Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 70


hey guys thanks a lot for your comment. It really mean a lot. Today is the 70th episode. I didn’t expect that i will write for so long and its only because of your encouragement. Thank you so much.

recap: yuvi & Rohan got to know about Malhotra.

next morning,
Rohan came to yuvi’s house. He opened the door of yuvi’s room and noticed yuvi sleeping next to it.
He woke him up.
Yuvi, yawning:”morning”
Rohan, sarcastically:”i see that you slept well last night.”
Yuvi, understood:”I thought that uncle would go to meet the other person but he didn’t”
Rohan:”correct, he doesn’t need any respect from you. He is ruining your family”
Yuvi:”ok, now i will get ready”

He went to washroom to bath while Rohan waited for him.

Taneja’s house
All were having breakfast. Everyone was quite upset of what happened the previous day.
Raman:”sis, i can’t understand what really happened”
Leela:”Anita called to tell me that it was due to material default.”
Pinni:”when did you start talking to that Anita?”
Leela:”Pinni, i will have to talk to her as we are partners in this project. I have no choice”
Raman:”sis, if you want i handle this project.”
Leela:”no Raman you are already in charge of two project, you will not be able to handle the workload”
Twinkle:”maa, i will help you with the work.”
Leela:”are you sure?”
Twinkle:”i will work on this”
Leela:”ok, if you want”

After breakfast, all started with their work.

Yuvi and Rohan were about to go leave for college when they spotted twinkle outside (her car was punctured). Both Twiraj stared at each other, with mixed emotion of pain, anger and love. Rohan noticed them and he went to twinkle,
Rohan:”hey going to college”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Rohan:”come with us, we are also going there”
Twinkle:”but your rude and arrogant friend will not…”
Rohan:”forget him. He will not say anything”
Twinkle agreed and entered the car. Yuvi stopped Rohan and asked him the reason.
Rohan, in his mind thanks Sana for the idea.
(Flashback shows how when yuvi went into the washroom, Sana told Rohan the plan to bring twiraj together. She even punctured twinkle’s car)
Yuvi:”where are you lost?”
Rohan:”nowhere. Anyway i have to pick up Chinki also”
Yuvi:”Why Chinki?”
Rohan:”because….” He tried to avoid the question.
Yuvi:”don’t tell me that she became your gf.”
Rohan, as if whispering:”yep” but yuvi heard him.
Yuvi:”really? Oh so my friend is in love. I am so happy for you”
Yuvi hugged him while rohan request him not to tease him. Yuvi got into the car while Rohan sent a message to someone.

They arrived at chinki place,
Twinkle, confused:”why did you stop here?”
Rohan:”hmmmmm…” trying to find an answer.
Yuvi, whispered to Rohan:”she doesn’t know”
Rohan nodded no.
Twinkle:”guys i am asking you something.”
Yuvi:”you always pick up chinki everyday but today you have no car so Ro… and i mean we thought to pick her up”
Chinki came there and said hi to everyone.
(Rohan already texted her that yuvi and twinkle were with him)
Chinki went next to Twinkle.
Yuvi:”ohhh, You already told her about us right? She is the one whom you were texting earlier.”
Rohan:”yes, now stop it”
Chinki:”boys, i am already in, so we can leave.”
Yuvi:”yeah Rohan, lets go and you will have time to stare at her later on”
Rohan signs yuvi to stop while blushing. Chinki understood that Rohan told him everything and she shies away. And all this while, Twinkle was confused because she didn’t understood.

Twinkle pulled chinki back to her and asked her. Chinki, while blushing told her everything. Twinkle was shocked and shouted:”what?”
Rohan stopped the car and both Rohan and Yuvi looked at the back to check on them.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Rohan:”why did you scream?”
Twinkle:”why didn’t you tell me before?” She hugged chinki,
The boys understood and Rohan resumed the driving.

After sometimes,
Twinkle:”college seems to be so far today. Normally we reached in 15 mins from chinki’s house and now its half an hour. What happened Rohan? You forgot everything after becoming bf”
Rohan:”stop it guys, yuvi stopped and now you started”
Chinki:”yeah, stop teasing him guys”
Twiraj, in unison:”ohhhhhh”
Yuvi:”defending him, so cute”
Rohan and chinki shied away.

Twinkle:”but Rohan, seriously where are we going?”
Rohan:”girls relax, this call for a celebration right?”
Rohan winked at yuvi.
Yuvi was also confused but then understood where was Rohan taking them.
He smiled.

After 1 hour of driving, Rohan stopped the car and Yuvi and him came out of the car. Twinkle and Chinki were confused about the whereabouts.
The girls also came out.
Chinki:”where are we?”
Rohan:”you will get to know in sometimes”

Rohan and chinki walked in front, by holding their hands. Twinkle and yuvi were behind them. Unknowingly, their hands touched each other. Realizing it they both moved a bit away.
They walked for a while and entered a place which resembles as a small jungle. There were big big leaves that blocked their way, they need to go through it. Rohan and chinki were helping each to cross it. Twiraj were completely the opposite. They were as if using the leaves as a weapon to hurt the other.

When they crossed that path, Rohan showed chinki the beautiful small waterfall found there.
Yuvi came next to Rohan and Twinkle to Chinki.
The girls were amazed by the view. There was the waterfall and a river and a small cottage a little bit away from the river surrounded by bushes. And they could go to the top of the waterfall.
Yuvi to Rohan:”yaar, its been nearly 6 months when we came here the last time”
Rohan:”yeah, that’s why i thought to bring all of you here. Actually girls, Yuvi and I like to come here and we celebrate our friendship here every 6 months.”
Chinki:”6 month?”
Yuvi:”yeah, we celebrate it twice, one when we became friends and the other when we became brothers”
Chinki and Twinkle felt happy seeing their bond.

Rohan and Yuvi ran to the top of the waterfall, removed their shirt and they jumped into the river. Twinkle and chinki laughed seeing them.
Then, Rohan came back to Chinki and twinkle and pulled them to the river. Rohan helped chinki to get in. Twinkle was a bit afraid but she came in nevertheless.
Chinki:”twinkle, you were afraid of swimming, right?”
Twinkle:”but yuvi made me…”
Yuvi looked at her and Rohan and chinki looked at yuvi.
Chinki:”ok, it’s good that you are no more scared now we can enjoy together.”

Chinki and twinkle were splashing water on each other with rohan also and yuvi couldn’t stop himself from staring at twinkle. Yuvi was under the water which fell from the waterfall. Rohan saw him and came to him.
Rohan:”yuvi,you still love her right?”
Yuvi:”i can’t stop myself from loving her”
Rohan:”then why this distance?”
Yuvi:”It’s because of her”
Rohan:”at least talk to her, solve her misunderstandings”
Yuvi:”i will try, later on because now i want to race with you”
Rohan:”till there” pointing at some place.
Y & R, in unison:”1 2 3 go”
they both raced and they arrived at the same time.
Yuvi:”we both are best”
They laughed.
Rohan said something to yuvi and they both smiled.They took 2 branch fallen near them They came to the girls slowly. The girls had their towards them so they didn’t noticed. Rohan came behind chinki and yuvi behind twinkle. They throw the branch in front of them shouting:”SNAKE”
The girls got afraid and chinki caught rohan’s arm but twinkle turned and hugged yuvi tightly. And yuvi also hugged her,
Chinki looked back and saw it was fake.
Chinki:”it was fake twin…”
But she stopped seeing twiraj hug. Rohan signs her to let them.
Rohan and chinki went a bit far. After sometimes, twinkle broke the hug and looked at yuvi. They have an eyelock.
Yuvi:”sorry, it was fake, rohan wanted to chinki scared.”
Twinkle said nothing but kept looking at yuvi.
Twinkle’s wet hair fell on her face, yuvi slowly removed it and put it behind her ear. Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Rohan and chinki smiled seeing them.
Rain started to fall.

twinkle and yuvi moved away. They came out of the water and went on the grass enjoying the rain.
The song koi ladki hai jab wo hasti hain
Rohan and chinki sing
R:koi ladki hai jab wo hasti hain (x2) baarish hoti chhanak chhanak chhum chhum
C:koi ladka hai jab wo gaata hai areey koi ladka hai jab wo gaata hai saawan aata hai ghoomar ghoomar ghoom ghoom

Rohan came to yuvi and bring him to sing along
R:”hoooooo ho ho ho”
C:”baadal jhuke jhuke se hain”
Y:”raste ruke ruke se hain”
C:”kya teri marzi se hum ghar humko jaane na dega”
Y:”aage hain baarsat peechee hai toofan mausam beimaan kahan chale hum tum”
R:”koi ladki jab wo hasti hai baarish hoti hai chhanak chhanak chhum chhum”
C:”koi ladka hai jab wo gaata hai saawan aata hain ghoomar ghoomar ghoom ghoom”

Chinki brought twinkle next to yuvi
Y:”ohhhhhh ho ho hai hai”
T:”ambar jhuka jhuka sa hain”
R:”sab kuch rukha rukha sa hain”
T:”chaaya sama kitna pyara”
R:”saawan ka samjho ishara”
Y, T, R , C:”aise mausam me tum bhi kuch kaho tum bhi kuch karo ghari ho kyun ghumsum”
all 4:”chak dhoom dhoom chak dhoom dhoom chak ghode jaisi chal haathi jaise dum o saawan raja kahan se aye tum”
At the end rohan, chinki came close and same with twiraj. They didn’t think about anything else but was enjoying this moment. They were hugging each other and looked very happy.

They went to the cottage as they were feeling cold.
They get in.
Chinki:”how will we change? We didn’t bring any clothes”
Rohan:”don’t worry ma’am. I am here right. I will just come”
He picked up a bag which was behind the couch. He opened it and took out some clothes. He gave one to chinki and one to twinkle.
Chinki:”what about you boys?”
Yuvi:”Don’t worry. This is our second home. We have clothes in the room.”
Rohan showed the girls the way to the bathroom and they went to the room as their clothes were there.

After changing, they came back to the hall,
They ate some biscuits which Rohan brought.
Yuvi:”you were well planned, i see”

Yuvi excused himself and went to the room. Once there he signs twinkle to come. Twinkle tried to ignore him but at last came to him.
Yuvi:”We should leave them alone. They would want some privacy”
Twinkle:”ok, but i am not staying here with you”
Yuvi:”you don’t have the choice. there is only one room. So we need to adjust for our friends and its only for some time then we will go back”

Twinkle sat on the bed while yuvi was standing near the wardrobe.
As it was raining, the water was coming inside, as the window was open. Twinkle went to close the window but couldn’t as the wind was preventing her. Yuvi saw her and came to her. He closed the window but putting his arms around twinkle.
He touched her hands. Twinkle turned at once and she become close to yuvi. Yuvi looked at her and she tried to look down but yuvi tilt her face towards him.
Yuvi moved his hands to twinkle’s hair and remove her hairband (twinkle has tied her hair). Her hair fell on her face and she moved it back.
Yuvi touched her cheeks with his fingers. He wiped her lips as there was biscuits there. Twinkle didn’t protest. Twinkle looked at him. They have an eyelock. Yuvi moved back after that.
Twinkle stopped him by holding his hand.
Yuvi:”what happened twinkle?”
Twinkle just hugged him and said nothing. Yuvi also reciprocate her hug.

recap: same as the previous one. Yuvi saw the person and follow him

Credit to: zai

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