Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 72

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Recap: Yuvi got to know that Malhotra told only half truth to twinkle. And he was about to see the person face but Malhotra hit him.

Yuvi was brought to a house, where that person live. It was as if no one lived here for a quite long time as there was dust everywhere and the furniture were all covered except one chair.
Malhotra bring yuvi there and tied him on the chair.
Malhotra:”what will you tell him?”
Person:”come here tomorrow morning, you will get to know. And yeah, tied his mouth, i don’t want him to scream or shout when he wake up”
Malhotra followed his orders and the person sat on a chair with the first aid box as he was slightly hurt by yuvi.
Malhotra left from there saying that he will come tomorrow morning.

The person looked at yuvi and said:”You are smart, i didn’t know that you will know about us so soon. But never mind, now you will do our work, it will be more easy for me.”

Next morning,
Taneja house,
Leela came to wake twinkle in her room and she saw that twinkle’s room was in a mess.
Leela:”twinkle, get up”
Twinkle:”maa plz let me sleep”
Leela draw the curtain and the sunlight was disturbing twinkle.
Twinkle, by covering herself with the bed sheet:”maa, plz.”
Leela, sitting by her side:”beta, you must get up now, its quite late.”
Leela:”you are no more a child now. You are in the age to get married, and if you sleep till this time in your sasural (inlaws) house, what will they say?”
Twinkle, at once got up:”maa, i will not get married”
Twinkle:”i won’t leave you”
Leela smiled at her and hugged her.

@ the unknown house
Yuvi woke up and was quite surprised seeing the surroundings. Then he remembered what happened last night. He tried to free his hands which were tied with ropes but he couldn’t. After struggling a lot, he let it as his hands started bleeding.
A voice came over:”why are you trying to free yourself? You wanted to know the truth, right?”
The person came forward revealing his face,
Yuvi was shocked to see him. The person came to yuvi and free his mouth.
Yuvi, shocked:”dad?”
Person:”no, I am not your dad. I am your uncle, your father’s twin brother. Identical twin”
Yuvi:”I don’t remember you”
Person:”you won’t as you never saw me before. Your dad threw me out of the house before your birth. So you never met me and neither did your mom told you about my existence.”
Yuvi:”what do you want?”
Person:”wait, you want to know the truth right? Let me tell you the truth as none will tell you apart from me”
Person:”let me start by introducing myself. I am Rajesh Luthra, your uncle. I lived with your dad before, we were always together since childhood, but I was not like him. Because I am like this (he act weirdly and crazily) I don’t know why I was like that. Everyone used to bully me at school and always my brother protected me, he used to give me everything. I was afraid of people so I would always stayed in my room when there were guests at home, so no one knew about me. When he got married to your mom, she also started caring for me. And I… I started liking her. I wanted her to be with me every time but my brother… I asked him to give me your mom, but he… (he acts like a phsyco in front of yuvi). He didn’t tell your mom about this and one day when I tried to hug your mom but she refused and pushed me away. I got angry and tried to…. but your dad came there. He scolded me a lot and threw me outside the house. Even I got angry and I sneakily went into the house at night to your mom. But then also, my bad luck, your dad saw me and this time he called the police and sent me to jail. My brother sent me to jail. My brother who love me so much, he sent me to jail…”
Yuvi, angrily:”you deserve that for what you did with my mom. Jail was the perfect place for you.”
Person:”shut up! You don’t know me.”
Yuvi:”I won’t spare you for what you have done to my mom.”
Person, laughing:”come on hit me, hit me. You can’t as i tied you up.”
Yuvi tried to free his hands but couldn’t.
Person:”don’t try. I am not yet finish. Malhotra, your dad’s friend saw me and he bailed me, he also want revenge from your dad. He was your dad’s best friend, but he was involved in some illegal things. Your dad was unaware of that. Mr. Taneja told him about Malhotra’s deed and your dad didn’t want to have any friendship with Malhotra. That too he has hid from your mom. That’s why your mom still thing that he is your dad’s friend. When he bailed me, he took me with him. Then we plot against your dad.”
Yuvi:”what did you do?”
Rajesh:”you are smart enough, you will find the rest by yourself. If you could find me, you will be able to solve the mystery of the story.”
Yuvi:”why don’t you tell me? You are scared that once you will free me, I will kill you?”
Rajesh, laughs:”I am not scared of you”
Yuvi:”oh really, then tell me” Yuvi was only provoking him so he tells him everything.
Rajesh:”what did you think that i will tell you everything, no. I will not ruined the climax of my story. Now lets come to the point. You will have to do something for me.”
Yuvi:”do you think that after knowing all this, I will do something for you”
Rajesh:”yeah, you don’t have any option. Don’t forget Malhotra is in your house, i can hurt you mom through him”
Yuvi, angrily shout at him:”you won’t touch my mom…”
Rajesh:”not only your mom, but Mrs. Malhotra has befriend someone who is very close to your heart”
Yuvi looked on confused.
Rajesh:”guess…guess who. Twinkle twinkle little star…”
Yuvi, angrily:”you….”
Rajesh:”no, no don’t abuse me.” He act crazily for a moment but then calmed down.
Yuvi:”you should have been in hospital…”
Rajesh got angry and slapped yuvi.
Rajesh:”my dear nephew, don’t compel me to be mean with you.” He calmed down and then said:”so my work is that you will ruined yourself, your mom and Taneja family”
Yuvi:”why after so much time? My dad committed suicide so your revenge has end with him”
Rajesh:”Yeah, it must have but… In London, with Malhotra, business was not going well. Then we decide to come back here and there is my share in the property. And I want the whole property. Your mom will not give me so I thought to take it. YOU will stop the international project, then due to its failure to accomplish the project, no other company will deal you then i will take over the business.”
Yuvi:”you are such a cheapster”
Rajesh laughs:”yeah, I am. Now you will do this for me or else… And i will tell you what you have to later on through Malhotra, now you can go. I know that you will obey me as your two precious people of your live are in danger.”
He released yuvi’s hands. Yuvi was about to punch him but he started a video on the projector. It was the cctv footage of Luthra’s house. I know every of your movement, so don’t try to be smart. And see Malhotra is with your mom and see outside the house, Mrs. malhotra with twinkle”

Yuvi stopped himself.
Person:”now go, go”
Yuvi left from there while thinking what Rajesh told him. Yuvi to himself:”what am I going to do? He will make me do every dirty things and I will have to obey him”
Yuvi saw his car outside the house, he turned and saw Rajesh on the doorsteps.
Rajesh:”I will not let my nephew walk till home.”

And yuvi left from there.
Before going home, he went to a pharmaceutical shop to aid his hands. He returned home and saw everyone in the hall, talking and laughing. He saw Malhotra and stared at him angrily. Malhotra came to him.
M:”you are back, he must have explained to you. Now you will not go anywhere without permission or without informing us, else….”
Yuvi left from there angrily and went to his room.
Anita:”what happened to him?”
Malhotra:”he is tired. Don’t worry”
Mr & Mrs. Malhotra smirks at each other.

Yuvi in his room,
He was very angry and he throw away all his thing aver the floor. He didn’t know what to do.
Meanwhile Rajesh was watching all this through the camera and laughed seeing yuvi’s state.

Yuvi rest on the bed for a while, then suddenly he went out. He came out of the house.
Rajesh got angry and thinks where is he going? He tried calling Malhotra to tell him to follow yuvi but by that time yuvi already left in the car.
Rajesh, angrily broke a glass next to him. He said to himself:”yuvraaj Luthra, you did a mistake and now you will be punished for that.”
He called Malhotra and told him to do something.

Recap: Yuvi returned home and he saw a doctor leaving his house. He rushed inside

hope you guys will like it. I was not too sure for this one. Thank you everyone for your comments

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