Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 79


Recap: Sana’s birthday party and yuvi’s plan

Malhotra came in his room disgusted about what happened in the hotel.
Rohan and Yuvi came there and open the door a bit.
They noticed Mrs. M coming towards them and hid from her.
Once she entered, they came back to the doorstep.
Mr:”where were you?”
Mrs:”with twinkle’s friend, chinki”
(It was part of the plan)
Mrs:”yeah! But why are you asking?”
Mr:”don’t lie, i very well know where you were”
Mrs:”why are you getting angry?”
Mr:”so I should not get angry after what you did?”
Mrs:”what did I do?”
Mr:”why did you call yuvi in the hotel?”
Mrs:”wait, what are you talking about?”
Mr:”don’t act now”
Mrs:”listen I am not getting what you are saying”
Rohan and yuvi were both recording with their phones.
Mr:”you called that yuvi in the hotel room and…”
Mrs:”How can you think like this? How can you doubt me after what i did for you”
Mr:”now don’t start this. Whatever you did was for you. You wanted to take revenge from Anita, that’s why you did so. You always wanted to be Raj”

Mrs:”i helped you in your every dirty work, when you asked me to make those fake pictures of Mr. Luthra and Leela. It was me that girl with him, when you had drugged him. When you decided to blackmail him about that thing that he never did.”

Mr:”yeah but you were the one who said that you will support us, I didn’t force you.
You agreed to all the things that we did. You were the one who blackmailed him, we had force Raj (yuvi’s dad) to commit suicide by sending him those letters, those pictures.”

Mrs:”and after all that how can you think that i will betray you”
Mr:”i saw you there with him”
Mrs:”it impossible to make you understand anything”
She was leaving and Rohan and Yuvi hide before she saw them.

Rohan and yuvi came into his room.
Yuvi:”they made everything, the pictures, the whole misunderstanding between the families.”
Rohan:”we should inform your mom”
Yuvi:”no they didn’t even for once say Rajesh’s name”
Yuvi:”whatever we will do, it will be in the morning”
Rohan:”ok, i will sleep here itself then”
Yuvi, smiled:”yeah, your second home”
Rohan went to change.
Yuvi sat there and was thinking.
He got twinkle’s call.
Yuvi, sadly:”hi…”
Twinkle:”what happened? You sound so sad”
Yuvi was about to tell her then remembered the cameras, so he went on the terrace.
Twinkle:”yuvi… Are you there?”
Yuvi:”yeah, sorry”
T:”what happened? Did he say something?”
He told her everything.
Twinkle:”mean they have created all these misunderstandings”
Yuvi:”yes, but there is still something that they didn’t say…”
Yuvi:”you remember when you and chinki took Mrs. M out, she said about killing someone, but they didn’t say anything about this and not for once they said Rajesh’s name”
Twinkle:”yuvi, we got to know about the photos at least. We will get to know everything slowly.”
Yuvi:”yeah. You are right”
Twinkle:”so come on now, smile”
Yuvi smiled a little bit.
Twinkle:”a little more”
Yuvi smiled at her words.
Twinkle:”good boy! So tell me, Malhotra believed what happened in the hotel?”

Yuvi:”yeah, he was so angry when Mrs. M came… But…”
Twinkle:”but what?”
Yuvi:”i was thinking that I will tell them everything when all will be finish. I spoilt her image, it was wrong”
Twinkle:”as you wish”
Yuvi:”anyway, what are you doing?”
Twinkle:”going to sleep, i am tired today”
Yuvi:”ok, take rest, and wake up early tomorrow”
Yuvi:”Malhotra’s game will be finished tomorrow”
Twinkle:”what are you thinking?”
Yuvi:”i will tell you in the morning and for that you need to sleep, good night”
Twinkle:”ok, good night”
Yuvi:”love you, dream about me”
Twinkle:”love you too, but i will dream about my Prince Charming”
Yuvi:”ohh really! Then wish him best of luck from my side”
Twinkle:”why best of luck?”
Yuvi:”to bear you”
Yuvi:”ok, ok sorry! Good night”
Twinkle:”good night”
They hang up and twinkle went on bed. Yuvi returned to his room and noticed Rohan on the phone. He smile and went next to him.

Yuvi, teasingly took his phone and ran around the room.
Rohan:”yuvi, yuvi, give me back”
Yuvi, on the phone:”ohhhh he wants to say I love you to you chi…”
A voice:”yuvi beta…”
Yuvi, shocked:”Aunty???? Hello aunty. Yeah bye”
Yuvi gave the phone to Rohan. Rohan laughed at him.
Yuvi:”stop it yaar, it happens.”
But then he also started to laugh.

Next morning,
Luthra’s house
Everyone was having breakfast, Rohan and Yuvi were also there. Suddenly police came there.
Everyone was shocked to see them. Anita asked them the reason of their visit. And they answered that they came to arrest Mr. & Mrs. Malhotra.
They started to handcuffed them.
Anita:”but how can you arrest someone like that?”
Inspector:”ma’am we have an arrest order against them”
They arrested them and took them out.
Yuvi messaged Twinkle. Twinkle came out and witnessed the police taking them.

Anita:”i will pay their bail”
Inspector:”sorry ma’am, its a non bailout case. You can’t do anything”

(Yuvi and Rohan went to the police station and told them everything, the video, how they blackmailed yuvi to do certain things and also the papers which showed that they(including Rajesh) had done illegal works in London, that’s why a non bailout case)
Police took them away.

Yuvi brought Anita inside.
Anita:”yuvi we need to get them out, they don’t have any reason to arrest them”
Yuvi:”mom relax. Listen to me, i need to tell you something.”
Yuvi told her about the illegal things that Malhotras did in London. And showed the video.
Yuvi:”they have morphed those pictures. Leela aunty did not do anything wrong”
Anita:”but no they couldn’t do so”
Yuvi:”mom, they have been arrested for their crimes. They created the misunderstanding between both the families”

Anita:”that Leela spoilt your dad’s name, how can i forgive her for this?”
Anita:”what will you tell that small girl? Where are her parents? Tell me yuvi”
Yuvi didn’t think of Sana before doing all this.
Yuvi:”we are here for her mom”
But Anita left from there.

Rohan:”come on yuvi, there is still misunderstandings but we will solve it slowly”
Yuvi:”yeah, you are right. I need to be patient. I will go to Sana.”
Rohan:”we will go together”
They both went to Sana who just woke up. Her dadi was already there, she was crying but controlled herself when Sana woke up.

Sana:”why is everyone here?”
Yuvi sat next to her.
Yuvi:”Partner, your parents will be away for some times. You will stay with us.”
Sana:”ok, no problem”
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Credit to: Zai

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