Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 62


Recap: holi celebration

Next morning:
Luthras house

Yuvi woke up with his head aching. He noticed twinkle next to him. He was quite shocked. He tried to remember what happened but in vain.
He tried to wake up twinkle but she was in a deep sleep. He got up and went downstairs to drink lemon water for his hangover.

He was coming down holding his head but then he stopped midway. He cleared his eyes to see if he is mistaken or not.
He saw Anita and Leela on the couch. They were sleeping.
At the same time, dadaji came there and smiled at yuvi.
Yuvi came to him.
Yuvi:”what’s going?”
Dadaji:”don’t you remember?”
Yuvi nodded no.
Dadaji:”yesterday all got drunk due to bhaang.”
Yuvi:”even mom and Leela aunty?”
Dadaji:”yeah, because they didn’t know”
Dadaji told him what happened.
Yuvi, shocked:”I was about to tell them everything?”
Dadaji nodded yes.
Yuvi:”did i tell them?”
Dadaji:”no, you escape well”
Dadaji:”yesterday they(Anita and Leela) were behaving as before. As the two best friends”
Yuvi smiled hearing it.
Yuvi, curiously:”how do you remember everything? You also drank bhaang right?”
Dadaji, laughing:”arey beta, i used to drink bhaang long ago, so a little bhaang won’t erase my memory. You are not quite used to bhaang thats why”
Yuvi, smilingly:”Wow dadaji! I didn’t know you were like this. Naughty dadaji”
Dadaji, fake anger:”don’t tell this to anyone! No one knows this”

Yuvi:”ok secret”
Dadaji:”now let me take Leela”
Yuvi:”but she is sleeping…”
Suddenly yuvi got an idea.
Yuvi:”dadaji, let her be here! We will see their reaction when they get up”
Dadaji, laughing:”ok, but even i will stay here”
Yuvi:”ok, but there is something that I want to tell you”
Dadaji:”yeah go ahead”
Yuvi, hesitantly:”woooooo… Wooooo”
Dadaji:”what wooo… Wooo?”
Yuvi took a long breath then said:”twinkleisinmybedroom” in one breath.

Dadaji couldn’t get it probably.
Dadaji:”yeah i know”
Yuvi, shocked:”you know?”
Dadaji:”yeah! She is in her bedroom at home”
Yuvi realized that he didn’t understood and drop the idea of telling him about twinkle in his room.

Yuvi:”ok you plz sit, i will be back”
Dadaji sat there.
Yuvi went in the kitchen and prepare lemon water. He drank one glass. He prepared another one for twinkle.

He came out with the glass. Dadaji give him a questioning look.
Yuvi:”For Rohan”
Dadaji:”ahhh ok”

Yuvi came into the room and closed the door. He tried to wake twinkle.
Twinkle, in her sleep:”maa, let me sleep plz. My head is aching”
In her sleep, she hugged yuvi.
Yuvi:”twinkle? Twinkle plz get up.”
Twinkle finally got up holding her head. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that she is not in her room.
Twinkle noticed yuvi to her side.
Twinkle:”what the hell am i doing in your room”
Yuvi:”you slept here yesterday. Come on you need to go…”
Twinkle:”i was here all night??”
Yuvi nodded yes without noticing twinkle’s worried face as he was busy trying to make her get up.

Twinkle:”yuvi? Did we…”
Yuvi, looking at her:”baby…”
Twinkle:”no yuvi tell me the truth! Did we last night?”
Yuvi:”no we…”
Twinkle:”I can’t believe that. You knew that I can’t handle bhaang then why did you make me drink?”
Yuvi, surprised:”I didn’t make you drink bhaang… We all got drunk yesterday”
Twinkle:”how could you do this?”
Yuvi:”what did i do? Twinkle nothing happened between us last night. We just slept…”
Twinkle:”I don’t want to hear anything. At least you could…”
Yuvi, angrily:”what me? I am telling you that million times that nothing happened between us and still you are blaming me.”

Yuvi was very angry at her. There was a moment of silence.
Yuvi, holding twinkle’s hand tightly:”and if twinkle, anything as such happened then both of us is responsible not only me”
Twinkle:”see you are saying it, means it really happened”
Yuvi, irritated:”now what did i say?”
Twinkle:”I can’t believe…”
Yuvi, calmly, tilt up her face towards him:”twinkle, don’t you believe me?”
Twinkle:”yuvi even you were drunk yesterday, right? Then how can you be sure?”
Yuvi:”twinkle now stop it yaar! And yeah even if I don’t remember what happened but i trust you and myself. We didn’t do anything. Don’t you trust me?”
Twinkle stayed silent.
Yuvi:”why are you silent? So you don’t right? Great you don’t!”
He moved away from twinkle facing the wall. He punched the wall. His hand got hurt.
Yuvi, trying to calm himself. He came to twinkle and hold her face.
Yuvi:”baby, plz trust me! Nothing happened between us. We just slept hugging each other. Nothing more.”
Twinkle:”yuvi i want to go home”
Yuvi:”but twinkle…”
Yuvi, coldly:”ok but you will have to go by the window, as your mom and dadaji is downstairs”
Twinkle:”what are they doing here? Did they get to know…”
Yuvi, irritated and angry:”twinkle, they are just… Just talking”

Twinkle worriedly went from there.
Yuvi, angrily went to the bathroom. He was under the shower. He let the water open on him. He remembered what twinkle said to him. He tried to remember what happened last night due to which twinkle slept here, but in vain. All his memories were blurred.

When he came out, he went downstairs. Dadaji was still waiting for Leela and Anita to wake up.
Yuvi, with a sad face:”dadaji i think we should wake them up now”
Dadaji:”what happened? You were just now teasing me and now so sad”
He woke up Anita and dadaji woke Leela.
Both of them got up at the same time.
Leela:”where are we?”
Anita, who noticed her before:”in my house!”
Leela turned to her:”what am I doing here?”
Yuvi:”plz calm down!”
Anita:”yuvi what is she doing here? And head…” She said holding her head.
Yuvi:”mom, plz calm down. I will tell you.”
Anita and Leela both listen to him carefully.
Yuvi:”we all… All got drunk yesterday due to bhaang. I don’t know how and why but thats the truth.”
Anita:”that surely your doings”
Leela:”i say that it is yours”
Anita:”ohhh, really?”
Leela:”yeah! And if i had done it then I wouldn’t drink bhaang too”
Anita:”so do you think that i will drink after making you drink”
Yuvi:”plz! No one did nothing! Maybe it was a prank from someone. So don’t blame each other. And can’t you both behave as yesterday”
Anita & Leela, in unison:”what do you mean?”
Yuvi looks at dadaji.
Dadaji told them everything.
Yuvi:”can’t you both become like before? The best friends?”
Dadaji:”yuvi is right! Yesterday i saw my two daughters together after a long time. Can’t you both be as before? How long will you both continue like this?”

Anita & Leela both look at each other but stayed quite.
Then Anita realized something and turned to yuvi.
Anita:”how do you know this?”
Yuvi bend down his head.
Anita:”yuvi? I am asking you something”
Yuvi:”mom, actually i found out. I didn’t ask you as you were hurt whenever i raise the topic because it is related to dad, but it was too much for me to handle all these secrets so i found it in my own way.”

Anita, to Leela:”what did you tell him?”
Leela:”I didn’t say anything.”
Anita:”then how does he know? Only us knows this…”
Dadaji:”i told him”
Leela:”why did you dad? What was the need to tell him all that”
Anita:”wow Leela! What a conspiracy!”
Leela:”I didn’t know anything about this”
Dadaji:”stop it! Can’t you both see that it is affecting our children too? Yuvi and twinkle also became part of your fight without knowing the reason. He only want to know the reason, and I don’t think that he was wrong”
Yuvi:”mom, i am sorry”
Anita, to Leela and dadaji:”you must have tell him your version of the story, right?”

Yuvi:”mom, i want to know from your side too, plz tell me”
Anita:”leave it yuvi! Support them. I don’t care. Thank you Leela. First you snatched my husband and now my son. Thank you so much”
And she left from there crying.
Even Leela went upset.
Dadaji and yuvi stand there still.
Yuvi:”all is finished! I expected something good this morning between them but all got ruined”
Dadaji pat his shoulder:”i told you that it will be difficult and you need to be patient. All these years of enmity will not end in some days. We will stop trying when we can’t really do anything. But before that we need to continue. Yuvraaj go to your mom. She is very hurt right now. And you are her only support. Go and i will handle my daughter.”
Yuvi nodded yes.

Twinkle’s bedroom,
After taking a bath, twinkle came downstairs and saw everyone complaining about their headaches.
She was upset.
She came on the dining table.
Raman, to Pinni:”do you know where is Leela sis and papa?”
Pinni nodded no.
Pinni noticed twinkle’s sad face and asked:”is everything ok twinkle?”
Twinkle nodded yes but Pinni was not convinced. She thought not to pressurize twinkle to say.

Outside Tanejas house
Leela was sitting there in the garden. Dadaji came to her, he pat her shoulder.
Leela:”why did you tell him papa?”
Dadaji:”he has the right to know and even twinkle does…”
Leela:”no twinkle won’t know anything and that you will promise that you will not tell her anything. You are under my promise.”
Dadaji:”but Leela…”
Leela:”no I don’t want her to know…”
Saying this, she went towards the house.

Dadaji, to himself:”God, these children(Twiraj) are trying their best to make unite. Plz help them or else these children will suffer. Plz support them”

Luthras house
Yuvi went to Anita’s room. The door was open and he saw Anita crying. He knocked at the door.
Anita:”go from here!”
Yuvi entered and sat next to her.
Anita:”i told you to go”
Yuvi:”mom, plz tell me! Plz”
Anita:”you already know it so… And if you really care about me. You would have asked me the second that you got to know the truth. You would have questioned me but no you believed them. You believed everything they said about your dad. Yuvi, your dad was not like that. He didn’t do anything as such. You should trust him”

He hugged Anita and she cried holding him.
They were like this for sometimes. When Anita calmed down a bit. Yuvi wiped her tears. Yuvi took out his wallet from his pockets and opened it.
He took out the threatening letter which his dad received. He always kept it with him.

He handed Anita the letter. Anita read the letter.
Tears once again flowed down her cheeks.

Precap: emotional moments between Anita and Yuvi. And yuvi anger towards twinkle.

Hey guys hope you liked it.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.
And yeah i know you will ask me about twinkle’s behaviour. Why is she reacting in this way? But thinks as a girl, this is hard for a girl, that she spent a night with her boyfriend without remembering what happened. It is just her anger that she couldn’t control.

Credit to: Zai

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