Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 61 holi special part 1


Recap: some cute moments of Twiraj

Luthras house,
All the house was on full swing. All were busy in preparations in the garden. Anita was busy with the caterers. Yuvi and Rohan with the decorations.
Dadi was checking the arrangements. Mr & Mrs Malhotra were helping Anita.

Sana was playing with the colors.
Yuvi and Rohan saw her and came to her.
Yuvi:”hey partner, you should wait for tomorrow. Holi is not today”
Rohan:”yuvi let her! Come on we have to check outside for the wood for tonight.”

Yuvi and Rohan came out and placed the woods for the holi dahan(sorry if i have wrongly written it)
They all were really busy that day.

@ night,
All the neighborhood gathered at Luthras house. Yuvi came down, he was wearing a black kurta. All the girls were staring at him.
He went to Anita and Rohan who were talking to some guests.
Rohan:”wow yuvi! All girls are looking at you”
Yuvi:”i know but…”
Rohan:”but? You should be happy you are the centre of attraction.”
Yuvi:”forget it”
Rohan was about to tell something but was interrupted by Anita.
Anita:”boys are all the preparations for the holi dahan is finished”
Yuvi:”mom, all is done but we will check once more”

They were checking the arrangements when yuvi spotted twinkle. He was mesmerized seeing her.
She was wearing a pink salwar kameez.
Then he noticed the whole Taneja family. He was confused.

Rohan:”what happened?”
Yuvi pointed towards the entrance.
Rohan turned around and he was also confused.
He turned back to yuvi:”what are they doing here?”
Yuvi:”i have no idea”

Yuvi and Rohan came to Anita.
Yuvi:”mom, did you invite the Tanejas?”
Anita:”yeah, I thought that it was holi so and everyone from the neighborhood was coming so…”
Yuvi:”are they coming tomorrow also?”
Anita:”hmmmm yeah…”
Yuvi, happily:”you did great mom!” Anita looked at him confused.
Yuvi:”I mean…”
Rohan:”aunty he means that during holi everyone should enjoy, right yuvi?”
Rohan signs him.
Yuvi:”yeah yeah right”

They left from there hurriedly.
Anita was confused and lost in her thoughts until someone came to talk to her.

Raman:”sis why did we come here?”
Leela:”she invited us”
Pinni:”invited us to insult us”
Dadaji:”shut up everyone! And i am still here to decide for my family and i say that not only today but tomorrow also we will come, is that clear?”

Everyone stayed silent but twinkle was really happy that she will be able to be yuvi.

After sometimes, they light up the holi dahan and everyone walked around it turn by turn. (Sorry I don’t know the rituals)
Yuvi and twinkle were looking at each other through the rituals.
After the rituals, twinkle was going to take water to drink, when someone caught her and brought her to a corner.

It was yuvi.
Twinkle:”yuvi what’s this? Leave me”
Before she could say anything, yuvi kissed her on her lips.
They parted away.
Yuvi:”happy holi”
Twinkle, blushing:”happy holi”

Twinkle:”now leave me!”
Yuvi nodded no.
Twinkle:”yuvi everyone’s here…”
Twinkle:”what if someone sees us??”
Yuvi:”let them”
Twinkle:”yuvi” she pushed him and ran from there.
Yuvi leans against the wall and rubbed his hair.
Twinkle turned back and give him a flying kiss.

After the holi dahan,
Everyone went to their house.
Yuvi and Rohan were in the room, talking.
Sana, came running:”partner, partner…”
Rohan:”what happened?”
Sana:”i am so excited for tomorrow. I didn’t ever play holi in india, and in London it was not the same.”
Yuvi:”partner, tomorrow we will show you the real holi of india”

Precap: holi celebrations

Credit to: Zai

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