Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 61 holi special part 3


Recap: holi celebration and under bhaang effect Twiraj decide to talk to their moms

Twiraj come back to everyone. And saw everyone confused face. They turned around to see.
Anita and Leela under the effect of bhaang were happily talking to each other.

They came closer to see. Anita and Leela were laughing and talking to each other about their friendships long ago.

Yuvi:”mom… I want to tell you something”
Anita:”yes tell me”
Yuvi:”mom, i love a girl”
Anita:”I know it”
Yuvi:”you know?”
Anita:”yes, all that baby’s message and baby can’t be the name of a friend as you said”
Yuvi:”ohhh yeah! So today i want you to meet her…”

Yuvi:”the girl is…” He held twinkle’s hand and bring her forward.
Yuvi:”the girl is…” Suddenly they heard some guys playing drums.

They all started doing bangra.
Yuvi:”arrey listen to me… Listen to me… Ok then”
And then he also started to dance. All were dancing and Anita and Leela were together.
Yuvi came to Anita and started dancing with her.
After dance,
Yuvi searched for twinkle. He finds her nowhere.
He went further to search for her but in vain.
He started to get worried. He shouted twinkle.

There those boys planned the bangra to take twinkle away.

They bring her inside Luthras house. In yuvi’s bedroom.

Yuvi searched for her and then saw the bracelet that he offered her, on the ground. It was in front of the door of the house.

He came inside and searched the rooms. He came in his room and saw the boys with twinkle.

Yuvi, angrily:”leave her!”
The boys leave twinkle and she came to yuvi.
Yuvi:”twinkle how did you come here?”
Twinkle:”they told me that you were calling me and you said them to accompany me”

Yuvi:”leave, leave right now”
The boys left the room.
Outside the room, one of the boy:”why did we leave? We could have beaten him and take the girl. He was drunk, he would not be able to fight back”

Another boy:”stupid he is Yuvraaj Luthras. If he is hurt in any way his mom will put the entire police force to find us. And don’t forget he saw us”
They left from there.

In the room,
Yuvi:”are you fine?”
Yuvi shows her the bracelet and make her wear it again.

Twinkle, pulling yuvi’s cheeks:”you are so cute when you are angry”
Twinkle hugged him but yuvi lose his balance and they fall on the bed.

They laughed at themselves.
Twinkle:”yuvi plz stay here! Don’t go.”
Yuvi, hitting twinkle’s forehead:”stupid this is my house and room.”
Twinkle:”right I forgot”
Yuvi kissed her on forehead. And they slept there itself.

Downstairs, Anita and Leela were still together. They were talking and enjoying.

Precap: didn’t think about it

Hope you like the special holi episode.
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Credit to: Zai

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  1. awesome it is.. hope it is the acutal tei .to be happened on tv

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh that was now sooooooooooooooooooo much fun.i think now sooon there would be friendship btw anita and leela plz post as sooooooooooooooooon as possible

  3. Love you zai 4 this wonderful ep

  4. I thought it was written update of Tei.I could imagine as if I was seeing this on tv

  5. Thank you everyone

  6. Brilliant ,hilarious, funny…..
    Your episodes are always awesome..
    Plz post next episode today

  7. Wowww Zaii all 3 epi’s r superb, fantastic nd awwesome!!!!! I just luv ur ff!!! U r brilliant writer….

  8. Thank you everyone
    And yes i already post the next one it would be there in sometime

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