Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 83


Recap: games in the bus and Anita and Leela remembering their past.

The beautiful beaches of Goa is shown where it was crowded with people. The bus stopped in front a hotel, all of them got down. Yuvi and Rohan went to the reception to get the room keys, and once they got it they went to their room.
Twinkle and chinki shared one room and Yuvi and Rohan shared one while others had separate rooms.

After one hour, all of them gathered near the reception to receive Mr. John and his family. Once they arrived Leela and Anita welcomed them and introduce them to the family members.
Mr. John:”hello everyone, pleasure to meet you all. Here is my wife and she is my daughter Joanna. (she is the same age with twinkle and chinki, she was wearing a short dress and looked uninterested to meet them or even be there and was busy with her phone.)
Rohan to yuvi:”what attitude man?”
Yuvi:”right. She is not even listening to her father and busy with the phone”
Even Leela and Anita had a bad impression of her.
Mr. John:”Joanna?”
But she didn’t reply.
Mr. John:”Please excuse her, you know today’s kids”
Anita and Leela just smiled at him. He was quite embarrassed with his daughter’s behaviour. Then they all went to their room, but Yuvi pulled Twinkle aside.
Yuvi:”listen, will you have dinner with me tonight?”
Twinkle:”asking for a date?”
Yuvi:”trying to”
Twinkle:”ok, but I decide the place and the food”
Twinkle:”bye, see you later” And she kissed him on his cheek and left from there. Yuvi smiled watching her.

In the evening, Twiraj were getting ready in their respective rooms.
They came out and came to each other near the reception, But Leela came to Twinkle. Yuvi stopped there itself and waited for her to leave.
Leela:”twinkle, where are you going?”
Twinkle:”mom, actually…”
Leela:”ok, leave it. Come with me.”
Twinkle looked at yuvi and yuvi signs her to hurry up.
Twinkle:”but mom, I have to…”
But Leela pulled her, twinkle looked sadly at yuvi and hold her ear to apologise. But she noticed that Yuvi was angry with her and she couldn’t do anything.

Yuvi returned the his room annoyed.
Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”leave it. Let’s do something yaar, I am getting bored”
Rohan:”so lets go and visit Goa at night”
Yuvi:”good idea…”
Anita came there.
Anita:”where are you planning to go?”
Yuvi:”to visit Goa…”
Anita:”wherever you want to go, you will go after dinner as Mr. John said that he wanted to have dinner with us”
Yuvi:”ok mom.”
Anita left from there.

During the dinner,
All were having dinner and talking. Twinkle noticed Yuvi still annoyed.
Twinkle took her phone and messaged him.
Twinkle:”sorry yuvi, maa was there. How could I refuse her?”
Yuvi read the message but then keep his phone aside.
Twinkle saw him and thinks:”I will not stop so easily.”
And she sent him several message with only sorry written multiple times. But Yuvi didn’t reply once.
Yuvi, irritated excused himself to go to the washroom.

Twinkle also followed him.
Yuvi was about to enter the washroom when twinkle came in front of him.
Twinkle:”no, sorry yuvi”
Yuvi moved her aside.
Twinkle:”ouch.” She pretended to get hurt.
Yuvi, worried:”what happened? Sorry I didn’t want to hurt you. Where did you get hurt”
Twinkle shows him her hand.
Yuvi holding her hand:”sorry”
Twinkle:”I got hurt somewhere else too”
Twinkle, innocently:”heart. Someone was not talking to me and was very angry. I said multiple sorry but he is so annoyed that he didn’t reply once. Obviously I will be hurt”
Yuvi smiled hearing that.
Yuvi:”so all this is fake, you didn’t get hurt”
Twinkle signs him no.
Yuvi:”ok, forgiven.” And smiled at her.
Twinkle hugged him.
Twinkle:”come on, let’s go now”
Yuvi:”baby, I came there to go to the washroom, so can I go plz”
Twinkle laughs and said yes.
Yuvi:”you go, I will come”
Twinkle went back to her place while Yuvi went to the washroom.
Then yuvi also came back.

During the dinner, there were some musicians playing music and they were asking people to sing. But no one was coming.
Mr. John:”Someone must go and do some good music because I think that there is no good music today”
Yuvi:”but Mr. John, there is so much of good singers in the world and their songs and music are awesome”
Mr. John:”if someone do it live in front of me now, then I will believe you”
Joanna, who has left her phone:”leave it, dad does not like any music of any sort”
Mr. John:”because there is no good music nowadays.”
Rohan:”Yuvi can show you good music, he sings well”
Mr. John:”come on Yuvi, try to change my view on music.”
Anita:”yeah yuvi, go”
After much resistance yuvi went on the stage.
The musician:”ok, so finally someone came”
Yuvi talked to the musicians and he took the guitar.
He played a beautiful tune
(the song fitoor)
Yuvi sings:
Zindagi ne ki hai kaisi saazishein
Poori hui dil ki wo farmaishein
Maangi duaa ek tujh tak jaa pahunchi
Parvardigara, parvardigara

He came near his table and looked at twinkle while singing the song.

Kaisi suni tune meri khamoshi
O parvardigara
Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri
Yeh fittor mera maine badla re mera naseeb
Yeh fitoor mers chaahat teri
O parvardogara, parvardigara

Twinkle looked at him lovingly and everyone was lost in the music. Even Joanna was enjoying his song.
Yuvi played the guitar and the musicians accompany him

Dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi khwaishein
Dil mein dabi farmaishein
Banke dhuaan wo tujhe tak ja pahunchi
Deewangi ki hadd maine nochi
O parvardigara
Yeh fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri
Yeh fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb
Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri
O parvardigara, parvardigara

He was moving around tables in the restaurant. Everyone was enjoying
Yeh fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri
Yeh fitoor mera badla re mera naseeb
Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri

Everyone clapped for him at the end. Yuvi came back to his place.
Mr. John:”I must say that you have a wonderful voice”
Yuvi:”thank you”
Anita:”so Mr. John, what’s your opinion now on music?”
Mr. John:”I liked Yuvi’s music not everyone’s”
Then they all continued with their dinner.
Yuvi signs Twinkle how was it.
Twinkle signs him very good.

Suddenly, Joanna cane to Yuvi.
Joanna:”Hey you sang very well there”
Joanna:”I reallt loved your voice although I didn’t understand because I don’t know hindi.”
Yuvi just smiled at her,
Joanna:”will you sing another song but in English for me plz”
Yuvi:”sorry, but I am used to sing hindi song. I never tried English song so it might not be as good”
Joanna:”no but I am sure that it will be nice, plz”
Yuvi:”ok, I will try”
And she went back to her place.
Yuvi, to Rohan:”that’s was weird. The girl who didn’t even talk to anyone just…” He stopped seeing twinkle staring at him.
Twinkle messaged him:”what was going on with that…”
Yuvi:”Even I don’t know but she is weird”
Twinkle:”ok, you sang very well. And one question, to whom you sung this”
Yuvi:”to you, to my baby”
Twinkle smiled reading this.
After the dinner, all went back to their room.

Precap: Twiraj trying to spend some time with each other but can”t.

Credit to: Zai

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