tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 7


@ Night
Twinkle couldn’t sleep and went to the garden. She spotted yuvi there and thinks to apologize to him.
She went to him and called him.
Yuvi: “what are you doing here? Don’t you sleep?”
Twinkle: “I am sorry! I should have listen to you and let you rest. I am sorry.” She said innocently.
Yuvi was about to yell at her but seeing her innocent face and teary eyes, he said: “it’s ok. Don’t worry, I am fine. It was not your fault.”
Twinkle didn’t expect such reaction from him. She thought that he would scold her and he would be angry. Even yuvi was surprised by his reaction.
Twinkle: “are you not sleepy?”
Yuvi: “I slept for long so no am not sleepy. And you”
Twinkle: “actually no”
Yuvi: “so can we talk a bit because I am bored standing here and counting stars.”
Twinkle laughed at his answer.

Yuvi: “Rohan told me how you were worried when I was unconscious. Why?”
Twinkle: “I don’t know!” And she looked at him. They have an eyelock.
Chinki called out twinkle breaking the eyelock.
Twinkle: “I need to go, bye”
Yuvi: “bye”
Next morning
@ bidding auction
Anita was bidding for a land which she wants to buy for a new projects. She bids 1 lakh for the land”
At that time leela came and said: “2 lakhs”
They started to increase the amount but none of them got it as another person bids a much higher amount. They were disappointed. And people around were taunting them saying that they were the one fighting and someone else took it away.
Both left fuming.
Outside the venue
Anita: “because of you I have lost. Why do you eye everything that I want?”
Leela: “even I wanted that land.”
The scene shifts to the museum

Everyone gathered in the lobby. Teachers said that everyone completed the questionnaires of yesterday and congratulate them. There was a small hill behind the museum and some boys wanted to climb it. The teachers said that everyone would go.
The teachers gave them some instruction and they started. They used ropes to climb. Chinki was with Rohan and they were chatting. Twinkle had some difficulty to climb up. She was struggling with the ropes.
Yuvi came to her and gave her gloves so that she doesn’t hurt her hands. Even then she was struggling thus yuvi helped by pulling her up. And Twinkle fell on him. They both have an eyelock and were much closed.

The other students laughed at her and twinkle got angry.
Twinkle: “did I ask you to help me? See you made a joke out of me. That’s what you wanted, right?”
Yuvi tried to explain but twinkle left ignoring him.
Yuvi angrily: “I helped her and instead of thanking me she scold me”
When they reach at the top, all were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. The students insisted to camp there for the night and the teachers agreed after much thought.
At night, while everyone was sleeping twinkle came out. She walked around and stepped on something which made a noise. Yuvi woke up and came out. He bumped into twinkle as both had their back towards each other. Twinkle shouted and yuvi put his hands on her lips.
Yuvi: “don’t scream! Will you wake up everyone or what? What are you doing here at this time? Answer?”

Twinkle through her eyes shows him his hands. Yuvi removed his hand and said sorry.
Twinkle: “can’t I walk now? Will I have to do everything according to your wish?”
Yuvi: “why are you always on fighting mode? Can’t you talk properly and nicely like yesterday?”
Twinkle thinks about all her fighting encounters with him and says: “even you could do this”
Yuvi looked at her. He also remembered all the time he fought with her.
Yuvi: “ok let’s go now!”
Twinkle was about to slip so she held yuvi’s hand. Yuvi tried to catch her but both fell down. They kept rolling down. When they stopped, yuvi was on twinkle and he looked at her. Twinkle had her eyes closed and she held yuvi’s jacket tightly out of fear.
Yuvi: “twinkle, open your eyes, we are safe.”
Twinkle slowly open her eyes and looked at yuvi. They both composed themselves. Yuvi looked around with the torchlight of his phone.
Yuvi: “where are we?”
Twinkle get tensed and looked around.
Twinkle: “where is this yuvi?”
Yuvi: “I don’t know. We are stuck here and that too because of you”
Twinkle: “because of me?”
Yuvi: “yes, can’t you see when you walk”
Twinkle: “but…”
Yuvi: “leave it, we have to go back else we will have to stay here”

They walked for a while but in vain. They couldn’t find the way. Suddenly there was thunder and twinkle hugged yuvi.
Yuvi: “it’s only thunder, not a tiger that will eat you. You don’t need to be so afraid”
Twinkle composed herself.
Yuvi: “let’s go”
After a while, it started raining and they both got drenched. Yuvi: “let’s go twinkle” but by not getting any answer from her, he turned around. He saw her enjoying the rain and was mesmerized by her.
He came to her, held her by her waist and pulled her close. Twinkle was too shocked to move away. Yuvi turned her around and put her hair on one side. Twinkle could feel his touch and closed her eyes. Yuvi moved his hand down and zipped her dress which was a little opened.
“Your dress… let’s go. Else we will catch cold” yuvi said whispering and smiling and he moved back.
Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at him surprisingly. Yuvi signed her to move. Twinkle followed him silently and nervously.
They take shelter under a tree and sit there without talking to each other. Twinkle was shivering as she was completely drenched. After a while twinkle felt asleep and yuvi covered her with his jacket.

precap: twiraj back at home and chinki questioned twinkle about her feelings for yuvi

Credit to: zai

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