Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 65


Recap: Mr. Malhotra talking to someone and their unknown plan

Next morning,
Tanejas house
Everyone was having breakfast when twinkle came there all dressed up.
Leela:”twinkle where are you going?”
Twinkle:”maa something important”
Leela:”at least have breakfast”
But twinkle refused and went out.

Luthras house,
Yuvi was still on bed when his phone rang. He saw it was a message from twinkle.
Twinkle’s message:”i want to meet you come right to…”

Yuvi, to himself:”what happened to her?”

He got up and got ready. He took his bike and drove to the place.

Twinkle was already there waiting for him.
Yuvi came there.
Yuvi:”what happened twinkle? Why did you call me in such hurry”

Twinkle:”nothing baby… Actually i want to apologize for yesterday…” She came close to yuvi.
Yuvi found it weird as firstly twinkle don’t call him baby and secondly for the first time twinkle was getting close to him but he was uncomfortable.

Yuvi moved a bit away:”twinkle… What happened?”
Twinkle, putting her hands on his chest:”baby i am sorry. Plz forgive…”
Yuvi removing her hands:”twinkle…”
Yuvi was uncomfortable as twinkle did not behave like this before. Twinkle moved even more closer to him.
Yuvi:”twinkle, stop it”
Twinkle:”why? That’s what you wanted right?”
Yuvi, confused:”what?”
Twinkle,angrily:”yeah what your dad did to my mom forcefully you wanted to do the same with me but by showing your fake love, right?”

Yuvi, shocked:”what?”
Twinkle:”come on yuvi! Now stop it. But i must say you should have been an actor, you convinced me that you love me and me like an idiot i believed you”

Yuvi:”twinkle why are you saying that?”
Twinkle, angrily:”i know everything yuvi. I know that your dad misbehave with my mom, i know that because of your mom, my dad left my mom. The allegations of your mom against her. How she told everyone that my mom was having an affair with your dad. How she hold my mom responsible for all the insults whereas it was your dad who was at fault. How she wanted to take revenge for your dad suicide. And you…”

Yuvi:”what about me?”
Twinkle:”you pretend to love me to complete your mom’s revenge. And yesterday you crossed all the limits. You tried to sleep with me. What did you think that i will not know anything.”

Yuvi:”who told you this? I haven’t pretend to love you. I didn’t know it before proposing to you.”
Twinkle:”wow yuvi, i must say you have really plan well. Do you think that i am stupid?”

Yuvi:”try to understand twinkle. I know that my dad did wrong but you don’t know the complete truth…”
Twinkle:”I don’t want to know. I just came to tell you that all… All that was between us is finished, anyway your motive is finished now right? You try to sleep with me now go and tell everyone that you completed your revenge.”

Yuvi:”twinkle plz listen to me, all what happened years ago is still a mystery, there is something that all of us is missing. My mom is 100% sure that my dad wouldn’t do something like that and on the other hand…”

Twinkle:”what do you mean that my mom is lying? If you trust your mom then me too i trust mine. And no woman will tell such a thing about herself. If you knew all this why didn’t you tell anything to me?”

Yuvi:”who told you this? Your mom? Your family?”
Twinkle:”stop it, don’t you dare say something about my family. i told you what i had to. From now on, our relationship is over”
Twinkle was about to go but yuvi held her hands.
Yuvi:”listen to me…”
But twinkle slapped him. And left from there.
Yuvi:”did Leela aunty tell her that? Why did dadaji not tell twinkle the whole truth as he told me? They made all the incident seems like it was my dad’s fault?

The scene shifts to the person, he was hiding in the bush, listening to twiraj conversation. only his lips is shown.
He laughs and says:”hatred has started, twinkle has started to hate yuvi. But yuvi… He still has to hate her. Now starts your work Malhotra.”
He calls Malhotra:”yuvi is leaving from here, start your work”

Yuvi reached home,
Mr. Malhotra saw him entering his room. He went to Anita. He started to provoke Anita against Leela.
Malhotra:”I didn’t think that after all that happened you will again be friends with Leela…”
Anita:”i am not her friend”
Malhotra:”but this is what we are seeing nowadays, business deal and yesterday’s holi…”
Anita:”for the business deal, I accepted because of yuvi and…”
Malhotra:”you don’t have to justify to me. But did you notice yuvi’s behaviour? He is supporting Leela nowadays. First she snatched your husband now her daughter is trying to snatch your son. You should be careful”
Anita:”what do you mean?”
Malhotra:”sorry but i heard yuvi and twinkle conversation. She was accusing yuvi to have slept with her yesterday when she was drunk”
Malhotra:”you should be careful”
Saying this he left, while Anita was lost in her thoughts.

Malhotra walked to his room, he messaged that person:”my work is half done, Anita will complete it by instigating yuvi”

Anita receive a phone call and says:”i am coming”
Malhotra, who was on the stairs:”no she can’t go right now”
He followed her to stop her but hid behind a pillar seeing Leela coming from the other side.

Anita saw Leela and fumes remembering Malhotra words.
She angrily closed the door of the car. She came to Leela.
Anita:”what do you think of yourself? You think that you could snatch my son from me…”
All the family members gathered around. Dadaji, Raman and Pinni. Sana and her dadi.
Leela, confused:”what are you saying?”
Anita:”the truth”
Leela:”what do you mean?”
Anita:”control your daughter or else…”
Leela:”Anita what did twinkle do?”

At the same time twinkle came there,
Anita:”look your daughter has come, let me ask her.”
Twinkle:”maa, what’s happening?”
Anita:”how dare you accuse my son to have…”
Twinkle:”ohhh so your son told you everything. I should have guessed it”
Leela:”what’s going on?”
Twinkle:”nothing maa. She is just proving the fact that her son is a liar, a cheater…”
Anita:”heyyyy Leela control her. My son didn’t do anything”
Twinkle:”he did try to…”
Leela:”what’s going on twinkle?”
Twinkle, embarrassed :”maa, her son yuvi, tried to sleep with me the day of holi when i was drunk. I was not in my room. I was in yuvi’s bedroom whole night.”
Leela and everyone was shocked.
Leela, holding twinkle’s hand:”is this true? Tell me”
Twinkle:”yes maa, but i was drunk so I didn’t know. I am sorry maa”

Leela, hesitantly:”did he… Did he??”
Twinkle:”I don’t remember anything maa”
Leela, disgusted:”how could yuvi do this?”
Anita:”now even you are blaming my son? Ask your daughter, why she went to yuvi’s bedroom?”
Sana thinks:”how can twinkle not trust yuvi?”

Leela looked at twinkle.
Twinkle:”maa, I don’t remember anything”
Anita:”ohhh what a drama! First you went to his room and now you are pretending that he tried to sleep with you.”

Leela:”your son must have taken her. I know that twinkle can’t do this. I am sure yuvi did something.”
Anita:”why would yuvi try this?”
Leela:”why not? Like father like son…”
Dadaji:”stop it Leela! Now you are dragging the matter”

Hearing Leela’s word, Anita felt upset and got teary eyed.

Twinkle:”no dadaji! Maa is right! Yuvi will be just like his father. Years ago, her husband misbehave with maa and today her son with me.”
Leela, shocked:”twinkle how do you know this?”
Twinkle:”someone told me”
Anita, trying to control her tears:”So you told her. You told her your version of the story right?”

Twinkle :”I don’t need your version to understand what happened.”
Raman:”You must learn to control your son, you couldn’t control your husband at least control your son”

Yuvi, shouted:”stop it!”
Yuvi came to his mom’s side.
Leela came to yuvi and slapped him.
Anita, shouted:”Leela…”
Leela:”how dare you misbehave with my daughter?”
Yuvi looked away as he was not interested in her talks.
Twinkle:”leave it maa. A slap would not change his attitude.”
Yuvi:”right! Slapping me, beating me(looking at Raman) wouldn’t change me”

Pinni:”such a shameless guy!”
Yuvi, holding twinkle by her arms:”what did you say about my dad?”
Leela:”leave her” she tried to free twinkle’s hand but yuvi held it tightly.
Yuvi, angrily:”what did you say? Tell me twinkle”

Twinkle, finally released from his grip:”i said that you are cheater just like your dad. No wonder why he committed suicide”
Yuvi, shouted angrily:”twinkle…”
Twinkle:”don’t scream. Your screaming won’t change the truth…”
Yuvi, laughing:”the truth? You guys don’t even know the truth. (Changing his tone, angrily) you know what twinkle? I don’t care right now! For you, your mom is right them me too i am with my mom.”

Twinkle:”yeah support your mom and I will support mine. And after holi day Mr. Yuvraaj Luthra, you disgust me”

Yuvi:”what do you mean?”
Twinkle:”ohhh you already forgot it! You tried to sleep with me”
Yuvi, angrily:”yeah i did so… What will you do? I say it in front of everyone that yes i did try to sleep with you.”
(He said this as he was very angry. People can’t think properly when they are angrily.)

Sana looked at yuvi and thinks:”why is he doing this? He didn’t do anything”

Twinkle was disgusted by what he said.
Yuvi:”happy now! I said it.”
Leela, unable to bear it more, pulled twinkle from there.
After they left.
Anita:”yuvi, why did you say that?”
Yuvi:”leave it mom” and he came inside the house”

The scene shifts to Malhotra who was hiding behind the pillar. He recorded everything and sent it to the unknown person.
After watching it, that person laughs.
He says:”now the hatred game started. Yuvi will not try to find out anything after this. I can easily carry on with my plan. But if he continues to interfere in my plans, i will have to find a permanent solution to get rid of him”

Hey guys hope you like it. For some time you will see Twiraj fighting, it was necessary for the plot.
And twinkle knows only half truth. (Only that yuvi’s dad misbehave with her mom. That her dad left her due to the allegations of extra marital affair. And her father and sister’s death. Then yuvi’s fake love and his motive to only sleep with to take revenge(which was invented of course) she doesn’t know more than this)
So her anger is justified.

And yuvi behaved like this as he was very angry not only towards twinkle but her family as according to him, her family told her everything.

Credit to: Zai

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