tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 6


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At the campsite
When they came back to the group, chinki asked twinkle where was she? Twinkle explained her and chinki told her to stay with her and no go alone anywhere.
Next morning
Yuvi woke up before everyone. He looked around and found twinkle’s place empty. He looked around but didn’t find her anywhere.
Yuvi: “where is this girl? Has she lost the wat again?”
He woke up and searched her. He spotted her near a small fountain washing her face. He was awestruck by her cuteness. Twinkle noticed him and walked to him
Twinkle: “what are you looking at? Haven’t you see a girl before?”
Yuvi came back to his senses but before he could reply twinkle left. When they came back everyone was awake and ready to continue he journey. They walked for around an hour and finally they reached.
There was a huge garden of a circular shape and in the middle was the hotel where they were going to stay. It was an open air museum and they came to study its history.
All of them were divided in pair for the rooms. Twinkle and chinki stayed together and yuvi was with his friend, Rohan. They were asked to gather in the lobby in two hours.
After 2 hours,

The teachers: “hope you all rest well. Now we will start to study the history of this place. To make it more fun, we decided to form pairs and each pair will be given a questionnaire to fill in. The answers are found in the garden. You will be given 5 hours to complete it and after 5 hours everyone must return. Understood?”
Everyone said yes. The teachers started to make the pairs. Chinki went with Rohan and slowly all the pairs were formed. At last only twiraj were left and they were paired together. Both were unhappy but complies nevertheless
After handing out the questionnaires, all the pairs went in different directions.
Twinkle said to yuvi: “I will write the answer and you search for them.
Yuvi: “Oh so you take the most easy task right? Look you write the answers if you want but we will search together.” Twinkle agreed.
Both started walking and studying the different monuments. They found almost every answer but some were left. They walked for 4 hours for this.
Suddenly while walking, yuvi started to feel dizzy due to the scorching sun. He asked twinkle who was in front of him to rest a little bit. But twinkle not realizing yuvi’s state said no,
Twinkle: “we have almost finished, then you can rest as much as you want to. But for now we will continue.
Yuvi tried to walk but couldn’t. He requested twinkle to stop but twinkle didn’t turn back to see him and said: “ok if you want to rest then go ahead but I won’t. I thought you were strong but you are so lazy.” She left while yuvi sat down.
After some time, twinkle came back and said while looking at the questionnaire: “we’ve finished. All the questions were answered.”

When she looked up she saw yuvi unconscious and ran to him. Twinkle: “yuvi… open your eyes… plz open your eyes…” Seeing him not responding, twinkle ran to the hotel and informed the teachers and the students which were already there. And they all ran to yuvi.
Yuvi’s friends brought him inside where the doctor checked him. The doctor said he is fine. He felt dizzy because of sunstroke.
All were relaxed and yuvi was brought to his room. In her room twinkle was feeling guilty. She said to chinki that yuvi told her he wanted to rest but I didn’t listen to him. Chinki tried to calm her down saying that yuvi is fine and it was not her fault.

precap: “twinkle apologizes to yuvi for not listening to him. Anita and Leela fight.

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