Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 66

Recap: Twiraj fighting and misunderstandings

Luthras house.
Yuvi came into his room, angrily. He remembered what all twinkle and Leela said previously.
Sana came to him.
Sana:”partner why did you…”
Yuvi:”sana plz leave right now! And i told this in anger. But that what she wanted to hear.”
Sana said nothing as she knew that yuvi is too angry to listen to her.

Tanejas house
All were in the living room.
Leela was upset by what happened.
Leela, to twinkle:”why did you not tell me before?” ( about yuvi and the holi night)
Twinkle:”maa, i was not sure…”
Dadaji:”how can you be now?”
Twinkle:”it all linked, he wanted revenge and…”
Dadaji, holding twinkle’s hand and whispers:”beta, do you really think that the boy who showered so much love on you, will ever do this?”
Twinkle:”all was just fake for him…”
Raman:”why are you both whispering?”

Leela:”twinkle go to you room and i will take care of that yuvi”
Twinkle left from there.
Dadaji:”what are you thinking Leela?”

Next day
Yuvi and Rohan were talking near yuvi’s car. They were sitting in the car.
Rohan:”but yuvi how could they do this?”
Yuvi:”I don’t know. They portrayed the whole thing as my dad’s fate”
Rohan:”and why did twinkle say?”
Yuvi, angrily:”she was the one who started it”
Rohan:”what? But how could she??”
Yuvi:”don’t know. And yaar I don’t want to talk about that”
Rohan:”but yuvi…”
Yuvi:”Rohan plz…”
Rohan:”ok ok”
A teacher came there and said:”seems like you guys are enjoying”
Yuvi and Rohan quickly climbed down of the car.
They both apologized.
Teacher:”sorry, didn’t want to scare you. I was just joking”
Rohan and the teacher laughed but yuvi gave them a faint smile.

The teacher left.
Rohan:”you could do better…”
Rohan:”your smile”
Yuvi ignored it and said:”we need to go in class.”
They went to the class.
Chinki and twinkle were already there, talking. Twiraj tried to ignore each other.
The class continued like this till lunchtime.

Yuvi, Rohan and their group were having lunch. Rohan told them everything so they were all trying to cheer yuvi up.

They tried to make him laugh but they were really bad at that. Yuvi, after sometimes, was enjoying their silly jokes but control himself.
Rohan noticed yuvi’s smile,
Yuvi, controlling his laugh:”what?”
Rohan:”so you were acting?”
The whole group:”not fair yuvi! We were trying so hard and you…”
Yuvi:”sorry guys! I was just…”
Rohan:”it’s ok, yaar!”
Yuvi:”i will just come”
Rohan signs him where. Yuvi signs washroom.

His phone rang so he got busy with his phone, while walking. Twinkle came from the other side, with her back towards yuvi, as she was talking to chinki.
They bumped into each other. Yuvi held twinkle so that she doesn’t fall.
As soon as twinkle noticed it was yuvi, she jerked his hands away.
Twinkle:”how dare you touch me?”
Yuvi:”you were not looking…”
Twinkle:”oh shut up, i know you did it deliberately, right?”
Yuvi:”think whatever you want…”
Twinkle:”yeah such a cheater and coward just like your…”
Yuvi:”don’t you dare say anything about my dad?”
Yuvi:”did I ever say anything about your mom, no? Then why every time you bring my dad in between?”
Twinkle didn’t know what to answer as truly yuvi didn’t say anything about Leela.

By that time, whole college was watching them.
Twinkle:”why am i wasting my time to even talk to you?”
Yuvi:”then go, just get lost!”
Twinkle, who turned away to leave stop and looked back at yuvi.
Twinkle:”why? Does this college belongs to your mom that I can’t stand here”
Yuvi:”leave it…”
Twinkle:”yeah, you always leave everything in the middle… You couldn’t even complete your revenge.”
Yuvi:”yeah, at least I am not as stubborn like you. Sometimes its good to leave certain things incomplete.”

Their fights got heated and both their friends came to separate them. Rohan tried to stop yuvi as he was getting out of control. While chinki was stopping twinkle.
Yuvi’s group tried to calm him down.

The principle came there and witnessed the fight.
Principle:”what’s happening here? Both of you(Twiraj) in my office right now!”

Twiraj followed him. They walked to his cabin staring at each other angrily.

Once inside,
Principle:”i am fed up with your fights. It stopped for a quite long time before. I thought that you are mature enough. But you are behaving as kids. So now i will treat you like kids, i am calling your mom”

They both didn’t argue anything as they knew what their moms would do.

After sometimes, Anita and Leela came there.
The principle explained both of them the situation.
Leela:”but it is this yuvi’s fault…”
Anita:”what do you mean my son’s fault? Your daughter is a saint or what?”
Leela:”don’t you…”
Principle:”stop it! I called you to solve the differences and you both started fighting. I just want to say that I don’t want this again here. If your children can’t control themselves, i will obliged to rusticate both of them.”
Leela, Anita and Twiraj, in unison:”what?”
Principle:”yes and i am serious”

All 4 of them nodded yes. And left the cabin.
Anita and Leela blame each other till the gate where their cars were, while Twiraj left for their class.

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