Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 71


recap: Rohan, chinki and Twiraj moments near the waterfall

Next morning,
All four were getting ready to leave. They were near the car putting their things in the car. Twiraj looked at each other remembering the their moments of the previous day.
The girls got in the car. Rohan stopped yuvi outside.
Rohan:”did you talk to her? You were with her the whole night.”
Yuvi:”I don’t know!”
Rohan:”What do you mean?”
Yuvi told him about their hug.
Rohan:”but didn’t she say something”
Yuvi nodded no.
Yuvi:”but I felt like she wanted to tell me something but…”
Rohan:”leave it, we need to go”
They both got in the car.

Yuvi:”let me drive, go backseat.”
Yuvi laughed at him.
Rohan:”if twinkle doesn’t mind to change her place”
Twinkle:”no problem”
The 3 exchanged their place. Rohan behind with chinki, Yuvi on the driver seat and twinkle next to him.
Yuvi started the car.

Luthra’s house
Anita was busy reading a file. Malhotra came to her.
Malhotra:”Good morning. Where is yuvi?”
Anita:”He went with his friends somewhere”
Malhotra:”but where?”
Anita:”even i don’t know”
Malhotra:”You should know, you are his mom”
Anita, confused as Malhotra didn’t react like this before:”I have given him his freedom, i am not going to ask him every time where he is going. And why are you asking?”
Malhotra, calming himself:”Sorry, its just that i am worried for him. I need to go, i have something important to do”
Anita felt weird about his behavior.

In the car,
They were all talking and laughing. Suddenly yuvi stopped the car,
Rohan:”why did you stop the car”
Yuvi, teasingly:”Rohan, your girlfriend must be hungry. And even I am. So i am going to buy something for me and for the girls.”
Rohan:”wait i will also come”
They both got down while the girls continue talking.
Twinkle:”so what happened last night”
Chinki:”twinkle, don’t start this”
Twinkle:”arey, I thought I am your best friend”
Chinki:”ok, now don’t start your drama”

In the shop,
Rohan and Yuvi were buying food and drinks.
When they come out of the shop. Yuvi stopped Rohan to show him something in the shop.
Rohan:”what are you showing me?”
Yuvi:”Rohan, are you seeing this black car to our right?”
Rohan moved slightly to see.
Yuvi:”this car is following us since the time we left the cottage”
Rohan:”what? But why?”
Yuvi:”that’s why i stopped to see if its really following us and my doubt is correct.”

Rohan:”but who is he?”
Yuvi:”don’t know”
Rohan:”yuvi, we will look at it afterwards. We should drop the girls first.”
Yuvi:”but plz note the number on your phone, my battery is down”
Rohan:”ok…” Rohan took the number.
And they came back to the car.
Chinki:”why did you take so much time”
Yuvi:”your boyfriend was confused what to buy for you which you like and which is healthy”
Yuvi handed food to twinkle.
Chinki:”hey this is twinkle favourite…”
Twinkle looked at yuvi.
Yuvi looked in front so that he could avoid eye contact with twinkle. Rohan pat yuvi’s shoulder and yuvi start the car.
The atmosphere changed as Rohan and yuvi were busy watching the car which was following them. And there was silence. The girls talked to each other.
Twinkle:”what happened to you both?”
Rohan:”nothing, we are just tired!”
Chinki put her head on rohan’s shoulder to rest. Rohan smiled. After sometime, Twinkle also felt asleep.
After sometime, They reached home.
Rohan waked up Chinki.
Chinki woke up.
Rohan:”chinki, you plz go with twinkle. Me and yuvi has some important work. They got down.
There was only yuvi and twinkle in the car.
Yuvi moved closer to twinkle to wake her up. He removed the seat belts. At the same time twinkle woke up. They have an eyelock.
Yuvi moved back.
Yuvi:”sorry, i was just…”
Twinkle:”its ok”
She got out of the car.
Chinki and twinkle went inside. Yuvi also came out.
Rohan:”now what?”
Yuvi:”we need to find that car.”
Rohan:”let us ask our computer genius to find on whose name is this car?”
Yuvi:”yeah, i will call him.”
(It’s one of their friend)

Yuvi went to his house and Rohan leave for his house.
As soon as yuvi entered the house, Malhotra saw him. He came to him.
Malhotra:”where were you?”
Yuvi, angrily:”why?” He started
Malhotra:”I am asking you something”
Yuvi:”who are you to ask this?”
Anita came there.
Anita:”what’s happening?”
Yuvi:”mom, why is he asking me where i was?”
Anita:”I already told you he went with his friends”
Malhotra:”i was just worried, i thought that if his dad was here, he would have also ask him. And i am like your dad that’s why… but never mind. I am sorry ” He left from there.
Yuvi thinks:”why is he acting so much”
Anita:”yuvi, leave it. I know that you don’t like him asking so much of questions.”
Yuvi:”its ok mom. I am tired, i will go to my room”
Yuvi went to his room and after a bath, he rest on his bed.

After some time, Sana came to him with an envelop in her hand.
Sana:”partner… where were you?”
Yuvi:”with rohan”
Sana:”ohhh ok.”
Yuvi noticed the envelop and ask about it.
Sana:”don’t know. I found it in front of the door. It has my dad’s name on it so i was going to keep it in his room but saw you”
Yuvi took the envelop and saw that it was not sealed.
Yuvi:”did you open it?”
Sana:”that’s bad manners to open someone’s letter, right?”
Sana’s dadi called her and she left from there saying she will be back. She left the letter with yuvi.
Yuvi opened the letter.
The letter:”come tonight at …… Need to talk to you urgently. Can’t call you as it is broken”
Yuvi thinks:”it might be that person.”
He put the letter back in the envelop before Sana came there.
Yuvi:”partner, go and give your father this letter, it might be important”
Sana:”ok, partner”
Yuvi to himself:”now i will know who is that person”

During the dinner
Taneja house,
All were having dinner.
Leela:”So Twinkle how was your night with your friends?”
Twinkle, remembering her moments with yuvi:”it was great.”
Pinni:”seems that someone enjoys a lot without us”
Twinkle, back to senses:”it was great but with you all it would have been wonderful”
And she hug Pinni.

Luthra’s house,
They were also having dinner. Yuvi looked at Malhotra who was quite tensed how to go out. (As Sana said that she wanted to watch movie with all of them)
Malhotra:”sorry Sana, but i have an important work due to which i will have to go.”
Sana:”papa plz, only today”
Malhotra:”try to understand beta”
Sana:”plz, plz, plz plz, papa”
Malhotra, angrily:”stop it Sana. Don’t you understand. No one will watch movie today”
Sana run to her room crying.
Anita:”‘what happened to you? She is just a child”
Dadi:”you made her cry” And she went to Sana.
Yuvi also got up to keep his plate in the kitchen and Anita also left. Only Mr & Mrs. Malhotra were there.
Mrs:”what happened to you?”
MR.:”leave it. You will not understand this”
MRS:”yeah you are right. I helped you before and now you don’t need my help right? Don’t forget that i know all your secrets and i will not think twice to tell them”
Mr:”do you think that i am stupid? You will not tell anything to anyone as if you do so you will also face problems as you help us in everything”
Saying this he left from there to his room.
Yuvi heard everything hiding.
Yuvi thinks:”so Mrs. Malhotra also knows the truth but what did they do? I need to find out.”

When Mrs. Malhotra went from there, yuvi came out of his hiding place. He went to the couch and sat there with his phone.
Anita saw him and came to him:”baby, you will not sleep”
Yuvi:”i am not sleepy mom. Sana is fine?”
Anita:”yeah, she was crying but now she slept. Malhotra shouldn’t have scolded her like that”
Yuvi:”mom, don’t you think that he got angry for nothing and that he is quite weird from some days”
Anita thinks a bit:”yeah, but maybe he is worried about something…”
Yuvi:”ok, so you relax now. You should sleep, i will go in sometimes”
Anita:”ok, good night” She kissed his forehead.
Yuvi:”good night mom”

Yuvi put his headphones and was once again busy with his phone. Mr. malhotra came out and saw yuvi downstairs. He tried to sneak out. Once he was out, he closed the door and he felt a relief.
When he entered the car, yuvi came out smilingly.
Yuvi, thinks:”now it starts uncle”
Yuvi also got in his car started to follow him with a safe distance.

They reached an isolated place. Malhotra stopped his car in front of a building.
Yuvi get down the car and follow him. He entered the building.
There were lot of boxes kept there.
Yuvi hid behind the boxes.
The person came there but it was dark. Yuvi tried to figure out who he was but couldn’t.
Malhotra:”why did you call me?”
Person:”yuvi and twinkle are coming back together, if this happen we will be ruined”
Yuvi thinks:”how my relationship with twinkle will ruined them?”
Malhotra:”how do you know that?”
Person:”they were together last night, the whole day.”
Malhotra:”but yuvi said that he was with his friends…”
Person:”stupid, if he could hide from his mom his love for twinkle for so long, its not a big deal for him to hide this small thing”
Yuvi, thinks:”so he was the one who was following us”
Person:”yuvi should not know that you told twinkle the truth…”
Yuvi was shocked hearing this.
(Flashback: Twinkle came to a garden and there Mr. Malhotra came there. Twinkle:”you? why did you call me here?”
Malhotra:”i got to know that yuvi and you are in a relationship”
Twinkle, surprised:”yuvi told you?”
Malhotra:”no I saw you both together. But are you sure about Yuvi?”
Twinkle:”What do you mean?”
Malhotra:”I mean after knowing everything, still you are with him”
Twinkle:”what do you mean?”
Malhotra:”Yuvi didn’t tell you? Ohhh sorry, I didn’t know”
Twinkle:”what should i know?”
Malhotra told the truth to twinkle.(what has happened long ago: with her mom, nothing else. Neither the friendship of Anita and Leela, nor that yuvi’s dad committed suicide because of this)
Twinkle was in tears hearing this.

Malhotra:”and Anita thinks your mom was having an affair with her husband. That’s why she wanted revenge. And i am sure your love will change yuvi also”
Twinkle:”why yuvi?”
Malhotra:”because he started this relationship with the motive of revenging his mom. But now you love him so you will change him”
Twinkle, shocked:”no yuvi can’t do this”
Malhotra:”he did, he was the one who spike your drink on holi. So that he could… you know what i mean”
Twinkle:”no, if it was like this yuvi would have already do it as we spent the night together in Mumbai in the same room. He could have done it there but he didn’t”
Malhotra:”he wanted to win your trust, that’s why he didn’t do it then. You should be careful twinkle. You are like my daughter to me, that’s why i thought to tell you. I know that yuvi is my friend’s son but if he is doing something wrong, i must stop him”
And he left from there
Twinkle was shocked, she fall down and cried vigorously.
Flashback ends)

Back to present,
Yuvi was shocked hearing this. Yuvi thinks:”they have misled her, that’s why she is not believing me. But why?”
Person:”yuvi should not know about this. We must concentrate on our plan now”
Malhotra:”ok, what will we do?”
Person:”for now get my phone repaired. Then i will call you to tell you.”
He throw his phone at malhotra who caught it.
Malhotra left from there.
Yuvi hid so that malhotra doesn’t see him.
Yuvi thinks:”i must find out who that person is.”
The person went out and yuvi followed him. Suddenly the person started running as he spotted yuvi.
Yuvi started chasing him. They run for quite a distance when finally yuvi caught the person and beat him.
The person tried to defend but couldn’t. As yuvi saw that the person was unable to defend himself he tried to remove the scarf off his face. He succeed in doing so, but the person covered his face with his hands. Yuvi tried removing it and blocked his hands. As he was about to see him, he felt a sudden pain and hold his head. He started to get dizzy and even if the person face was uncovered he couldn’t see him. His vision went all blurred. he turned back and fell uncounscious. It was Malhotra who hit him with a rod. The person quickly covered his face with the cloth.
The person:”thanks, but how did you know that he was here?”
Malhotra:”I saw his car outside, when i was leaving. What will we do to him, he must have heard everything?”
Person:”bring him to my place, i will love to have a word with him”
Malhotra put yuvi in the car and drove away with the person and an unconscious yuvi.

precap: yuvi was tied to a chair, he woke up and the person talk to him. The person said something to yuvi that yuvi got angry and shouted at him.

Credit to: Zai

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