tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 75


Recap: yuvi’s injury and twiraj reunion.

Next morning,
Luthra’s house
Yuvi got ready with much difficulty as his wound were still there. Then he went to college but it was the driver who drove the car.

Twinkle, Chinki and Rohan were waiting for yuvi.
Rohan:”will you yuvi come today?”
Twinkle:”he told me yes but…”
Yuvi arrived there and said:”morning guys”
All 3:”morning”
Rohan:”how is your wound?”
Yuvi:”better but still paining”
Twinkle:”what did you think yuvi?”
Yuvi:”I am waiting for their next plan. But yeah, i will need your help, all of you”
They nodded yes to him.
Yuvi:”Rohan, i want all information about them, anything. Maybe you won’t get on Rajesh but try for Malhotra. They come from London and said that they have a business over there, which might be bigger than my mom but still they want our property, I want to know the reason.”
Rohan:”you will get it”
Yuvi:”twinkle, chinki, you will talk with Mrs. Malhotra try to know what they did long ago. I heard Mrs. M telling her husband that she knows everything what happened long ago, so try to know from her. But you will go together and don’t let her feel that you are questioning her or she will get suspicious.”
Twinkle and chinki:”ok”
Yuvi:”And I, will deal with Rajesh. After college we will start our works, ok”
All 4 agreed and the rest of the day continued normally.

After college,
All of them went to do their work. Rohan went to his home and search on different sites about Malhotra and family. Chinki and Twinkle went to her house. They thought of a way in which they could ask her.
Chinki:”idea, lets go”
Twinkle:”but chinki, what the idea?”
Chinki:”see twinkle, she was getting friendly with you, so we will use this friendship to make her confess. Call her and ask her if she won’t to join us for…. something, an outing what”
Twinkle agreed and phoned her. They asked her and she said yes.
Mrs. M thinks:”its good that I will be close to her so that if her boyfriend try to do something, I will be ready” And she smirks not knowing what twinkle and chinki planned for her.

At yuvi’s side, Yuvi went to Rajesh house.
He was standing outside the house, he thinks:”how am I going to enter, he must be in”
Then, he saw that Rajesh was coming out and he hid in the bush. Rajesh left in his car and yuvi thinks that it was the best opportunity to enter his house. He entered the house through a window. He checked his way before entering. He looked here and there to see if his way was clear, no camera no nothing.
After making sure, he entered a room which seems like a bedroom but was quite in a mess. Yuvi tried searching for something. He found some documents in a drawer and clicked their pictures. He tried to find more and went to the hall where there were some screens where he could see his entire house trough the footage.

Yuvi found his laptop next to it and thinks that it may have some information, he switched it on but there was password.
Yuvi:”damn it, how will I know about the password?”
He was hesitating to for the password but finally tried everything thst came in his mind. But none work.
Yuvi, to himself:”come on yuvi, think, think” Saying this he rubbed his hair.
Yuvi tried his dad name but it was wrong, rajesh name but nothing. He was going to let it be as he couldn’t waste time. Hearing a car sound, yuvi realized that rajesh was back and he tried finding a hiding place. He noticed a wardrobe which was open and full of clothes. He had no option but to hid there. Once inside, he closed the door and took out his phone to put on silence. There was a small hole in the door but he was not able to see outside. He used his phone camera to record through the hole. He zoomed the camera so he could see. He switch off the flashlight.

Once Rajesh was in his caption, he started recording. Rajesh was on the phone talking to Malhotra.
Rajesh:”that will be yuvi’s next step…”
Yuvi thinks:”come on, reveal your plan so I can be prepared.”
Rajesh:”my brother sent me to jail now I will send his son to jail. Tomorrow morning, yuvi have a minor accident which we will make it seems like he did it deliberately….. he always go by the same road to college why will he change his route” Saying this he opened his laptop and entered the pin which yuvi recorded. but he himself didn’t know as he was not looking at his phone as he was feeling pain in his back.
Yuvi, thinks:”now i will have to change my way to college and the excuse…. i need to think about that”
Yuvi looked at his phone and saw that Rajesh went in the room and he closed the door. Yuvi carefully came out of the wardrobe and let in open and left from the window itself as the main door was closed and it would take him more time. Once outside, Yuvi was relieved that he came out of there and he walked till the road where he parked his car as he parked it at a long distance so that this time he is not caught.

In a spa/saloon.
Twinkle, Chinki and Mrs. Malhotra were doing manicure. Twinkle and Chinki signs each other to ask her.
Twinkle:”Mrs. M… You live in London, right”
Mrs. M:”yes”
Chinki:”but you are an Indian right?”
Mrs. M:”yes, I was born in Delhi and I met Mr. M there”
Twinkle:”ohhh so it was love marriage?”
Mrs. M:”yeah love marriage…”
Chinki:”but Mr. M was from Amritsar then how did your love story start?”
Mrs. M:”I came here for him, not technically I was sent here by my father but I always told him that I came for him…”
She laughed saying this while twinkle and chinki gave her a fake laugh.
Twinkle:”and you supported him in his good and bad times…”
Mrs. M:”yes…”
Chinki:”but nowadays, it does not seems the same… Sorry but now he is always busy with work and Anita aunty, we rarely see him spending time with you, you must feel bad”
Mrs. M thinks for a bit about the current situation as the girls were not wrong.
Twinkle smiled seeing her lost and signs chinki to continue.
Chinki:”even with Sana, I mean he scold her for nothing…”
Mrs M thinks about when Sana insisted to watch movie on a night when he had to go and meet Rajesh.
Twinkle:”you must feel bad, and as you are saying you supported him in everything and he…”
Mrs. M, still lost:”yeah, you are right, I supported him in all his dirty jobs, I supported him he tried to tried to kill….”
She was stopped byt he girl who was doing the manicure.
Mrs. M realized what she was about to say.
Twinkle and chinki was a bit disappointed as if the salesgirl didn’t stop she would have tell them.
Twinkle:”sorry, if we went a bit too personal, but we feel bad seeing you like this. Sorry if you are hurt by us”
Mrs. M was relieved that Chinki and twinkle didn’t hear her last word but it wasn’t the case. They heard it properly but pretended not to.
The girls returned home with Mrs. M but then as planned they all went to a place, Yuvi was late as he had to be sure of no one following him

Yuvi arrived.
Yuvi:”so guys, what the news?”
Rohan:”yuvi i found that Malhotra and family had a business in London and their partner was Rajesh, they used to stay together as well and their business were doing well but by illegal ways. They had bribed people and sell illegal things to quite expensive rate, and whenever they were caught they bribed someone and there was no problem. And all these year were like this, but few moths ago they were caught and the authority sealed their company and restrict them to sell anything, that’s why they had to come here, as they had no money left.”
Yuvi:”that’s explain why they want my mom’s company, and girls?”
Twinkle:”we couldn’t find much but yeah she was telling that she supported malhotra in killing someone, she was about to tell the name but she didn’t”
Yuvi:”kill someone?”
Yuvi:”did she suspects you?”
Twinkle and Chinki, in unison:”no”
Yuvi:”don’t worry girls, this is the most difficult part of the plan as they would reveal ot at once but you will have to keep trying. Rohan, you will have to give this(the memory card of his phone) to out computer genius. I won’t be able to go there as they will follow me. There ia a video which I recorded in his house, I need to see the video but it is not quite clear on the phone.”
Rohan took the memory card and asked yuvi:”you went to his house, but why?”
Twinkle:”yeah, yuvi, it was dangerous”
Chinki:”and if he had caught you”
Yuvi:”he didn’t but i will need to go one more time”

They were drinking milkshakes which Rohan bought before coming.
Rohan:”so ok? You finish?”
Yuvi:”for today, i think so. why?”
Rohan:”because of your plan and plots, I am not spending time with my gf”
Twiraj laughed listening to him, while chinki blushed.
Rohan:”so if you don’t mind, I will take her out for sometime” Rohan and chinki went out leaving twiraj alone.

Twinkle:”yuvi. everything will be fine right?”
Yuvi looked at her and nodded yes'”
They drank the milkshake and after one sip, twinkle had a milky moustache. Yuvi laughed seeing her while twinkle was confused.
Twinkle:”why are you you laughing.”
Yuvi took her picture and showed her.
Twinkle also laughed seeing that.
Yuvi came close to twinkle and wiped it with his hands. Twinkle kissed on his cheeks and rest on his shoulder and put her hand around him but yuvi screamed.
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”did you forget? my back”
Twinkle:”sorry, sorry. I forgot”
Yuvi smiled and said:”its ok, baby”
Twinkle:”baby, after a long time you are calling me baby”
Yuvi:”yeah, I missed that. You know sometimes when we were fighting, I was about to call you baby but then stopped myself”
They laughed.
Yuvi:”truly, even if front mom, I need to be careful to say twinkle, not baby.”
Twinkle:”ohhh, but I don’t have this problem, me”
Yuvi:”because you don’t call me by any other name other than yuvi or Mr. Yuvraaj Luhtra (he said this trying to imitate her)” Twinkle act to angry but then couldn’t control her laugh.

precap: didn’t think

Credit to: zai

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