Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 61 holi special part 2


Recap: holi dahan

Next morning,
Tanejas house,
Everyone, the whole family were praying together.
After the prayer, dadaji apply tika(sorry if I wrongly written it) to everyone.
After that, each and everyone apply little colors to each other.
The Tanejas play simple holi, they always play holi like this.
There is no much noise and celebration.
They always played it within themselves.

The whole family was sitting in the hall, leela and pinni were serving the snacks they made especially for holi.
They all praised them and their cooking skills.
Chinki and twinkle were eating the snacks as if they didn’t get food from many days.
Dadaji:”now you all should get ready to go to luthras house”
Everyone obeyed without arguing.

Luthras house,
It was the complete opposite to the Tanejas.
The whole house was decorated, and the garden was full with the people from the neighborhood. All were drenched in colors.
Sana was with other children playing and enjoying.
Anita was with her friends but she had no colors on her.
Rohan and yuvi came there, they both were wearing a white kurta.
They joined their group who yuvi invited.

At first, yuvi applied colors to everyone. All his friends tried to colour him but he ran from there.
They tried to chase him but couldn’t.
Yuvi stopped as they were tired. He came to them.
Yuvi:”already tired guys?”
He was standing in front of a table. Sana slowly climb up and put colors on him.
All his friends laughed.
Rohan:”yaar yuvi, your partner is better than all of us”
His friends:”now our turn”
They all color him.
Yuvi:”i will not spare anyone of you.”
He started to chase everyone.

He stopped as he noticed Anita.
Yuvi slowly came to Anita and colour her, and shouts:”happy holi mom”
Anita turned around angrily, yuvi bend his head, but Anita also colour him.
Yuvi then left.
Anita’s friends:”your son is so nice and loving”
Anita:”he is completely mad and especially on holi”

The Tanejas arrive there,
All of them were shocked seeing the environment and the atmosphere.
Twinkle, to chinki:”is this how they play holi??”
Chinki:”it looks like the way they play in films. This is so exciting”
Leela heard them:”what’s so exciting? By playing this way, it will take days for the color to go”

Twinkle:”maa, plz let us only this time! Plz plz plz”
Dadaji:”ok you can go and today even i will play in this way?”
Dadaji:”yeah, today all of you can play holi as you wish”
Everyone:”thank you dadaji”

They all went in different ways. Twinkle and chinki went to find yuvi and Rohan.
Twinkle and chinki saw them completely drenched in colors.

Yuvi saw her and waved at her. He came to her.
Yuvi:”hi baby. Happy holi”
He hugged twinkle and wished the same to chinki whom Rohan hugged.

Yuvi and Rohan was about to color the girls but both said:”stop”
Chinki:”we have already celebrate holi at twinkle’s house”
Rohan and yuvi laughed.
Rohan:”you both already celebrated?”
Both chinki and twinkle nod yes.
The boys stopped laughing.
Twinkle:”yeah! Why?”
Yuvi:”you are so clean. I mean no colors.
Twinkle:”yeah we play simple holi”
Yuvi:”ok then…”
He signed Rohan.
Yuvi, continued:”i will show you how to have a blast on holi…”
He picked up the color and twinkle noticed it.
Chinki and twinkle ran from there, while yuvi and Rohan followed them.

Yuvi finally caught twinkle. He came close to her and rub her cheeks with his.
Yuvi:”i love you”
Twinkle:”me too”

Yuvi brings twinkle where people were dancing. The song balam pichkari plays and Twiraj, Rohan and chinki dance on the song.
Some boys eyed twinkle and comments on her. One of them signs the other something.

As they were dancing, all the family members gathered. Anita and Leela look on doubtfully.

Then Twiraj brought their families on the dancing floor. Yuvi danced with Anita and twinkle with her family.
At the end of the dance, the boys who were commenting on twinkle, came there and offered them thandai with bhaang. Everyone drink bhaang.

After sometimes, everyone was under the effect of bhaang. All of them were behaving weirdly.
They were all laughing.
Twiraj were together, laughing.
They were sitting under the table, and talking.
Twinkle:”yuvi,you know what?”
Twinkle, laughs:”I forgot”
Yuvi:”baby, i love you so much” he opened his arms to show her.

Those boys who gave everyone bhaang searched for twinkle and passed by them but didn’t see twinkle as she was under the table.

Twiraj were hugging each other.
Twinkle:”but our moms…”
Yuvi:”come we will tell them today, no more hiding”
Twinkle, happily:”ok”
They both come out.

Credit to: Zai

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