tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 74


Recap: Yuvi told twinkle everything and twinkle and rohan helping yuvi.

Yuvi and Malhotra came to Rajesh place.
Rajesh, angrily:”what did let that happen?”
Yuvi:”I didn’t know that twinkle would come there and Rohan and she will…”
Rajesh:”Alright, then it’s their mistake, so they will have to pay for their mistake…”
Yuvi:”no, don’t do anything to them”
Rajesh:”but it’s their mistake, so now…”
Yuvi:”do everything you want with me not them”
Rajesh:”ok, so you will compensate for their mistake. Hmmmmm let me think what can you do”
Malhotra:”make him do a dirty thing”
Rajesh:”no, no. You love twinkle a lot right? And Rohan, your bro, your best friend. So do you see that stick over there (he pointed to his right). Take that stick and beat yourself till I say stop. Come on quick, quickly”
Yuvi took the stick and started to beat him on his back.
Rajesh laughs around him and says:”is it hurting? come on, beat yourself more. More, beat” He acted as a phscho.
Yuvi continued and soon he started bleeding, he was bleeding so much that the blood was seen through his grey shirt. He was feeling a lot of pain that even his eyes turned red.
Malhotra:”Rajesh, he is bleeding too much now, stop him.”
Rajesh:”wait a minute!”
He came to yuvi.
Rajesh:”beat you harder. Think if instead of you, this punishment was for Twinkle and Rohan. How much will they be hurt.”
Yuvi continued but after sometimes he started to feel dizzy. But he continued doing it.
Malhotra:”stop it right now. If something happen to him, what will I tell Anita”
Rajesh:”ok, ok. Stop it Yuvi. Take him home, he needs to be fit for our work”
Yuvi was about to fall but Malhotra hold him. Malhotra brought him outside the house and put him in the car. He made yuvi drink water. Yuvi was very hurt and he couldn’t sit properly.
Malhotra drove him back to home.

In front of Luthra’s house,
Yuvi was unconscious in the car. Malhotra woke him up by throwing water on him. Yuvi woke up with a startled.
Malhotra:”The prince is home”
(Yuvraaj means prince, that’s why)

Yuvi, looked around:”what will you tell my mom? About my condition?”
Malhotra:”Don’t you worry about that? Because they should not know. You will behave as if you are fine”
Yuvi:”did you see that I can’t even walk, then how…”
Malhotra:”that’s not my problem. Now you better walk straight”
They went inside, there was no one in the hall so yuvi was a bit relaxed as he was too hurt to act normally, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hid this to his mom. Everyone was in the dining table as it was Rohan’s plan to keep all of them together.

As Yuvi was heading towards his room, Sana spotted him and called him. Sana asked him to join them.
Yuvi:”partner, I will take a bath and then come”
Anita also insisted yuvi so he had no option and sat down with much difficulty next to Rohan. Malhotra smirks seeing yuvi’s state. They were playing some games. Yuvi also joined in but couldn’t concentrate.
Rohan noticed Yuvi’s shirt which was now fully covered with blood.
Rohan:”Sana, I will play with yuvi”
They played and during the game,
Rohan:”yuvi, what happened?”
Yuvi, whispers:”rohan plz finish this game as soon as possible. I won’t be able to handle this more”
Rohan tried to finish the game and once the round was finished, Yuvi got up and went to his room.
Sana:”what happened to partner?”
Rohan:”nothing, he said that he will be back after taking a bath till then I will play for him, ok” And they continued to play, while rohan was tensed.

Yuvi’s bedroom.
Yuvi entered his room and saw twinkle there. Yuvi pulled her to the side.
Yuvi:”what are you doing here? There is camera in the room, he will see you”
Twinkle:”shhhh, don’t worry! Your friend, the computer genius has recorded a video and he hacked Rajesh’s account so right now he can’t see us. He is seeing only a recorded video. Yuvi, I wanted to apologize to you. I misunderstood you…”
Yuvi:”ouchhh” as he moved his hand.
Twinkle:”what happened?” Yuvi turned and twinkle saw his shirt covered with blood.
Twinkle:”what this yuvi?”
Yuvi:”I have to remove the shirt even I don’t know how much it is hurt”
Twinkle removed his shirt slowly, yuvi’s back was covered with bruises. Twinkle placed her hand on his back but removed it as yuvi felt pain and he screamed. She brought the first aid box while yuvi lay down on the bed. Twinkle brought water and a cloth to clear the wound. She done it carefully with teary eyes. Then she applied the ointment, yuvi saw her in tears in the mirror. He turned to her and wiped her tears.
Yuvi:”I am fine twinkle. It’s just a small injury…”
Twinkle:”Small one?? Yuvi, your back is covered with wound and you…”
Twinkle hugged him and yuvi smiled thinking that at least twinkle is supporting him.
At that time, Rohan came in the room. Twiraj broke their hug.
Rohan:”sorry to disturb you, but yuvi what happened?”
Yuvi:”arey nothing.”
Twinkle:”what nothing? Rohan, see his back…”
Rohan also saw his back and both twinkle and Rohan had a questioning look.
Yuvi:”guys, I can do anything for you both, this injury is just a small thing…” He stopped as he didn’t want to tell them.
Twinkle & Rohan:”for us?”
Yuvi:”yeah….” And he told them everything.
Rohan:”how can they do so?”
Twinkle:”yuvi, they are getting dangerous day by day”
Yuvi:”I know, I have to somehow stop them and I will need your help.”
They both agreed to help him.
Twinkle:”but yuvi, what will we do?”
Yuvi:”for now, even I don’t know because I am still unaware of what they will make me do. But Twinkle, you will have to be careful from Mrs. Malhotra”
Rohan received a call from their friend informing them that the video recording is about to end in few minutes then Rajesh will be able to see them.
Rohan and Twinkle left from there. And yuvi also went outside the room and when Rohan signs him that the recording is finish as their friend was still on the line, yuvi went inside again so that Rajesh thinks that he just entered.

recap: not decided.
sorry guys, its not so long as i was tired. hope you will like it

Credit to: zai

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