Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 84


Recap: dinner with Mr. John family and yuvi singing.

After the dinner,
Rohan and Yuvi changed into random clothes and went out.
They visited some places, went on the beach and returned to the hotel quite late.

Next morning,
At around 10 am, everyone was up and they decided to go on the beach.
Whole Luthra family, Taneja family and Mr. John and his wife went to the beach.
Joanna was nowhere to be seen.

On the beach,
They selected a place where they could sit and the elders sat there itself. Rohan and Yuvi went to swim and after sometimes Twinkle and Chinki joined them.
As the beach were crowded, twiraj were able to be together as no one will really notice them.
Rohan and Chinki swim a bit further compared to yuvi and twinkle.

Yuvi:”so you are no more afraid”
Twinkle:”yeah, because of you”
Yuvi hold twinkle’s hand and pulled her close to him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, there are so many people here”
Yuvi:”they don’t know us and before you say about our families, they are far from us they won’t be able see us from there”
Yuvi came close to her and kissed her cheeks. Twinkle then splashes water on him and moved away.
Yuvi:”baby, i am not going to leave you now”
Twinkle swims away with yuvi following her.
Yuvi caught her and splashes water on her.

Twinkle:”you want to race?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Yuvi:”so lets go”
They raced and then joined Rohan and chinki.
They spent some moments with each other
After 2 hours, they came back to their families. They changed their clothes especially the girls.
Then they all ate together.
The elders were playing cards for fun. Yuvi rest on Anita’s lap while eating a sandwich.
Yuvi phone rang, he went to pick it up.
Yuvi picked up the phone but there was no reply.
Yuvi thinks:”maybe a wring number”
Anita called him so he ignored the phone.

Mr. John:”there is some really exciting games going on there, lets go and see.”
There were some children making sand castle with their families to win a some toys.
Sana insisted to play. And Yuvi, Rohan joined her. They needed more people so Chinki and Twinkle requested Leela to let them go and she agreed.

They started to make the castle but the boys couldn’t do it properly.
Sana laughed at them. Even Chinki and Twinkld laughed at them.
The boys:”girls stop it. Yeah we don’t know how to make it”
Sana:”ok, ok. We will tell you what to do”
Rohan whispers to yuvi:”come on we need to follow their orders to make sand castle.”
Yuvi:”shhhh, if they hear you we will not only follow their orders but will make us do the work”
The 5 of them make the castle and finished it.
The judge annonced the winner and Sana won it. She was given the toys and she was very happy.
Sana thanked the 4 and hugged twinkle and chinki.
Boys:”what about us?”
Sana hugged them too.

Sana happily went to the families which was happy for her.
After this they walked a bit further to see the games.
Twiraj were walking together behind all of them.
Twinkle:”Sana was so happy”
Yuvi, sadly:”yeah”
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”actually… I was thinking about her reaction when she will get to know about her parents. You know I didn’t think about her when I planned all that.”

Twinkle:”don’t worry yuvi. She will understand and we are here right to handle her”
Yuvi looked at her and said yes.
Yuvi:”thank you”
Twinkle looked at him confusedly.
Yuvi:”for everything. I mean my family (about Rajesh) has done so many things to yours and still you are…”

Twinkle:”its ok yuvi. We will always support each other”
Yuvi smiled at her and nodded yes.
Yuvi hold her hands and they smiled at each other.
Suddenly Leela came there and yuvi leave her hand.
Leela:”twinkle what are you doing here?”
Pointing at Yuvi.
Yuvi bow his head down.
Twinkle:”maa act…”
Leela pulled her saying:”you will stay with me now”
Yuvi rubbed his hair seeing that.
Rohan came to yuvi.
Rohan:”buddy, what happened?”
Yuvi:”nothing yaar.”

Precap: not decided

Credit to: zai

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    there rr sooo many ques in my mind… thxxxx fr updating this part soon
    waiting eagerly fr nxt one

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    You are a fabulous writer Zai…
    Can u plz give us ttw to write ff…

  5. hey the story is going so well zai………….and plzz don’t make angel sana into a vamp even though she is small she is mature ,loving a cutiepie i love her charcter sooooooo muchhhh credit goes to you …………i wish she could be the reason for her parents to change & realize their mistake

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  8. thank you guys and don’t worry about Sana’s character she will stay a positive one

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  10. Sorry guys for not posting due to the maintenance of the site. I promoise to post once it is ok.

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