Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 86


Recap: anita teasing yuvi about his girlfriend and even bought a gift for her. Twiraj moments on the beach.

Next day,
They all went for a picnic, on a small hill.
They had climebed it easily as there was stairs to go to the top.
They all were helping each other. Even Anita and Leela were helping each other but unconsciously and without talking to each other.
Twinkle saw them together and smiled.
Chinki:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”our moms are getting close, see”
Chinki:”and soon they will accept your relationship and then…. marriage”
Twinkle blushes.

They continued with their work.
They all were enjoying a lot.
Yuvi and Rohan were playing football and the elders were talking and playing other games.
Dadaji, went to yuvi and Rohan:”i want to play also.”
Yuvi:”ok dadaji”
Rohan passed the ball to dadaji.
Leela:”papaji you should not play…”
Raman:”because you are not well…”
Dadaji, to yuvi:”Am i not well?”
Yuvi and Rohan:”you are fit and fine”

Leela:”but papaji…”
Dadaji:”i am your father, won’t you listen to me.”
Mr. John’s wife:”let him play if he wishes”
Pinni:”papaji, show those young boys how to play whatever this is call”
Pinni:”whatever, just kicking the ball”
Twinkle:”yeah that’s so easy”
Yuvi:”easy? So why don’t you come to play if you find it so easy?”

Twinkle’s smile vanished as she doesn’t know how to play, she just said it like that.
Chinki:”ok we will play”
Rohan:”then boys against girls”
They make the team but there was not enoght players.
Mr. John:”even I want to play” And he joined yuvi.
Now on the boys side were: yuvi, rohan, dadaji and Mr. John.
And on girls side were only twinkle and chinki.

Then Mr. John’s wife also joined them. (Guys plz suggest a name for her.)

Sana:”I will be the arbitary”
Yuvi:”ok partner, but you will have to be fair”
Sana noded yes.
After sometimes, Joanna (who has come with them this time) joined the girls.
Dadaji asked Raman to come and he came to the boys side unwillingly as he did not want to be with yuvi.

Pinni also joined the girls along with Leela and Anita.
Yuvi requested Anita so she couldn’t say no and even Leela couldn’t refuse dadaji.
Rohan:”but now the girls are more than boys.”
Yuvi:”let it be”
Sana’s dadi didn’t join as she has knee problem so she stayed with Sana.

Both teams planned their game at the same time.
Boys team:
Yuvi:”dadaji goal keeper”
Yuvi:”Raman uncle…” Raman stared at yuvi and he stays quiet.
Yuvi:”choose whatever position”
Yuvi:”so you (raman) and Mr. John defender. Me and Rohan attacker”
They all agreed.

Girls team:
Pinni:”so how do we play this footkick game”
Chinki:”aunty, not footkick, football.”
Pinni:”same thing”
Twinkle:”how do we play this?”
Leela:”just kicked in the ball in betwee the poles”
Yuvi and Rohan already put the poles while they were playing.

Sana:”ok, time’s up. Your team is ready?”
Boys, shouting:”yessss”
Sana:”seems like boys are ready and vey excited. What about girls”
Girls, in a lower tone:”yess”
They start the game and the boys were passing the ball to each other.
Rohan passed it to yuvi and he scored.
The boys cheered up.

Twinkle called chinki and said something to her.
Yuvi and Rohan noticed them.
Rohan:”buddy, something is cooking between these girls”
Yuvi:”you are right, we must not fall in their trap”
Rohan noded yes.
Raman:”hey you both (yuvi &rohan) stop with your talkings and play”
Rohan:”lets go.”
The game starts again, the girls struggles a lot to score but the boys defended well.
And the boys took the boys and scored once more.

The boys shouted:”goal….”
It was Rohan who scored it.
Sana was imitating the commentary people and speaking like them.

Twinkle signs to chinki which mean that their plan was on.
Chinki smiled and passed the ball to twinkle.
Twinkle took the ball abd yuvi came in front of her.
Twinkle:”yuvi… i love you. Can we go out tonight”
Yuvi:”yeah but that’s not the moment to talk about this.”
Yuvi tried to take the ball but twinkle didn’t let him.
Twinkle:”yuvi… look at me. I want to kiss you”
Yuvi, stopped for a moment:”what?”
Twinkle:”yeah, so…”
Yuvi, giggles:”not working baby” And he took the ball from her and scored.
Twinkle was angry.
Chinki:”plan failed now what?”
Twinkle stayed quiet and looked at yuvi who was celebrating with his team.
Yuvi saw her and winked at her and smiled.

It was now 3-0 with the boys winning.
There was only some minutes left for the match.
And the girls were struggling and tired. It was as if they have played the game for 24 hours but it was not the case.

At the last moment, Mr. John’s wife took the ball from him and passed to Anita and she passed to Leela where she passed it twinkle and she scored it.

The girls jumped out of happiness. Unknowingly, Anita and Leela hugged each other. But as soon as they realised it they broke the hug.
Twiraj and dadaji smiled seeing them.
Sana:”ok game over. So the boys have won.”
All the boys cheered up while the girls sat down tired and exhausted.

Rohan:”so was it easy?”
Pinni:”no baba, i will never play this footkick again”
They all laughed hearing footkick.
Raman:”not footkick, football”

In the afternoon, they returned to the hotel all exhausted.
Yuvi and Rohan was about to enter their room when Joanna came there with her friends (who just woke up and didn’t get to play the match)

Joanna:”you guys played really well.”
Yuvi & Rohan:”thank you”
They were about to leave.
Joanna:”yuvi… actually we ( her friends and her) are going out to have some drinks (alcohol) will you come? Actually dad does not like that i drink so i can’t in front of him”
Yuvi:”sorry we don’t drink”
One friend of Joanna:”come on dude, stop kidding. I am sure you must drink.”
Rohan:”no we don’t and Joanna we are tired as we played football so we just want to have a bath and sleep.”

Joanna:”yeah, ok. Lets go guys.”
They left from there and yuvi and rohan entered their room.

Joanna’s friend:”come on, we should get ready.”
Joanna:”no i don’t want to go”
Friend:”but jo…” she left from there.

They all were in their room, for the rest of the day.
Twinkle has slept, she woke up hearing a knock at the door.
She went to the door and open it, but there was no one. She closed it and was about to go back to the bed when she noticed a paper on the floor.
She read the note.
Note:”come to meet me on the beach near the rocks”

She was confused but then remebered that she said to yuvi that she wanted to go out during the game.
She smiled thinking about it.
She came out in her night suit itself. She was wearing a short sleeves t-shirt and a blue short.

She went on the beach and came to the place where she was called.
There were big rocks and she climbed on it.
Once she reach at the top, she called out yuvi.
But didn’t get any answer in return.
She tried to look down when suddenly she screams as she has fallen.
But yuvi held her hands so that she doesn’t fall.
Yuvi pulled her up with all his strenght.
Once she was up, yuvi hugged her.
Yuvi:”are you fine?”
Twinkle, scared:”yeah”
Yuvi:”how did you fall…”
Twinkle:”i…. i was searching for you”
Yuvi, confused:”for me??”
Twinkle:”yeah for you… i called you thrice but you didn’t answer”
Yuvi:”but at this time…”
Twinkle:”you call me here…”
She shows him the note which she brought with her.
Yuvi read the note confused.
Yuvi:”but i….”
He stopped seeing twinkle scared.
Yuvi:”sorry i shouldn’t have call you here. Come on lets get down”

They came down.
Twinkle was hugging yuvi.
Yuvi brings her back to her room and make her sleep.
Once she was asleep, he went back to his room.
Yuvi looked at the note tensed.
Yuvi thinks:”what happening?”
After sometimes, he also went to sleep.

Next morning,
Yuvi woke and got ready. He went to twinkle room. Chinki was already up and in the bathroom.

Yuvi came to twinkle and smiled seeing her sleeping. He was mesmerised seeing her innocent face.
He sat next to her and kissed her forehead. Twinkle woke up just then.
She smiles seeing yuvi next to her.
Yuvi:”good morning baby”
Twinkle:”good morning”
Yuvi bend down and kissed her cheek.

He leaned forward and was about to kiss her lips, when chinki came out of the washroom.
Chinki:”oppps i didn’t see anything”
Yuvi moved back and said:”again wrong timing”
Twinkle got up and sat on the bed.
Chinki:”carry on with your romance.”
Twinkle smiled and blushed.
Yuvi:”until you keep disturbing, romance won’t happen.
Chinki:”ok ok I am going. Where is Rohan?”
Chinki left from there.
Yuvi to twinkle:”baby, actually yesterday I didn’t sent you that note. Actually I saw you leaving the hotel from the my balcony and i came out. When i reached there, you were falling and you know the rest…”

Twinkle:”but yuvi if you didn’t sebd me that note, then who…”
Yuvi:”its ok we will find out”
Twinkle noded yes.
Yuvi hold her hands. And came close to her.
Twinkle:”the door is open…”
Yuvi:”no problem, i will close it”
He was about to close the door when one of the hotel staff come there.
Waiter:”good morning sir, actually i have to talk to ma’am”
Yuvi:”sure come in”
They come in.
Waiter:”good morning ma’am”
Twinkle:”good morning”
Waiter:”ma’am, i am sorry for yesterday…”
Twinkle:”sorry for what?”
Waiter”ma’am, i have put that note in your room yesterday night. Actually the note was not for you, it was for another guest. She is in the next room to you. I have nistakenly put it here.”

Twinkle:”ohhh that’s fine. Its ok”
Waiter:”ma’am plz don’t complain to the management, he will fire me and i really need this job”
Yuvi:”don’t worry! We will not tell anything to anyone. But next time be careful”
Waiter:”yes sir, thank you”
And he left from there.
Yuvi closed the door.
Yuvi to twinkle:”see your problem is over. It was not for you”
Twinkle smiled.
Yuvi come to twinkle.
Yuvi:”so…. my baby wanted a kiss yesterday right?”
Twinkle thinks of yesterday:”no no, i was only distracting you”
He moved close to her and kissed her on her lips.
Wheb suddenly there was a knock at the door. They broke the kiss.
Yuvi:”everyone is against our love. They all come at the wrong moment”
Twinkle laughes at him.

From the door,
Leela:”twinkle open the door”
Twiraj, shocked:”maa, aunty”
Twinkle:”go, go from here”
Yuvi:”how do I go? Your mom is at the door.”
Twinkle:”jump from the balcony”
Yuvi:”what? No, people will think that i am committing suicide”
Leela:”twinkle….” she knocked at the door.

Twinkle pulled yuvi and hide him in the wardrobe.
Twinkle quickly open the door.
Leela:”so much time to open the door”
Twinkle:”sorry maa, i have slept with my earohones so didn’t hear you.”
Leela:”its ok, now tell me. You said that you wanted to go for shopping so i am taking you to the mall”
Twinkle:”ok, you wait for me in the lobby l will just come”
Leela:”why in the lobby?”
Twinkle:”maa, plz….”
Leela:”ok, but let me choose your clothes.”
Twinkle got tensed and scared.
Even yuvi who heard everything was tensed.
Leela moved towards the wardrobe.

Precap: what do you think will yuvi be caught once again or will he escape????

Credit to: zai

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