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Recap: The game and twiraj moments.

Twiraj and Rohan returned home, yuvi went to directly to his room went to take a bath. After that, he went to Sana’s room,
Yuvi:”hey partner”
Sana and Yuvi watched a film together. Yuvi was waiting bo be reprimanded by Malhotra as he once again did not go by their plan but till now everything was fine.
Yuvi called Twinkle, and they were chatting.
They talked for a while.
Then they hanged up as Twinkle was called for dinner.

Even Yuvi went downstairs for dinner, there was no sign of Malhotra, he was confused but happy that he will have some peace. But just then Malhotra came there.
Yuvi, to himself:”I spoke a bit to early”
He sat next to his wife for dinner.
While eating Yuvi remembered the time he spent with Twinkle in locker’s room, he smiled.
Anita, noticing him:”what happened Yuvi? You are all smiling”
Yuvi was lost so he didn’t answer.
Sana, who was sitting next to yuvi, took an ice cube which the servant just bring. She got down her chair and went behind yuvi and put it in his shirt.
Yuvi screamed while Sana and the other laughed. Yuvi got up and moved around as he was feeling cold and hurt (because of his wound which was now better but it hurt a bit).
Sana:”yeah… Come partner, keep on dancing” She took yuvi’s phone on the table and recorded it. They all laughed seeing yuvi.
Sana quickly sent the video to twinkle.
Yuvi:”partner, you are gone” He took some ice cubes and chased around the hall and when he caught her,
Sana:”partner, sorry, sorry” She said quickly.
Yuvi laughs and said:”now you are apologizing” But he left.
Sana, going a bit far:”I recorded it” Yuvi looked at her and she ran to escape him and he chased her.

Taneja’s house
All were having dinner and talking to each other.
Twinkle saw her phone flashing Yuvi’s name. She opened the video and laughs seeing it. All were confused seeing as they were talking about something very serious.
Leela:”what happened twinkle?”
Twinkle:”nothing…(she laughs) I am finished, i am going in my room”
Pinni:”leela bhabhi (sister in law) what happened to twinkle?”
They all looked at each confused but dadaji smiled.

Twinkle’s room.
She call Yuvi, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Yuvi saw his phone ringing and went to Sana’s room to pick as there was no camera there.
Yuvi:”hey baby”
Sana when he said baby:”oppps”
Twinkle was laughing.
Yuvi:”what happened? what are you laughing?”
Twinkle, trying to control herself:”I didn’t know that you were such a great dancer”
Yuvi, confused (as he still doesn’t know that Sana sent her the video):”dancer?”
Twinkle:”you are looking so funny”
Twinkle:”in the video you sent me” She laughs.
Yuvi looked at Sana and saw her laughing too. Yuvi put the phone on the speaker and sat next to Sana.
Sana, to twinkle:”it was me who sent the video”
Twinkle:”ohhh, hi Sana”
Yuvi:”she had put ice in my shirt, that’s why”
Twinkle:”sorry, but it was funny”

Leela called twinkle downstairs.
Twinkle:”ok, bye. Love you both”
Both partners:”bye”
Yuvi looked at Sana and tickled.
Malhotra came there.
malhotra:”Yuvi, I need to talk to you”
Yuvi followed him to his room.
But Anita came there and said that she needs to talk to them.

They all gathered in the hall.
Mrs. M:”the day after tomorrow is Sana’s birthday, I was thinking to hold a surprise birthday party for her, with her friends.”
Anita:”that’s great, we will go it here itself in the hall.”
Mrs. M:”thank you Anita”
They decided to start the preps tomorrow.
And all headed to their room to sleep.

Yuvi sent twinkle a message and told her about the party.
Twinkle replied:”good luck with the preps, tell me if you need help.”
They kept on for a while and they went to sleep.

The next day, after college, Twiraj, rohan and chinki went shopping for the party.
Yuvi:”i need to gift her, but what?”
Rohan:”I don’t think so”
Yuvi remembered something and said he knows. After buying the present and all the things needed, they went home.
They started the preparations as Sana was still at school.
Everything was ready except decorations and cake.

When Sana came back, they tried to stay normal and even her friends didn’t tell her as Mrs M told her that it was a surprise for her.
During the night, Yuvi came in twinkle’s room. Twinkle was shocked to see him there and quickly closed her door.
Twinkle:”are you mad? what are you doing here?”
Yuvi:”relax, baby”
T:”but Yuvi?”
Y:”shhhhh. I need tour help”
T:”tell me”
Y:”I wan to use your kitchen”
Y:”the cake we ordered has been cancelled as the owner of the shop called and informed me”
T:”now what will you do, without cake?”
Y:”that’s why I need your kitchen”
Y:”Yeah, I am going to make the cake”
Twinkle laughs but then saw that yuvi was serious, she stopped.
T:”why don’t you use your kitchen?”
Y:”because there is a lot of food in my kitchen for lunch for the little little kid who are going to come and my mom invited some guests also. I don’t have enough space”
T:”but here is even more dangerous, if someone sees you”
T:”you are there to handle it. Come on now, enough talking, let’s go”
Yuvi went outside and looked around to see if the way is clear. Then he climbed down the stairs followed by twinkle.

precap: twiraj preparing cake and Sana’s birthday party

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Credit to: Zai

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