the one who pushed her from the rocks yesterday night…”
Yuvi stared at him angrily and beat him hard. Rajesh felt unconscious and yuvi stopped beating him.

Twinkle:”maa, are you listening to me? Maa….”
Yuvi released Sana first as her hands were bleeding.
Till then, Rajesh came back to his senses and left from there silently.
Yuvi noticed that Rajesh was gone and went to Anita.
He hesitated to touch the ropes but then did it.
He realised that Rajesh was bluffing, there was no wire.
He freed Anita and then Rohan.
Rohan and him released the others.
Yuvi opened twinkle and she rushed to Leela.
Once all were released, yuvi came to Anita.
Twinkle:”maa…. Plz tell me something…. Maa….” Twinkle was crying.

Yuvi:”mom…. Plz listen to me….” But Anita slapped yuvi.
Everyone was shocked. Even yuvi as Anita didn’t beat him before.
Rohan:”aunty, plz. Listen to him once”

Mr. John:” i think that we should go out and then discuss the matter”
Rohan searched a way out and finally he found out and they all came out.

Leela pulled twinkle from there with Taneja family.
Even Anita, yuvi came back to the hotel with Rohan and Mr. John family.

Precap: what will happen now? How will Leela and Anita react? Will they accept or will they separate twiraj?

Sorry guys for posting so late.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comment and plz keep commenting so that i know you like the story.

And for all twiraj/yuvle fan, we would be able to enjoy some twiraj/yuvle moments for sometimes in the serial, post their marriage. Waiting to see it.

And guys one thing, I know that in the serial, yuvi is a bad character but that does not mean you should relate it to Zain. He is a very good actor and being his fans we should respect his choice.
He posted an article on Instagram which stated that “bashing a reel character is different from bashing real actors, they all put their efforts just to entertain us, plz don’t bash any actor based on character roles of show”
People should stop bashing actors for their negative roles in the serial.
He must have received some negative comments since he posted that. I know that many hate yuvi but we should not hate Zain.
And those who are saying that the current track is boring and not good, if you are a true tei fan, Jasmine fan, Siddhant fan and Zain fan, then you should support them.
I read many comments on the tei update that says that they will not watch tei if twiraj gets married. Plz continue to watch it because if the trp goes down then they will stop the serial. Then there will be twinj and yuvi. So plz continue continue watching.

Credit to: Zai

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