Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 82


recap: twiraj moments

Next morning,
Yuvi was till in twinkle’s bedroom, when Leela knocked the door.
Twinkle woke up and hear her mom and said:”coming maa”
Then she noticed yuvi to her side, she tried to wake him. Yuvi woke up and he also realized that he slept here and Anita must be waiting for him at home. He went out through the window.
When he went, twinkle opened the door.
Leela:”why did you take so much time?”
Twinkle:”maa, actually I just woke up so…”
Leela:”ok, did you complete your packing?”
Leela:”hurry, we are leaving soon, the bus will come in one hour.”
Leela:”yes, so many people won’t be able to go in one car. So Raman though to take a bus”
Twinkle then went to the washroom and quickly got ready and finished her packing.

Anita didn’t ask yuvi about his whereabouts of last night as he came in the room. Anita has already do his packing. He just went to change and he was ready.
They all came out and Chinki and Rohan joined them.
Anita was on the phone talking to someone, the Tanejas were bringing their stuff out. Yuvi was looking at twinkle and Rohan signs him about Anita coming to him.
Anita, to Yuvi and Rohan:”we have a problem, the driver who was taking to us Goa is not coming. That’s why I told you to go by flight but you guys…”
Rohan:”aunty, relax we will find a way, we will arrange some other driver”
Yuvi just smiled at the situation.
Anita:”i will call someone”
Rohan seeing yuvi smiling:”why are you smiling?”
Yuvi:”because its all my plan, I told the driver not to come so we can go with them and whoever mom will call will say the same thing that they can’t today. I already planned all.”
Rohan:”why did you do… ohhh ok you wanted to be with twinkle”
Yuvi:”yeah, you will also be with chinki so be happy”
Rohan:”yeah i didn’t think of that”
Anita annonced them that they don’t have any option.”
Yuvi:”we still have one option…”
Anita signs him what.
Yuvi point to the tanejas
Anita:”I am not going to ask them for help ok”
Yuvi:”ok, I will ask them” He went to them.

Yuvi went to Leela and asked her and she agreed after much hesitation.
They all got into the bus and Anita entered unwillingly and sat next to Sana and her dadi.
Yuvi and Rohan sat completely behind and after sometime, Twinkle and chinki came there.
Yuvi signs twinkle.
Twinkle:” hey, this is our place”
Yuvi:”there was no name written here”
Twinkle:”the bus is ours, we just gave you lift so better if you…”
Yuvi:”I didn’t know that this bus belongs to you”
Dadaji:”stop fighting you both, there is enough space for the 4 of you”
Twiraj and chinki and rohan smiled as their plan were successful.

(they planned this to be able to sit together and dadaji was also involved in it, he was helping them)

The journey starts in complete silence and it continued like this for sometime. Twinkle and chinki were talking, Rohan was clicking some pictures and sometimes participated in twinkle and chinki’s conversation.
Yuvi had his earphones and was listening to music. Anita was talking with Sana’s dadi. Sana was busy with her video games. Leela was talking to Pinni and Dadaji to Raman.
Everyone was busy.
At some point, twinkle signs yuvi to do something.
Yuvi came in front and suggest to play passing the parcel and the elders first resist but finally gave in.
Yuvi had brought a football with him so they passed it and Rohan played the music on his phone. It was very uncomfortable at the beginning but with the game it decreased.

The ball stopped at Sana first, she was asked to dance and she did it very funnily.
Second was dadaji and he was asked to say any dialogue from Sholay movie and he did it, all laughed at the way he did it.
Third it stopped on Rohan and he was asked by yuvi to propose any of the girl present there.
(he did it only to tease him.)
Rohan went to Pinni and proposed to her funnily. (He did it only for fun)
Fourth was Pinni and she did a funny act in front of everyone.
Next was Chinki. And then Raman, then twinkle.
Twinkle was asked to tell something about the person the most important for her.
Twinkle:”I don’t know what to tell about the person. Only that she is the best, she has done everything for him and I love her a lot. Whatever she has done for me, I won’t be able to compensate that even my whole life. And I want to thank her for all what she has done for me and that I love her a lot. I love you maa”
Leela got emotional hearing that.

Next was Leela, Twinkle asked her to tell about an unforgettable moments with a friend.
Leela talk about the moments with Anita when they were friends:”She and I used to go to school together, do everything together. We used to go to the cinema together hiding from our parents and then…”
Anita:”and then eat chaat (don’t know the English word) at that stall, right?”
Anita realizing what she said, stopped and looked away. Even Leela was surprised.
Twiraj smiled seeing their plan work.
They continued with the game, now only the mother-son duo was left.
Yuvi intentionally lose.
Twinkle:”convince someone here to give you her/his most precious thing”
Yuvi thinks a bit and then went to Leela, twinkle started to get worried and everyone else was surprised.
Yuvi, to Leela, he knelt down next to her:”Aunty, I am asking you the most important thing for you, I don’t know if I will be able to take care of her like you have done all these years, but I will try my best. I will always be with her, even if she fights a lot. I promise you that I will take care of her more than my life, I will let anything happen to her, plz accept my request of….” He was looking at Twinkle all the time and was lost
Rohan, realizing that Yuvi was about to say twinkle’s name:”giving him the most precious thing of yours”
Yuvi got up and thinks:”God what was i doing? I can’t tell them everything about my relationship with twinkle, they will not accept it now”
Anita was confused seeing yuvi but didn’t ask him.

Precap: They reached Goa and some moments between Twiraj and some small fights too.

Thank you so much guys for all your support and love

Credit to: Zai

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