Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 60


Recap: yuvi’s boys night and twinkle and chinki girls fun

In the morning,
Twinkle and chinki came at breakfast table chatting and laughing.
They sat down and all others joined them.
They talked about last night and they all laughed.

There, at yuvi’s place,
Yuvi and Rohan were still sleeping. Sana came in the room. She climbed on the bed and stand in between yuvi and Rohan.
She looked at both of them and smile naughtily.
She started jumping and shouting:”goooodddd moooorrrrniiingggh!
Get up, get up. Hurryyyyyyyy”
Yuvi and Rohan started to roll here and there. They tried to cover their ears with the pillows.
But Sana continued:”boooooooyyyyyysssss! Get up get up” and she continued jumping.

Hearing her voice, Anita and her dadi came there.
They both laughed.
Anita, to dadi:”finally i got an alarm for these boys. An alarm who would make sure that they wake up”
They both laughed and went from there.

Sana was continuous jumping and shouting.
Finally irritated, yuvi put his hand on her mouth and pulled her down.
Rohan:”thank God, you switch off this alarm.”
Sana bite yuvi’s hand and hit Rohan’s arm hard.
They both in unison screamed.
They both woke up and sat.
Sana laughed at them and was happy that she succeeded in waking them up.
Yuvi and Rohan looked at each other and both tickled Sana.
She couldn’t control it, and laughed hard.
Yuvi and Rohan blocked her by holding her hands and feets and they lay down again.

Sana:”uff, boys are so lazy. All this noise and shouting but they… still sleeping. All my energy wasted”

As yuvi and Rohan slept again, she felt their grip loosen and she slowly removed their hands and went out.

Taneja house
Twinkle was trying to call yuvi but he didn’t answered.
Twinkle, irritated, to chinki:”he could at least once call me”
Chinki was busy reading a magazine:”yeah”
Twinkle, walking here and there:”at least a message…”
Twinkle looked at chinki and realized that she wasn’t even listening to her.
Twinkle, sitting next to her:”and you know what i am pregnant…”
Twinkle hit her on her arms.
Twinkle:”i am talking to you since so long and you…”
Chinki:”relax twinkle, you remember, sometimes ago, we were discussing about how is it going to be with your bf…”

A flashback
The girls were in twinkle’s room.
Chinki:”And twinkle… Did you think how is it going to be with you bf??”
Twinkle:”I didn’t think too much but i know one thing for sure is that i will always trust him whatever happened”
Chinki:”and his friends… I mean if he wants to spend time with his friends instead of you??”
Twinkle:”i am going to give his space. If tomorrow I want to go with you then i expect that he will agree, so even i must do the same.”
Chinki:”ohhhh you are going to love your Mr. Perfect…”
Twinkle:”to the core of my heart”
They both laughed.
End of flashback
(This was before her relationship with yuvi.)

Chinki:”remember what you said?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Chinki:”so?? You should give him his space as you said”
Twinkle:”yeah you are right! Thank you!”
And twinkle hugged her.
Chinki:”its ok! What are best friends for”
They both hug once again.

It was in the late afternoon that Yuvi and Rohan woke up.
They came downstairs and sat on the couch.
Anita:”finally you guys woke up”
Yuvi:”mom, you return back from work already??”
Anita:”no baby, actually i came to take a file”
Anita, to a servant:”plz give them something to eat”
Anita turned back:”yes…”
Yuvi, hugged her:”i love you”
Anita:”for what?”
Yuvi:”last night… Sorry this morning I know you came into my room to check on me. You do it every time”
Anita:”and as always you will say i love you when you wake up”
Yuvi, rubbed his hair.
Anita:”and yeah, check your phone. It didn’t stop ringing. And by the way who is baby? New girlfriend?”
Yuvi, blushing:”mooooom, you are getting late, go”
Anita:”ok, ok”
Anita left.
Rohan:”aunty knows about twinkle??”
Yuvi:”no! I think she knows that there is a girl but would never imagine twinkle.”

Yuvi came back on the couch. Sana came down. She sat next to yuvi and he pat Sana’s head.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
Sana:”nothing! I am stuck with maths homework.”
Yuvi:”bring i will do”
Sana, happily:”really! You will do it all for me! Great”
Yuvi:”ohhhh, wait i will only show one then the rest is yours”
Sana, ????;”ok”

Yuvi showed her the homework and she went on to do it.
After showing, Rohan and Yuvi came back in the room.
Rohan went to the washroom to bath. Yuvi checked his phone.
Yuvi called her.
Twinkle:”heyyy yuvi”
Yuvi:”hi baby, sorry i was sleeping couldn’t answer”
Twinkle:”sleeping till now??”
Yuvi:”yeah, we returned in the morning”
Twinkle:”ohhh, mean you didn’t sleep the whole night”
Yuvi:”yeah but i slept when i returned”
Twinkle:”ok, anyway how was you night out with the group??”
Yuvi:”great! And sorry to exclude you but…”
Twinkle:”yuvi its ok. Its your friends, I should give you your space”
Yuvi, surprised:”ok, I thought you would be angry but…”
Twinkle:”yuvi come on terrace!”

Both Twiraj were on the terrace, talking via the phone.
Yuvi:”what happened?”
She hang up.
Yuvi:”wait what?”
He signs twinkle. Twinkle tried to get down from the terrace but couldn’t.

Yuvi signs her to wait and that he will come there. He climbed down his terrace and climbed up to twinkle while she was scared for him to fall.
Yuvi saw a small box.
Yuvi:”what’s this?”
Twinkle:”open it”
He opened it and found several pieces of paper folded.
Yuvi:”what’s this?”
Twinkle:”a small gift. I actually bought it in Mumbai but put it in my bag and forgot”
Yuvi:”ok but what’s it?”
Twinkle:”open one chit”
Chit:”I wish i loved myself like you love me. I wish i saw myself as you see me. You make feel so special that sometimes I don’t feel worth it but you convince me otherwise and that the reason why i love you so much. I love you”

Yuvi looked at her, speechless. He just hugged her and they stayed like this for a while.
Yuvi:”thank you and i love you too.”
He kissed her forehead.

Chinki was at the doorstep:”awwww”
Twiraj broke the hug.
Chinki:”you know yuvi, twinkle specially choose every single chit of it for you”
Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”when did you do this?”
Twinkle:”when we were shopping… Remember you went to buy something for Anita aunty.”
Yuvi:”ohhh right!”
Yuvi:”thank you baby and i love you for this”
He side hug her.

Rohan, from yuvi’s terrace, shouting:” oh Romeo, if you romance is finish, come back. Anita aunty is calling you.”

Yuvi:”yep coming”
He kissed her cheeks before going and waved to chinki.

Credit to: Zai

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