Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 68


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recap: Mr. Malhotra instigate the workers.

Twiraj and Rohan arrived at the site. they got down the car. The workers were in panic, they were going from there. Yuvi stopped one of them and asked him what happened.
Worker:”sir there are some iron rods falling. We don’t know how…”
Saying this, he left.
The manager came to them.
Yuvi:”don’t let anyone go. We must know if everyone is fine or not. And whoever is being taken to hospital, you both will take their name, ok?”
Both the managers nodded yes.

Yuvi, Rohan and twinkle quickly entered, they saw that some workers were injured. They went to those workers, and helped them. They brought the workers to the ambulance which the manager called.

Near the ambulance,
Rohan:”yuvi, how did this happen?”
Yuvi:”i don’t know yaar! How can it fall like this. Even the materials went of the best quality”
Twinkle:”forget this now, we must check if everyone has come out”
They went inside once again.

They looked around to see if there is someone. But there was no one.
They searched once more to be sure.
Suddenly, Yuvi noticed that an iron rod was about to fall on twinkle.
He ran to her and pulled her. They both fell down. Yuvi was on twinkle. They have an eyelock.
But then, the rod fell on yuvi’s hand, he got up and hold his hand.

Without thinking, Twinkle took his hand. Yuvi looked at her, at how much she was caring for him.
Rohan came there, he saw them and came to them.
Rohan:”what happened yuvi?”

Then, twinkle realized what she was doing. She quickly left his hand.
Yuvi:”nothing, actually it fell on my hand”
Rohan:”yuvi, come on we will see a doctor.”
Yuvi:”we must check if everyone is fine”
Twinkle took his hurt hand, without saying anything. She tore her stole and tied it around his hand.
Twinkle:”Rohan, till he doesn’t see a doctor, it will stop the injury to spread. It was iron, he might get infected”
Yuvi smiled sarcastically.
Yuvi:”why are you caring so much?”
Twinkle:”you saved me, i am just returning your favor”
Yuvi:”ohhh ok”
Rohan:”plz yaar, stop it. This is not the moment to fight neither the place”

Twiraj got up and walked out. Both the managers came to them.
Anita’s manager:”sir, what happened?’ Seeing his hand.
Yuvi:”nothing, everyone is here”
manager:”yes sir, everyone”
Yuvi:”call everyone’s name once to be sure”
Both manager started to call each and everyone’s name. All the workers were there except the leader and the managers gave twinkle and yuvi the names of those who were sent to the hospital.

Yuvi, to the workers:”I am sorry for what just happened. I know that some will be angry but i promise that all will be fine.”
One worker:”what about those who are in the hospital, sir?”
Yuvi:”they will be given the best treatment. I will make sure that they all get fine. Nothing will happen to anyone. And you guys are on rest for some days. you have 3 days of rest.”

Yuvi, to the manager:”where is their leader?”
manager:”don’t know sir. He was nowhere when this incident happened.”
Yuvi, to the workers:”do you know where Raghu (their leader) is?”
worker:”he had a family emergency, so he left early.”
Yuvi:”why were the manager unaware of this?”
worker:’sir, he told us not to tell anything as he thought that they will not let him go”
Yuvi:”ok, but next time if with anyone have this kind of problem, he will tell it to the manager and they will do the necessary arrangements, ok”
The workers replied yes.
Twinkle was surprised seeing yuvi’s behavior and his words. For a moment she questions herself about her accusation against yuvi but then remembered her mom, she stopped thinking about that.

There were some doctors whom Yuvi called, who checked each worker before letting them go. When all the workers left, yuvi asked the managers also to leave and to take rest.
Leela’s manager looked at Twinkle for permission and she signs him yes. They both left.

Rohan stopped a doctor and brought him to yuvi.
The doctor checked his hand and bandaged it but said that he need to go to the hospital for the injection to stop the injury to spread.
Rohan:”he need to go right now?’
Doctor:’as soon as possible”
Rohan:’then let’s go”
Yuvi nodded yes and told the doctor to come with them.

At the hospital,
Yuvi was taken in the ward with twinkle. Rohan went to take his medicines.
The nurse give yuvi the injection, twinkle hold yuvi’s hand. Yuvi looked at her surprised and lovingly.
After the injection, they came out.

Yuvi:”twinkle, the injection is done.”
Twinkle looked at him confused.
Yuvi lift up his hand to show her that she was still holding his hand. Twinkle quickly removed her hand.
Yuvi, joking:I didn’t know you were scared of injection”
Twinkle:”stop it yuvi. I am scared of injection since childhood.”
Yuvi:”thank God, you were not with me in London during my surgery. You would have been terrified seeing all those big big injections”
They both laughed at this.
Twinkle, laughing:”why are you laughing? This is not funny”
Yuvi:”even you are laughing baby”
Hearing the word ‘baby’, twinkle stopped laughing and seeing her yuvi too stopped.
They felt quite awkward and tried to avoid eye contact.

Rohan came there saying:”sorry, there was a long queue in the…” He stopped seeing their awkwardness.
Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”let’s go. Mom will be worried.”
They left the hospital.

Credit to: zai

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    Nice. I hope one of them gets to know about the truth.
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    Nice episode.

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    Plz add a twist to make yuvi villain and kunj hero. Make the ff be about twinj.Plz it’s a huge request as u will have more fans then.

    1. sorry maya but this is on twiraj and don’t mind but i don’t like knuj. I know if i write on twinj i will get more fans but i am happy with the small fan base that i have. Sorry but there will no knuj here. If i do what you are saying, there will be no difference between the ff and the serial. It would be useless for me to write as it already exists.
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  12. I totally agree wid sonal tei is jst a serial n uv is zain’s character in it so I think we should nt hate uv aka zain bt we should appreciate his acting skills n m a huge fan of zai’s ff really n if someone wants twinj ff there r many on telly updates srry if anyone is hurt bt zai I completely agree wid uh coz we write coz of our happiness n why only twinj ff sometimes read twiraj ff tooo n awsum episodes from day 1

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  15. I love twiraj 100 times more than twinj

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