tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 8

Next morning
As sunlight falls on yuvi’s face, he woke up and found twinkle sleeping on his shoulder and her hair covered fallen on her face. Yuvi removed her hair from her face and woke her up. They then continued their way.
They found some people (farmers) near the bushes. Yuvi went to them and told them that they are lost and needed help. The farmers agreed to take them at the place.
There at the campsite
All were worried as chinki and Rohan informed them about twinraj being missing. The teachers were about to go to search them, when they arrived.
Chinki went to twinkle and ask her: “is she alright?” and she nod yes. Yuvi thanked the farmers and they left.
They then climbed down the hill and rest in the hotel for the whole day. The next day, everyone were ready to leave.
On the way back, twinkle was thinking about the time spent with yuvi and was lost. Chinki asked her the reason but twinkle said nothing.
Chinki: “let’s take selfies to remember these moments.” And they took pictures.

@twinkle house
Leela was talking to Raman and Pinni. Twinkle came in: “maaa” and ran to hug Leela.
Leela: “twinkle, how are you? My twinkle seems very tired. Next time you won’t go anywhere. Ok?”
Twin: “go freshen up and rest. I will come to your room in some time then we will talk”
Twinkle: “ok, maa”
@yuvi’s place
Yuvi: “mom, I am back!”
Anita: “my baby, how was your trip?”
Yuvi: “wonderful! But I missed you”
Anita: “even I missed you. Go baby, take rest. I will prepare something for you to eat”
Yuvi: “halwa”
Anita: “sure”
Both twinraj spent some time with their moms.
A voice speaks: “Leela and Anita may hate each other but there is one similarity between them. That is their love for their children. They could do anything for them, but that only time will say.”
After the weekend, back to college
All students had free periods as there were teachers meeting. Twinkle was in a garden opposite the college with chinki. They were chatting. Chinki: “stay here, I will bring coffee.”
Yuvi came there with his friends and spotted twinkle. He excused himself and went to her.
Yuvi: “hi…”

Twinkle: “hi, what are you doing here?”
Yuvi: “nothing, was following you.”
Twinkle stared at him angrily.
Yuvi: “relax, I was joking! I came with my friends because of free periods and you?”
Twinkle: “same”
Then chinki came and said she didn’t get coffee. She saw yuvi and he greet her.
Chinki: “what is he doing here? Was he troubling you” twinkle nodded no.
But she continued: “listen Mr. Yuvraj Luthra, don’t trouble my friend or…”
Twinkle: “chinki stopped it…”
Chinki: “but twinkle…” and twinkle pulled her.
Twinkle: “stop it chinki…”
Chinki: “twinkle what happened to you? You were the one who always fight with him, now what happened? Why were you silent?” but twinkle left from there without answering her.
Back to college, afternoon classes
In class, twinkle was lost and didn’t reply to the teacher even after being called thrice. The teacher scold her. Yuvi felt bad for her but tried not to express it.
After class, twinkle was upset about what happened. Yuvi came to her and asked: “what happened? Where were you lost?”

Twinkle: “I don’t know! Chinki asked me earlier why do I not fight with anymore but I couldn’t answer her.” She looked at him and asked him: “why? Why don’t we fight anymore?”
Yuvi looked at her surprised as he too didn’t notice that.
Yuvi: “maybe… because… of…”
Twinkle: “because of what?”
Yuvi: “because of the time we spent together… I mean we got to know each other and…”
Chinki came there and took twinkle away while yuvi was lost in his thoughts.
Chinki apologized to twinkle. Twinkle acted to be annoy but then laughed. And they both went home.

precap: at a wedding function, twinkle fell in yuvi arms and some cute moments of yuvi start to realize his feeling for yuvi

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