Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 80


Recap: malhotras arrested.

Twiraj were talking on the phone.
T:”its good that they have been arrested.”
Y:”yeah, and i hope that soon everything will be alright”
T:”don’t worry it will be”
Y:”hey, be ready @ 7, we’ll go out.”
T:”ok, but where?”
Y:”i will tell you later”
T:”ok bye”

@ 7:30
Yuvi was impatiently waiting for twinkle to come. He was watching his watch continuously. After sometime, twinkle came there. Yuvi had his back towards her.
T:”sorry, sorry”
Y, still having his back towards twinkle pretend to be annoyed.
T:”yuvi? Yuvi… Sorry yaar”
Yuvi moved away from her.
T:”plz yuvi”
Yuvi turned away but smiled a bit.
T:”yuvi…. Ok.”
She come in front of yuvi, she hold her ears and cutely said:”i am sorry, plz forgive me”
Yuvi smiled seeing her and twinkle understood that he was only teasing her.
T:”yuvi, I will not spare you”
She run behind him while he try to escape him.
Y:”sorry, plz let’s go”
They left.

They reached a garden, they got down and walked. After some time, it was completely dark.
T:”yuvi? Where are we going?”
T:”but it’s completely dark”
Yuvi hold her hand.
They stopped somewhere.

T:”why did we stop?”
Y:”we have reach, you stay here, I will be back”
T:”but yuvi..”
Y:”i am here only”
Twinkle said yes.
Y:”close your eyes”
T:”it’s already dark and…”
Twinkle followed his orders.
Suddenly yuvi light up a match and light up a candle. He went to Twinkle and said:”baby, open your eyes”
Twinkle opened her eyes and saw the beautiful decoration of candles all around her, in a heart shape and their names were written it it.
(somewhat like the one yuvi made on beach with twinkle’s name during twinkle and knuj honeymoon in Goa)

Twinkle was amazed seeing the decorations and she hugged him tightly.
Y:”you like it?”
T:”loved it. This is so beautiful”
Yuvi pulled her close and said:”then my thank you gift”
T:”ohhhh, so you want you thank you gift?”
Yuvi moved closer to her and kissed her on her cheeks.
Twinkle smiled at him,
Y:”oh yeah, I forgot…” He took out something from his pockets and showed it to twinkle.
T, happily:”dark chocolate…”
She took it and they sat down there only and twinkle ate the chocolate. Yuvi looked at her childish way of eating the chocolate. She had put some on her lips and chin. Yuvi smiled looking at her.
T:”you want some”
Y:”no baby”
Y:”you have it”
T:”only to taste”
Yuvi signs ok.
Twinkle was about to to give him a piece with her but yuvi stopped her.
T:”but you want right?”
Y:”yeah, but…” He moved close to Twinkle and kissed her on her lips which had some chocolate.
Twinkle feeling shy, moved away and walked a bit further. Yuvi came to her and hugged her from the back. Twinkle turned to him and hugged him. Yuvi kissed her forehead. And hugged her tightly. They stayed like this for some time.
Suddenly, both Twiraj’s phones rang.
Twiraj, together:”what? Coming right now”
And they left from there.

precap: any guesses what happened

Credit to: Zai

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