Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 85


Recap: family moments on the beach

At night,
Yuvi was on the balcony, Anita came there.
Anita:”yuvi, what going on?”
Yuvi:”nothing mom”
Anita:”what happened to you”
Anita:”don’t lie, I am your mom”
Yuvi rubbed his hair and smiled.
Anita:”see I told you. Now tell me”
Suddenly Yuvi phone rang flashing baby and Yuvi quickly lock the screen so that Anita doesn’t see it but she saw it and smiled.

Anita:”come on pick up.”
Yuvi smiled.
Anita:”ok, if you don’t want to pick the call then let me take to her, who knows maybe she is my would be daughter-in-law”
Yuvi was surprised by Anita’s word.
He thinks:”mom, she is the one but don’t know about your reaction”

Anita:”come on give it to me”
She took the phone in Yuvi’s and he got tensed.
But Anita had already took the call. Yuvi hold his head and turned around and silently pray that twinkle doesn’t say anything.

Anita:”ok, i will tell him”
Yuvi was confused and turned back to Anita.
Anita:”it was your friend Jay”
Yuvi felt a relief.
Anita:”he told you to call him back.”
Anita returned his phone. She was about to leave but Yuvi stopped holding her hands.
Yuvi:”you won’t question me about the girl?”
Anita:”no i trust you, you will tell me yourself when you feel so.”
Yuvi:”thanks mom”
Anita:”yuvi but I want to tell you something. Whoever is the girl don’t disrespect her ever”
Yuvi:”yeah mom”
Anita:”are you sure about her?”
Yuvi in his mind:”yes mom”
Anita just pat his arm and left.

Next morning,
Twinkle woke up and came to the restaurant. Yuvi came there too.
Twinkle pulled him aside.
Yuvi:”morning, sorry couldn’t answer your call”
Twinkle:”its ok.”
Yuvi:”so what’s the plan today?”
Twinkle:”don’t know”
Anita came there, seeing her, twinkle hide under the table with yuvi.
Yuvi:”are we searching for something?”
Yuvi:”then why are we under ther table?”
Twinkle shows him Anita and Leela who has come there.

Leela walked to the table where Twiraj were hiding.
Twinkle hugged yuvi being scared.
Yuvi signalled her to stay calm.
Then the taneja family came there and joined them.
Twinkle, whispering to yuvi:”how are we going to go out?”

Yuvi:”i don’t mind staying here with you”
Twinkle:”that’s not a time for romance yuvi”
Yuvi:”you find the solution and i am romancing my baby”
They heard a voice(waiter) saying:”Mr. John called all of you outside”
The Taneja family left from there and twinkle smiled.
They came out.
Yuvi:”couldn’t he come a bit later”
Twinkle smiled hearing this.
They also went out where Mr. John called them.

Yuvi went to Anita and twinkle to her family.
Mr. John invited them to share breakfast with his family.
They were all eating when Joanna cane in with some of her friends who just came with their luagages.
Joanna:”girls, he is yuvi the one who sung the song”
They all talk to yuvi as if they know him from many years and yuvi was irritated and uncomfortable.
Mr. John noticed yuvi’s discomfort.
He said:”ok, you girls might be hungry so have breakfast and then go to rest”
The girls sat down and their breakfast.

Rohan, to yuvi:”you are the centre of attraction of these girls”
Yuvi:”i don’t even know them and…”
Rohan:”leave it yaar”
Yuvi:”yeah you are right”

They continued the breakfast.

After the breakfast,
Joanna and her friends surrounded Yuvi.
They didn’t let him go anywhere.
Yuvi was fes up with them as they were continously asking him the same question about music.
Finally he made up an excuse of going to the washroom and escaped.

Rohan, Chinki and Twinkle were together outside in the garden talking.
Yuvi came there. Twinkle act annoyed to him and turned away.
Yuvi:”God those girls are such…”
He noticed Twinkle annoyed and Chinki also signed him.
Yuvi bend down next to twinkle as she was sitting.
Yuvi:”sorry baby”
But twinkle left from there.
Yuvi followed her.
Yuvi:”sorry baby”
Twinkle:” ok but what were you doing with those girls?”
Yuvi, naughtily:”Jealous?”
Twinkle:”jealous and me? No way”
Twinkle:”come i need to show you something”
She pulled yuvi and brought him to the back of the hotel.

Yuvi:”why here?”
Twinkle:”close your eyes”
Yuvi followed her orders she went somewhere. And brought something.

Twinkle told him to open his eyes and he did. As he opened them, twinkle shows him the gift which was a guitar with all their pictures on it.
Twinkle:”how’s it?”
Yuvi:”beautiful. Thank you”
He hugged her.
Yuvi:”why did you bring me here for this?”
Twinkle:”so that we can have some time just us”
Yuvi put the guitar downstairs and hold twinkle by her waist.
Yuvi:”sorry baby, i didn’t bring any gift but i can give you something.”
He pulled her close and kissed her on her lips.
Then suddenly, yuvi’s phone rang.
Yuvi:”wrong timing”
Twinkle giggles.
Yuvi:”yeah mom, i will come”
He hang the phone and said to twinkle:
“Baby, can you keep the guitar with you, i need to take mom somewhere”
Twinkle:”ok bye”
Yuvi ran from there. Twinkle hid the guitar in her room, in the wardrobe so that no one sees it.

Anita and yuvi went for shopping as Anita wanted to some things.
Yuvi had a bag in his hands.
Anita went into a dress shop but yuvi stayed out as he was bored.
After sometimes, she came back and showed yuvi the dress she bought.
It was a knee length, white dress.
Yuvi:”mom, i didn’t see you wear dress before.”

Anita:”idiot, this is for your girlfriend… ohhh sorry your baby”
Yuvi looked at Anita surprised. He smiled and rubbed his hair.
Anita:”ohhhh my son is blushing hearing this”
Yuvi, still blushing:”mom, stop it”
Anita:”so tell me the size will be good?”
Yuvi noded yes.
Yuvi:”mom, but you didn’t even meet her… forget about meeting her you don’t even know her name and still you bought a gift for her”

Anita, walking followed by yuvi:”because I have not seen you so serious ever and least with a girl as i never saw you with a girl. She must be special”
Yuvi smiled hearing her.

Anita:”enought of your blushing now, lets go. And keep the gift with you, when you will meet her, you can give her from my side”
Yuvi took the bag and they cane out of the mall.

In the hotel,
Twinkle was getting bored in the room as there was nothing to do.
Chinki, whi was with Rohan, came in the room.
Chinki:”what happened to you?”
Twinkle:”there is nothing to do”
Chinki, taking her bag:”where is yuvi?”
Twinkle:”anita aunty called him so he had to go”
Chinki:”Rohan and I was going for dinner & drive you want to join us”
Twinkle:”no way. I don’t want to be the third wheel”
Chinki:”so i stay with you”
She dropped her bag on the bed and came near twinkle.
Twinkle:”no you must go, Rohan must be waiting and he feel bad if you refuse”
Twinkle:”yeah go”
Chinki left from there.
Twinkle:”hmmmmm….. What am I am going to do????”
She thinks of something and then decided to go for a walk on the beach.

She went out on the beach.
She walked on the sand with her sandals in her hands.
She saw some kids playing with a ball. The ball came near her and she gave it back to the children.
She continued her walk.
Suddenly she felt as if someone was following her. She looked behind her but there was only unknown people who were not lookinh at her.
She felt quite weird but thought she was imaging.
She continued her way but she again feels someone’s presence and turned back but there was no one.
When she turned in front she screamed.

Yuvi:”heyy, it’s me. Why are you shouting?”
Twinkle:”yuvi, you scared me. Does someone come directly in front of pleople like this”
Yuvi:”it was you who was not looking in front of you.”
Twinkle:”because i felt that someone was following me, but I am sure that it was you.”
Yuvi:”but i just came…”
Twinkle:”leave it let’s go”
Yuvi looked behind but there was nothing and twinkle pulled him with her.

They came under a tree. Yuvi leaned against the wall.
Twinkle:”so where were you?”
Yuvi:”i have a surprise for you”
Twinkle:”what? Tell me”
Yuvi gave the bag and twinkle took out the dress.
Twinkle:”it beautiful, thank you yuvi.”
Yuvi:”this thank you, you should tell this to mom”
Yuvi:”i didn’t buy it. Mom bought it for you”
Twinkle:”for me??”
Yuvi:”sorry actually for her daughter in law”

Twinkle, shocked:”did you tell her everything?”
Yuvi:”if i told her we wouldn’t be here”
Yuvi:”mom knows that i have a girlfriend but doesn’t anything about you”
Twinke:”what do you mean?”
Yuvi:”actually she saw it on my phone “baby” and she guessed it that i have a girlfriend and i couldn’t lie to her. And she didn’t ask me any question, she said that when i am ready to tell her then i should”

Twinkle:”then thank her from my side”
Yuvi:”yeah, i will but don’t wear the dress now. I mean mom should not know now”
Twinkle:”don’t worry i will wear it on a special occassion”

They talked for a while and then they walked on the beach in the water.
They were holding hands and watched the sunset.

Recap: didn’t think
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