Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 64


Recap: yuvi promise to Anita

During the whole day, Twiraj didn’t talk to each other. They spent their time in their respective room.
Twinkle was in a dilemma as her mind and her heart were telling her different things.
Her heart was telling her that she and yuvi didn’t do anything wrong but her mind was saying the contrary.

There yuvi was tensed as now he promised Anita that he will not try to find out the truth.
He thinks:”if I don’t do something to unite them, i will lose twinkle. And if i do something I will hurt mom. What to do?”
He was confused and didn’t know what to do.

The whole night was full of tension for Twiraj. They both couldn’t sleep.

Luthras house
Yuvi couldn’t get sleep. Even if he promised Anita that he will not do anything he couldn’t stop himself from thinking of what happened.

Finally he woke up to drink water but the jar was empty. He got off the bed and came out of his room. He went to the kitchen and drink water.
While drinking, he felt someone presence around him but as it was dark he couldn’t see anything.

Then, when he turned around to keep the bottle. He noticed something (like a cloth)
He came to that place but he saw that it was only the curtain. He went back to his room.

As yuvi went, someone came out behind a pillar and walked towards the door. The person went out and closed the door behind him.
The man was Mr. Malhotra.
He came in the garden and spoke to someone. The person’s face is not shown.

The person:”do whatever you can but Anita Luthra must not know the truth.”

Mr. Malhotra:”I didn’t know that Anita and Leela would become friends again”

Person:”stupid, they are not friends… At least not for now. But her son… What’s his name?”
Mr. Malhotra:”yuvi… I mean Yuvraaj”

Person:”yeah Yuvraaj, he is trying to unite them and that would be bad for us. Remember what we had to do years ago to separate them.”
Mr. Malhotra:”but Yuvraaj till now hasn’t ask anything about his dad…”

Person:”he is trying in his own way not by asking his mom. He is clever and smart enough as he has been able to find out quite a few things which he shouldn’t.”

Mr. Malhotra:”but what does he know?”
Person:”that is not important. What is important is that he should not know more than this.”

Mr. Malhotra:”but tell me what does he know?”
Person told him whatever yuvi knows.
(His dad suicide, his dad misbehaving with leela, the threatening letter, the photos)

Mr. Malhotra:”how do you all this about Yuvraaj?”
Person laughs:”i have been following him since i came here. Since the day i saw him in his dad’s hospital… And till now. Whatever he does i know it”

Mr. Malhotra:”why didn’t you tell me this? This was not part of the plan. We are partners, don’t forget that”

Person:”come on. Some things can be done on your own. And this was necessary as we got to know that he is trying to find out”

Mr. Malhotra:”ok, but next time you will tell me everything, ok?”
Person:”yeah, yeah…”
Mr. Malhotra:”i think that we must stop the plan for some days and focus on yuvi”
Person:”yeah, you are right and i know exactly what is Yuvraaj Luthra’s weakness…”

Mr. Malhotra:”what?”
Person laughs and shows him Tanejas house.
Person, singing:”Twinkle twinkle little star…”

Mr. Malhotra:”why the hell will twinkle be yuvi’s weakness?”

Person:”love… Love is someone’s strength but weakness too. Yuvraaj and twinkle are lovebirds… I mean they love each other…”

Malhotra, ???:”what?”
Person:”poor twinkle! She doesn’t know what is awaiting her tomorrow. She will unknowingly become a pawn in my game”

Malhotra:”what are you thinking?”
Person tells him something muted.

Person:”tomorrow will be the end of twinkle and Yuvraaj love story. Because they will hate each from tomorrow. What will happen will distract yuvi from his findings for sometimes. And till then our plan will be successful”

Sorry for a short episode, and no Twiraj scene.
But I will post longer next time
And any guesses of what will the person do that will separate our Twiraj. Plz tell me in the comments.
And thanks everyone for the comments.
And plz leave a comment.

Credit to: Zai

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    1. No zain suzain its not Rohan
      Its a new character not someone that already existed.

  1. Nice…is it rt?(i know its a unlogical answer)hihi

  2. I think person is somewhere related to Anita or her husband …. Like he can be her husband friend or brother I know this is not correct …..sorry ???????

    N zai plz don’t be sorry you do lot for us
    No one can compare you

  3. what they did.and what are they going to do ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god cannot wait for the next ff.post soon

  4. wow I really like it. I know I’m Twinj fan but yet I really like twiraj in only ur ff. so pls keep writing. waiting for ur next episode.

  5. Hey guys thank you everyone and i just submit the next one. It will be tgere in sometimes.
    And Misha what they did in the past will be revealed later on gradually

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