tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 76


Recap: yuvi’s plan in action and twiraj sweet moments.

Next morning,
As planned, yuvi do his normal route to college but he took another. He arrived in college, he was smiling imagining the face of Malhotra and Rajesh when they will know that their plan is flopped.
Twinkle came there and saw yuvi all smiling.
Yuvi, back to his senses:”hey morning”
T:”morning but what happened to you? Why are you smiling so much?”
Yuvi told her and she also smiled.
Yuvi went to his computer genius friend (Jay) with twinkle. Yuvi asked him about the video and he said that it will be ready till tonight as he had to zoom it, etc….
They went to class and the class began.
Today’s class was boring for the students as the teacher kept on explaining a concept several times. Some students were seen sleeping on their books and even if the teacher saw them, he let them (Carefree students and teacher, a pleasure for students but very bad for the education).
After some time the teacher gave them some work and said that he had to leave due to some personal issues. He said that he will collect the work the next morning in first place and that no one should leave the class before the class ends. Then he left.
Rohan changed his place with twinkle and sat next to Chinki. Twiraj were together. Rohan and chinki were talking. As the teacher was gone, all the students wake up (those who were sleeping)

One boy, yuvi and rohan friend:”come guys, teacher is gone and we have still 3 hours of class, lets have some fun”
A girl:”ok, but what are we going to do? We can’t go out”
Another boy:”so we will have fun in the class. Let’s……”
Rohan turned to yuvi and whispered:”he will surely propose that game which we used to play in primary school…”
Chinki and Twinkle:”which game?”
Yuvi:”to play paper ball but which is covered with paint, you need to escape the balls or you will be covered with paint”
Chinki:”how are we going to play that in the class, it will become dirty and we will be scolded”

At the same time, the boy proposed that game only.
Yuvi:”guys, we won’t be able as firstly we need a large space for so many people, and the classroom will be too small and secondly there is no hiding place here except under the tables and behind the chairs.”
A boy:”then what will we do?”
Rohan:”the gymnasium is big enough right?”
Girl:”we are not allowed to leave the class”
Yuvi:”we will be allowed if we finish this work (Pointing to the board) and ask permission from the principle”
All agreed to finish the work as quickly as possible, some did it very carelessly while other tried to put some efforts.They all finished it in 30 mins and decided to go to the principle. They sent yuvi itself as it was his idea.

They all waited for him to come and when he arrived, he gave the good news that the principle agreed but we need to keep the gymnasium clean.
Rohan:”come on we will put plastic everywhere so that the paint does not go on the wall and on the floor we will use that cloth which we always used which we hid in the gym itself.”
They all went in the gym and the boys brought the necessary materials as the girl didn’t know.
Twinkle went to yuvi:”where did you guys got all these paints?” Pointing to 4 or 5 paint bucket.
Rohan:”connection twinkle, we arranged it”
The boys had some clothes in their locker (some for the gym and some kept for these occasions) They also gave the girls the t-shits so that their clothes doesn’t get dirty.
Once all were ready, the boy who proposed the game:” let’s start it”
And they started playing. Soon they were all covered with paint except their faces as they were not allowed hit someone on the face. There was paint everywhere, and them running here and there to escape the other.
After the two hours, all were tired and stopped, they were lying on the floor. Twinkle was near yuvi and she hugged him. One of them went outside the gym to drink water from the tap, when he saw the principle coming to there. He rushed inside and informed everyone. They all got up and started panicking.
Rohan:”calm down guys!”
Boy:”if he sees us like this…”
Yuvi:”guys, come on remove the papers and hid it somewhere, Jay watched at the door and inform us when he is coming.”
They all removed the papers and plastic and hid it in the locker room of the boys at the right, the girls room was locked which is on the left. The principle was stopped by a teacher and they were talking, Jay informed them about it.
Yuvi:”ok, no trace of paint anywhere.” They looked around to verify.
Rohan:”guys, T-shirts…” They all removed their T-shirts and again hide it in the boys’ lockers room. The boy’s locker room was by now exactly like a storeroom where all were messed up.
Yuvi:”guys those are covered with pain, go inside”
And a few of them went. Now the principle opened the door and saw the students playing some games. The boys were playing basket ball, and the girls badminton and some were watching them.
They stopped seeing the principle.
Principle:”no, no, continue. I just came to check if everything was fine right?”
Students, in unison:”yeah, all fine sir”
The principle left after that and Jay who was outside pretending to drink water when the principle arrived, came in.
Jay:”we have escape it but now we really need to go”
All agreed to him and they open the locker of the boys and everyone came out. Those who had paint on them went to the remove it with water from the outside tap. And those who were not, helped to remove all the papers and plastic. As they couldn’t throw it inside the school premises, Rohan proposed to throw them outside and he and chinki went. Some went to clean their T-shirts and Yuvi and Rohan’s friends took theirs and twinkle’s and chink’s to wash as Twiraj were cleaning the paint locker room as it got paint on the floor due to the plastic and papers. (all the fun is finish now cleaning start)
They cleaned it together, as the paint was not going they threw water on the floor. They took the mop and start cleaning, suddenly twinkle slipped due to the water. Shw was about to fall but yuvi caught her by her waist. They have an eyelock.

After sometime, twinkle:”yuvi leave me”
Yuvi:”leave you, sure?”
Yuvi leave her waist and twinkle screamed as she was about to fall but yuvi caught her by her hands.
Twinkle:”yuvi….” She got up and threw the bucket of water on him, yuvi got angry while she laughed seeing him.
Yuvi:”twinkle…..” And he chased her to catch while she try to escape him.
Finally, yuvi caught her and pocked her up in his arms.
Twinkle:”yuvi, yuvi”, she try to get down.
Yuvi:”now try to escape”
Yuvi kissed her on her cheeks and she looked at him, he make her sit down, he came close to her, but then splashes water on her.
Yuvi laughed at her.
Twinkle, angrily:”yuvi…”
Yuvi:”ok, ok, sorry. Come on, let’s clean that and go home as I am tired and I think that a surprise is waiting for me at home.”
Twinkle:”a surprise from your uncle?”
Yuvi:”yeah! Come on lets clean that.”
They started to clean it and when they had finally finish, they were about to go out but Yuvi found the door locked.
Yuvi:”how did it get locked?”
Twinkle:”what? How are we going to go out?”
Yuvi:”Wait i will call Rohan.”
He called Rohan and he said that he will be there in 15 mins”
Twinkle sat down on the floor. Yuvi also did the same next to her. He looked at her and saw her looking here and there.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”nothing! I am just seeing around. I mean it’s the first time that I came here so”
Yuvi:”right, It’s different from girls’ locker right?”
Twinkle:”yeah…. how do you know?”
Yuvi:”because I went there…”
Yuvi:”kidding, I just guest it. What did you think?”
Yuvi, teasingly:”really”

Twinkle rest on his shoulder and said:”yuvi, I am sorry”
Yuvi:”for what?”
Twinkle:”for everything…” But before she could say anything further, yuvi kissed her on her lips, a small kiss.
Yuvi:”you got my answer. Twinkle it’s ok, circumstances was such, don’t blame yourself”
Twinkle:”ok” and kissed his cheeks.
Yuvi, teasingly:”what yaar baby? I kissed you your lips and you on my cheeks, not fair”
Twinkle:”Ohh really?”
Yuvi:”yeah…” Twinkle moved close to him. Yuvi:”I mean…” Twinkle come more closer. Then she laughed, Twinkle:”why were you scared?”
Yuvi:”I was not…”
Twinkle laughs.
Yuvi:”I missed you”
Twinkle:”me too”
And they hugged.
At the same time, Rohan opened the door.
Rohan:”ops, sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you” Twiraj broke the hug. Yuvi got up and forward his hand to twinkle to help her. Twinkle took his hand and got up.

Recap: back home, Twiraj recalling all their moments and talks over the phone.

thank you so much for the comments. Hope you will like it, I thought to give them a break from all the tension for some moments.
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Credit to: Zai

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