Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 63


Recap: Twiraj fight and Anita learn that yuvi knows everything

Luthras house
Tears flowed down her cheeks as she reads the letter.
Anita:”no, that not true…” Trying to convince herself.
Anita:”your dad didn’t do it. I know him so he can’t…”
Yuvi:”mom… Mom plz calm down”
Anita:”no this letter is not true.”
She throws the letter away.
Anita:”yuvi they (Tanejas) give you this right? Right?”

Yuvi had tears in his eyes:”no mom! I found it in the place where i usually went with dad. He hide this there”
Anita:”no he can’t…”
Yuvi:”he did it mom.”
Anita cried hard.
Yuvi:”mom, plz tell me what happened!”
Anita:”this not true as those pictures are true”
Yuvi, confused:”which photos?”
Anita went to her wardrobe. She searched something.
She finally find an envelop. She removed what it contained.
Yuvi took it from her hands.
Yuvi looked at the photos. It was photos of Yuvi’s dad and Leela in compromising positions.
Yuvi was speechless as he couldn’t think of anything.
Yuvi was confused at what just happened. He was clueless about this. Dadaji did told him about some photos that Anita showed everyone but that didn’t strike him till now.

Yuvi:”what all this? I don’t understand anything. This letter( the threatening one) proves that dad did try to misbehave with Leela aunty and these photos prove what you are saying… It’s all so confusing.”

Anita:”yuvi I don’t know what they told you and about the letter but for me these pictures are true.” She leaves the room.
Yuvi:”but mom…”

He sat on the bed holding in one hand the photos and in the other the letter.
All that was said to him, all echoed in his ears. He couldn’t think about anything. He was confused as to who to believe: his mom and the pictures or dadaji and the letter.

He went to his room. He walked here and there trying to know what happened. Then Rohan came in his room.
Rohan:”hey buddy… What happened?”
Yuvi:”I don’t know! All seems to be so confusing. All that i thought all is just…”
Rohan:” yuvi calm down! What happened?”

Yuvi:”don’t know that dad did it or not…”
Rohan:”yuvi? I am not getting what you are saying. First calm down”
Then yuvi told him about everything.
Rohan:”yuvi even i am confused. Don’t know who to believe.”

Yuvi:”i thought i will try to unite them and by showing the letter to mom, she will understand everything but those pictures…”
Rohan:”why don’t you talk to twinkle and ask her to ask her mom?”
Yuvi:”no she doesn’t know anything and i am angry with her…”
Yuvi hesitated a bit but then told him everything.
Rohan:”what? But you didn’t do anything then how can she said that”
Yuvi:”i know. And she don’t trust me, she thinks that…”
Rohan:”do you remember anything?”
Yuvi:”no but i do trust myself and her too”
Rohan:”ok! Now what?”
Yuvi:”don’t know!”

They sat there for a while silent. Rohan was looking at the pictures.
Suddenly something strikes him.
Rohan:”yuvi, see these pictures”
Yuvi:”i have already seen them”
Rohan:”no. Come here!”
Yuvi looked carefully at the pictures.
Rohan:”areyy yarr. Look carefully, both of them (yuvi’s dad & Leela) are sleeping then who took the pictures. That too so close to them”
Yuvi:”they may have zoom the camera!”
Rohan:”ok but who? Your dad and Leela aunty are sleeping then?”
Yuvi took the pictures and saw each picture carefully.
Yuvi:”you are right! Who took those pictures? There was someone else in the room but who?”

Rohan:”yuvi, don’t you think that the letter and the photos are connected? I mean someone took their photos and then threatened your dad. It might be a possibility too”

Yuvi:”yeah, but how are we going to find this out?”
Rohan:”don’t know but will have to think”
Rohan received a phone call. After hanging,
Rohan:”yaar, i need to go. Mom is calling me”
Yuvi:”yeah you must go. You have been here for quite a long time. Your mom must be missing you”
Rohan:”don’t worry we will find something”
Yuvi nodded yes. And Rohan left.

Tanejas house
Twinkle was in her bedroom with chinki.
Chinki:”twinkle how could you do that?”
Twinkle:”why do you mean? I spent a whole night with him and I don’t remember what happened”
Chinki:”but twinkle if yuvi is telling you that nothing happened then you must trust him.”
Twinkle:”chinki but…”
Leela came there.
Leela:”what’s happening here?”
Chinki:”nothing aunty!”
Leela:”are you fine twinkle? Yesterday all had bhaang and you never had it before. Your head must be aching right?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Leela:”everything’s fine right? You were in your room last night?”
Twinkle, fumbling:”ye…yes maa. I waaa…was here it…itself”
Leela:”what happened?”
Chinki:”nothing, she is having headache. Nothing else”
Leela:”sleep for some time i will bring lemon water for you.”
Twinkle:”lemon water?”
Leela:”yeah its good for hangovers”
Chinki nodded yes.
Twinkle remembered that there was a glass of lemon water when she woke up.
She thinks:”yuvi brought it for me… And i”

Leela:”what are thinking?”
Twinkle:”nothing but maa what happened to you? Your eyes are red…”
Leela:”same hangover! I can’t bear bhaang.”
She didn’t want twinkle to know that she was crying.
Leela nodded yes.

Luthras house
Yuvi came to Anita who was in the hall. She was still upset but she tried not to show it. Yuvi could noticed it easily.
She was talking with Sana.
Sana, seeing Yuvi:” hey partner!”
Anita didn’t react.
Yuvi sit down next to Anita.
Yuvi:”mom i am really sorry! I didn’t want to hurt you. I am sorry.”
Sana looked on confused.
Anita stand up to leave but yuvi caught her hands.
Anita turned around and saw yuvi on his knees holding one of his ear and then releasing her hand. He put it on his other ear.
Yuvi, teary eyed:”i am sorry mom, really”
Anita remembered how yuvi when he was small always apologize in this way whenever he did something wrong.

Anita make him stand up and hugged him.
Anita:”promise me one thing that you will no more try to find what happened years ago.”
She forward her hand to yuvi. Yuvi hesitantly promise her.

Anita left for her room while yuvi sat next to Sana.
Sana:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”even I don’t know, what will i tell you. Forget it. Tell me how was your first holi in India?”
Sana, happily:”wonderful, amazing, fun…”
Yuvi:”ok i got it”
Sana:”even you enjoyed a lot with twinkle, dancing and then angry yuvi…”
Yuvi became sad hearing that. He didn’t hear the last part. He stuck at twinkle’s name remembering what she told him.
Sana:”in the room…”
Yuvi:”wait what? Do you know what happened last night in my room?”
Sana:”yeah i was looking for you and i came in your room and saw everything.”

Yuvi:”what happened?”
Sana:”don’t you remember?”
Yuvi nodded no.
Sana:”you were searching twinkle like mad in the garden and then you came in. I followed you. When you reach in your room, there was some boys who were trying to misbehave with twinkle and you told them to leave. When they left twinkle hugged you and you both fell on the bed and slept”
Yuvi:”that’s all?”
Yuvi:”thank God”
He went to his room.

Precap:” During the night, Mr. Malhotra comes outside the house. He was talking to a man.

Credit to: Zai

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