tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 78


recap: Sana’s birthday preparation

Taneja’s house, kitchen
Yuvi and Twinkle switched on the lights.
Yuvi:”so you tell me where is the ingredients?”
Twinkle:”what? How will I know?”
Yuvi looked at her,:”is it really your house?”
Yuvi:”you don’t know…. ok leave it”
Yuvi himself searched for the ingredients. Once he got everything, he started to make the cake. Twinkle sat near the oven watching yuvi.
T:”do you even know how to make it?”
Y:”if i didn’t know i would not have been here”

T:”oh right”
When Yuvi was opening the packet of flour, some got on his face. Twinkle laughed seeing this, yuvi threw some on her.
Twinkle was about to take the packet when yuvi,
Y:”no, no sorry. If we continue to throw it like this, we would not be able to bake the cake.”
Twinkle stopped and continued watching him make the cake.
Once, finished Yuvi put the cake in the oven and sat next to twinkle.
T:”how many dishes do you know to prepare?”
T:”no, as i don’t know anything about cooking, you will be the one to prepare food after marriage”
Y, trying to control his smile:”marriage???”
Twinkle realizing what she said, blushes.
Y:”I didn’t know that you are already preparing for marriage”
T:”stop it yuvi”
Y:”ok, so I will be your chef after marriage” He get down and said:”what’s your order ma’am?”
Twinkle laughed seeing him and pulled him back to her side, he sat next to her again.
T:”how did you learn to cook?”

Y:”seeing mom and servants. Servants when I was small, as I came back to see. And afterwards mom”
T:”just by seeing them”
Y:”yeah, what about you? I thought that you knew how to cook”
T:”no I don’t, maa tried a lot to make me stay in the kitchen to learn but every time I used to run away. And whatever I want to eat, I just ask maa or Pinni chaci (aunt)”
The cake was baked and yuvi took it out of the oven.

T:”what about decoration? I don’t think we have it”
Y:”i thought of it” And showed twinkle a bag, with chocolate cream.
They decorated the cake together. While decorating it, twinkle out a little bit on her face. And she didn’t notice it.
After decorating it, the cake was ready.
Y:”At least you know how to decorate the cake”
Y:”ok, sorry”
Yuvi noticed the chocolate on her cheeks and he signs her. He direct her but twinkle was not getting it.
He moved closer to her and he wiped it. Twinkle had close her eyes. Yuvi kissed hr cheeks and whispered:”bye” And he moved away.
Twinkle opened her eyes and she also said bye.

Yuvi took the cake and went.
Twinkle also went in her room and saw herself in the mirror, she had flour on her face and she laughed at herself. Then she wiped it.

Next morning, Luthras’ house
all were busy in decorating the hall, they had pushed the sofa to the corners so that they have enough place in the middle.

There were balloons everywhere. And the decorations were done. They all went to get ready.
Soon Sana’s friends arrived and also Anita’s guests.
Yuvi attended the guests when Anita came to him.
A:”baby, did everyone came? I mean Sana’s friends and the guests?”
Y:”mom, Sana’s friends are here and yeah everyone is here according to me”
A:”and the Tanejas?”
Yuvi, surprised:”you invited them?”
A:”yeah, I thought that they were our partners in the project and they are our neighbors, what will people sat about us?” And she left.
Yuvi thinks:”never mind if you invited for people, at least you invited them.” and he smiled.
Soon, the taneja’s arrived.
(They could not refuse to come as for the same the reason that they were invited.)

Twinkle searched for yuvi when he saw him with Sana’s friends. She smiled seeing him with the kids.
Then Rohan came in to stay that Sana has arrived and they switched off the lights.
(Sana was out with her dadi)
When they came in, the lights switched on and all shouted:”surprise” Sana was happy seeing all her friend there and hugged her parents and thanked them. Then she went to her friends. Then the party started.
The kids were running here and there and the guests were chatting.
Rohan and chinki were together talking, twiraj also but a bit far from everyone.
(while decorating the hall, Rohan and Yuvi have removed the cameras. So Rajesh was not able to see them)

Y:”why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to the party?”
Y:”i didn’t expect mom to invite your family after what happened after holi”
T:”me too but it’s good in a way”
Y:”yeah, and i am so happy that you came.”
He hugged her.
T:”yuvi, there are so many people here”
Y:”they won’t mind”
T:”shut up”
Sana came there and asked yuvi to sing a song.
Yuvi agreed and went with her.
Twinkle came to her family.

the song buddhu sa mann from the movie Kapoor and sons started to play. Yuvi sung the song.
Dabi dabi si hansi
Hontho pe phasi hai
Gudgudi kar rahi hawa

Halla macha rahi hain
Pagal si khwaahishein
(he dances around the kids, around his mom)
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah
(he dances around twinkle and all the guests)
Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch paagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta ye
buddhu sa mann hai
Kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta ye
buddhu sa mann hai

Karne de khwabon ko badmashiyaan
Chalne de nazron ki manmaniyaan
dhoondhein chalo kuch thikaane naye
hone de pagli pagli si nadaniyaan
hosh mein rehna hai kyun
rehne se hoga kya behoshiyon
mein hai maza
bachkaani harkatein jo hoti hain hone de
Khushiyoon ki mili hai wajah
kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagal pan hai
sau baatein karta ye buddhu sa mann hai
Kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagal pan hai
sau battein karta ye buddhu sa mann
naa naa naa naaa

Mausam ne bhi ki hai kuch koshishein
hone lagi dekho ye baarishein
sar pe chadha hai ye kaisa asar
Daudein raftaar mein dil ki sab dadkanein
dhun koi chal rahi hai
kanoon mein dheeme se
roshan hai zyada ye subeh
hulchul jo ho rahi hai seene mein
hone de …
khushiyon ki mili hai wajah
kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagal pan hai
sau baatein karta ye
buddhu sa mann hai
kuch hai junoon sa
kuch pagal pan hai
sau baatein karta ye
buddhu sa mann
At the end of the dance, he danced with almost everyone including Twinkle.
They were all enjoying and dancing.

They brought the cake and Sana said:”wow, its beautiful”
Sana cut the cake and make everyone ate the cake.
Everyone gift Sana. And she was happy receiving it.

Soon after the party ended, Sana went into her room with Rohan and yuvi carrying her gifts. Once there, she opened her gifts, she had receive plenty of dolls, dresses and other things.
Sana:”partner, where is your gift?”
Yuvi:”ohh yes”
Yuvi handed her a box. She opened it and found a small camera in it.
Sana:”ohhh, thank you so much” She hugged yuvi.
Yuvi:”you wanted one right?”
Sana nodded yes.
Rohan:”come on try it”
The trio took some photos.
Then Rohan and Yuvi came out.
Rohan:”now yuvi?”
Yuvi:”birthday plan is finish, now plan 2 starts”
And they left.

Outside luthras’ house
Yuvi, on the phone:”Ok Mrs. M, I will come. But what if your husband knows this… ok I will not tell him anything. I will be at the Palace hotel @ 8.” He hung up and stand there with his phone.
Malhotra was listening to this.
He thinks:”what does she want from yuvi?” He went from there lost in his thoughts.
Rohan came out of his hiding spot and yuvi and him hi-fi to each and smiled.

@ Palace hotel,
Malhotra followed yuvi and saw him entering a room and yuvi intentionally let the door open.
Malhotra peeped in. He saw a girl with yuvi, the girl was dressed up just like his wife, and he concluded that it was her.
Malhotra thinks:”what does she want from yuvi?”
(Actually the girl was Twinkle dressed up Mrs. M.)
Twinkle, still having her back towards malhotra, came close to yuvi, while he move back.
Yuvi:”Mrs. M? What do you want from me?”
Twinkle continued touching him while yuvi pretend to be disgusted and trying to remove his hands.
Rohan was also there in the room and was trying hard to control his laughter.
Malhotra couldn’t see him as he didn’t open the door.
Rohan played a recorder that Jay (their computer genius) made. He made the dialogues and in the voice of Mrs. M.

Recorder:”yuvi, you will have to obey to me also, even I am part of this.” (its seems as if the person was speaking)
Yuvi, pretending to be uncomfortable:”but what do you want?”
Recorder:”what do you think? what I want? I called you in a hotel room, so I think you understood”
Twinkle pushed Yuvi on the bed. And came close to him Twinkle hugged yuvi but from behind it seems as if they were kissing.
Malhotra left from there disgusted. Rohan came out and they smiled.
Yuvi:”now they will blame each other and their group will be separated.”

Precap: Mr. & Mrs. Malhotra have a fight and they confessed everything while Rohan and Yuvi recorded them.

Credit to: Zai

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