Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 67


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recap: twiraj fight in college
both twiraj came back to their places in the cafeteria.
Rohan:”what happened? what did the principle say?”
Yuvi told them everything.
The group calm him down and told him that he must stop fighting with twinkle in college.
Yuvi nodded yes.

Even twinkle told chinki and she said the same thing to twinkle.
The whole afternoon went on like this. they tried to ignore each other and stay calm.

After college, in the parking lot,
Rohan came to Yuvi.
Rohan:”wait, i will come with you.”
Rohan:”why can’t i come with you?”
Yuvi:”i am going to mom’s office…”
Rohan:”why? ohhh project?”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Rohan:”ok i will come with you.”
they got in the car and yuvi drove off.

Anita’s office
Anita was shouting at an employee.
Yuvi and Rohan came there.
yuvi:”mom, calm down”

he signs the man to go and left from there.
Anita:”why did you make him leave? he messed up everything.”
yuvi:”mom, i will handle it. Tell me what happened?”
Anita:”there are some workers on the sit who are complaining about their pay, they want us to increase their pay or else they will not work.”
Yuvi:”but mom, i have already increase their pay”
Anita:”what? but then why are they…?”
Yuvi:”ok i will go and see”

Rohan and Yuvi came to the site and saw the workers arguing with the 2 managers (one from Anita’s company and the other from Leela’s)
Yuvi came to them.
yuvi:”what happened? i increased your pay 2 weeks ago. i can’t do more than this.”
the workers started to argue.

Mr. Malhotra and the unknown person, with his face covered with a black scarf, watched this. Mr. Malhotra smirks at the person.
the person:”go, do your work”

Malhotra came to yuvi, rohan and the managers.
Yuvi:”uncle, what are you doing here?”
malhotra:”your mom told me the situation. Let me talk to them”
Malhotra tried to convince them but while doing so he signs the leader. The leader continue to argue with them.

Malhotra:”ok, i assure you that your pay will increase by next week.”
Yuvi:”but uncle???”
Malhotra signs him and Yuvi stayed quiet.

After hearing this, the workers started their jobs.
Malhotra went into the small cabin, Yuvi and Rohan followed him.

Inside the cabin
Yuvi:”why did you agree to increase their pay?”
Malhotra:”don’t worry! they will forget it in some days”
Rohan:”but you promised them…”
Malhotra:”who are you to interfere in this? You have no right to speak in this business.”

Rohan felt bad by his words.
Yuvi:”uncle. plz Rohan is my friend. he can say…”
Malhotra:”friends, not in business”
saying this, he left.

Yuvi came to Rohan.
Yuvi:”forget it yaar! He might not know but for me you are brother”
Rohan:”I know yaar. But don’t you find his attitude weird?”
Yuvi:”leave it. I have to see how will I increase their pay”
Rohan:”i will help you.”
They left from there and went to Yuvi’s house.

Taneja house
in the hall,
Leela was busy studying some files. She receives a phone call from her manager informing her what happened at the site. She was very angry knowing that Yuvi and Anita took this decision without telling her anything.
She scold the manager for not telling her before.

Twinkle notice her anger and asked her the reason. Leela told her what happened.
Twinkle:”how can they do this? we are partners right?”
Leela:”i will go to talk to them.”
Twinkle:”wait maa. I will also come with you”

Luthra house,
Yuvi came in and explained Anita what happened. Anita:”how will we adjust the increase? we can’t go out of the budget.”
Yuvi:”i know mom, but uncle said it to calm them down.”
Anita:”we must see how can we increase…”

Leela, at the doorsteps:”why did you inform me?”
Anita:”about what?”
Leela:”the increase of workers’ pay?”
Anita:”your manager is there to inform you.”
Twinkle:”but it was your son who took this decision”
Anita:”don’t blame my son”
Leela:”you could tell me before. We are partner, don’t forget that”
Yuvi:”i was about to inform you…”
Twinkle:”when? when you already took the decision?”
Anita:”yuvi, stop it. we need to find a solution. And can we for once, sit and think calmly about this”
Leela:”yeah, she is rigth!”

They all sit down to think a solution. After sometime, Yuvi’s phone rang. It was their manager.
Manager:”sir, there is some problems, can you come right now?”
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Manager:”some workers got injured as some iron rods fell on them”
Yuvi:”what? Call a doctor right now and if they are too hurt, take them to the hospital. I am coming right now”
he hang up the phone.

He came back to Anita, Twinkle, Leela and Rohan.
Yuvi:”mom, i have to go to the site. There is some emergency”
Anita:”i will also come with you”
Yuvi:”no mom. I will manager. And you know that you are allergy to dust so better for you not to come”
Anita nodded yes. They went outside.
Twinkle:”maa, i will go and see what happened”
Leela:”be careful”

Rohan and yuvi were about to leave when they saw twinkle.
Rohan:”may be she is also going to the site”
yuvi:”lets go”
Rohan:”yuvi, call her!”
yuvi:”she won’t come”
Yuvi got down the car and walked to twinkle.
Yuvi:”we are going to the same place, you can come with us if you want”
Twinkle:”no, thanks. You have already done so much favor on me. i don’t want it”
Yuvi:”as you wish”

He came back in the car.
Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”i told you she won’t come”
Yuvi waited there.
Rohan looked at him confused.
Rohan:”Yuvi we can go”

Yuvi, unwillingly, start the car but twinkle walked to them. She sat in the car.
Twinkle:”i don’t have any option or else i would have never enter your car.”
Yuvi, uninterested drove the car. Rohan smiled seeing them.

Rohan thinks:”they know each other so well and they love each other but there is many misunderstandings between them. I hope they sort out their differences soon”

precap: at the site, an iron rod was about to fall on twinkle. Yuvi pulled her and they fell down, yuvi on twinkle.

Credit to: zai

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