Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 69


recap: accident on the site

They returned home and Yuvi explained everything to Leela and Anita.
Anita:”how is this possible? The materials are of best quality.”
Leela:”if we continue to do these mistakes, they will take back the contract.”
Anita:”she is right! What will we do then?”
Yuvi:”mom, relax i will go to the site and check the materials”
Yuvi and Rohan left from there.

Twinkle:”maa, everything will be fine, don’t worry”

@ an isolated and dark place
Mr. Malhotra and the person were celebrating their success.
Malhotra:”everything went as planned” he laughed saying this.
Person, with still his face hidden:’don’t be happy so soon.”
Malhotra:”why? Everything went according to our wish”
Person:’do you think that they will not anything. Maybe from Leela’s side, they won’t but that boy he will use his brain and will find something. We must keep an eye on him.”
Malhotra:”ok, i will go. He will be at home right now with Anita”
And Malhotra left from there.

@ the site
Yuvi and Rohan walked around the site to find out what happened. Yuvi went to the place where he saved Twinkle. He checked the materials but all was fine.
Yuvi:”there is nothing wrong then how could this happen?”
He was angry.
He went into the cabin and checked some documents.
They read some papers and looked at each other.
Yuvi:”we have to meet the leader, i am sure we will get some answers.”
Rohan nodded yes and they left from there.

They reached a locality and asked people about Raghu.
Some people showed them his house. They knocked at the door and Raghu himself opened the door.
As soon as Raghu saw them, he immediately closed the door but Rohan stopped him. They both entered the house.

Yuvi hold raghu by his arm so that he doesn’t escape.
Raghu:”sir, let me go. I don’t know anything”
Yuvi:”when did i say that i want to know something. I came only to ask about what was the family emergency that you didn’t bother to inform the managers.”
Rohan:”but now that you said, tell us what you know”
Raghu:”i don’t know anything”
Yuvi and Rohan shows him some papers and asked him to tell everything or they will hand him to the police.
(the papers were that Raghu exchanged the materials and sold it to another company and he hid the file in the cabin as he couldn’t keep it with him. And he forgot to take it back)

Raghu:”ok. I will say everything. Mr. Malhotra told me to do this…”
Rohan and Yuvi, shocked:”what?”
Raghu:”yes, he told me to instigate the workers for an increase in their salary earlier. And there was someone else with him.”
Raghu:”i don’t know. Every time i met them, he had his face covered.”
Rohan:”ok, continue”
Raghu:”they told me to exchange the material so that the accident happen and i left early knowing this would happened. Sorry they offered me money which I needed badly. Really sorry.”
Yuvi:”why did you need money that you did this which could take lives of your friends?”
Raghu:”i am sorry sir. My child is very ill and i need money for her treatment. I am sorry” He went on his knees to apologize.

Yuvi:”ok, i forgive you.”
Rohan:”but Yuvi?”
Yuvi:”And I will take care of your child treatment and one more thing you will not tell anyone that you told us the truth. Whenever Malhotra uncle or that person call you, you will tell me”
Raghu:”yes! Thank you sir”
Yuvi and Rohan left from there after giving his number and the details about the child.

outside the house
Rohan:”yuvi why did you leave him?”
Yuvi:”he needed money for his child and when it comes to a child, parents do everything. I saw mom fulfilling all my wishes and i understood that”
Rohan:”I didn’t know that my best friend is such a good guy”
Yuvi looked at him and they both laughed.

Yuvi:”we need to go home, mom will be worried”
Rohan:”what will you tell her. I think you should tell her the truth?”
Yuvi:”material default. I need to find who is the other person. Till then I will not Malhotra uncle know that i know his truth. And mom considered him as dad friend and she knows him for so long time, she might not believe”
Rohan:”ok, we will find out together”
Yuvi:”no Rohan, this seems dangerous, i can’t put you in danger.”
Rohan:”why so much of formality between us? You said that i was your brother, so its my right”
Yuvi:”ok, ok.”
They left the place.

Luthra’s house,
Yuvi explained Anita that it was because of the material default. Anita was about to cancel the supplier but yuvi stopped her.
Yuvi:”mom, its his first mistake. Everyone is given a second chance, don’t cancel it.”
Anita agreed to him.
Malhotra listened to their conversation and thinks:”he (the person) was right. Yuvi went there today itself. I hope he didn’t find anything. I must inform him”

During the night,
Twinkle helped Leela with some household works.
Leela:”I didn’t know that my daughter was interested in doing these works”
Pinni:”because we never saw you doing these works and you always find excuse to escape these works”
Twinkle:”ok, then i will not do anything.”

Twinkle worked to the couch and sat down busy with her phone.
Leela and Pinni came to her.
Pinni:”thats our twinkle”
Twinkle, with fake anger:”what? when i do the work you scold me and when i don’t do its the same.”
Leela:”ohhhh my daughter” She hugged twinkle and Pinni also joined them.

Late in the night,
Yuvi was sitting on the stairs, with his phone. Sana came to him.
Sana:”partner, what are you doing here?”
Sana, confused:”experiment?”
Yuvi:”yeah, i have a project at school… wait you should be on bed right now”
Sana, with a funny face:”oppppps, good night”
And she ran from there. Yuvi smiled at her innocence.

After sometime, yuvi switched off the lights. He went to his room but didn’t close the door completely. He let it a little bit opened so that he could see outside. He sat near the door and waited the whole night but Malhotra didn’t come out.

precap: yuvi saw malhotra talking to the person ans he starts to follow him.

Credit to: zai

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