Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 59


Recap: back in Amritsar

Later in the evening,
Yuvi’s residence
Rohan came in his room, yuvi was awake and was watching tv.
Rohan, at the doorstep:”hey buddy”
Rohan:”so how was it?”
Yuvi:”cool… And what you have been doing?”
Rohan:”sleeping, college and sleeping”
Rohan:”yeah, next time i am coming with you.”
Rohan:”what are you watching?”
Yuvi:”searching for a good film but…”
Rohan:”how about a…”
Rohan and yuvi, in unison:”horror movie”
(They both are big fans of horror movie since small. They never missed any horror movie. It was their favorite part of their boy’s night out with the group)

They watched a horror movie. When it ends it was dinner time. They both came downstairs and had dinner with all the family.
Rohan:”yuvi, what about boy’s night out today??”
Yuvi:”yeah, great! Inform the group too”
Rohan, on whats app group messaged everyone and soon after they replied in yes.
Anita:”yuvi, you will be careful…”
Yuvi:”mom, i will be”

After dinner, Rohan and Yuvi got ready. Rohan:”yuvi, plz lend me a jacket of yours”
Yuvi opening the wardrobe:”all yours”
Rohan selected one and finally they came out.

They were near the car,
Rohan:”let me drive, you must be tired from the journey”
Yuvi happily handed him the keys.
Yuvi:”thank God, you said it. I was in no mood to drive”
They were about to get in the car, when yuvi’s phone rang.
Yuvi:”heyy baby”
Twinkle:”heyy where are you going?”
Yuvi:”how do…” He looked at the window and saw her there.
Yuvi:”boys night out with the whole group”
Twinkle:”i can come?”
Yuvi:”baby, its boys night out, no girls. Sorry but this time I can’t agree to you”
Twinkle:”ok, i was joking. I am not interested in your boys night out. You boys what you will do, nothing”

Yuvi:”we are going to…”
Twinkle listened carefully.
Rohan:”yuvi, groups secret. Don’t forget”
Yuvi:”ohh right, sorry baby. Need to go. Love you”

He waved her bye and left with Rohan.

Twinkle, thinks:”what must they do in boys night out?? Chinki and i can also have a boy… I mean a girls night out”
She took her phone and call up chinki and asked her to come for sleep over at her place.
Chinki readily agreed.

After half an hour, twinkle was waiting impatiently for chinki in the hall.
Finally chinki came, leela and all taneja family came there.
Chinki was greeting them but twinkle pulled her up to her bedroom.
Leela:”don’t know what happened to her”
Everyone else just exchange looks.

Twinkle’s bedroom
Chinki:”twinkle, slow down. I am not running away”
Twinkle, closing the door:”do you what happened in boys night out??”
Chinki:”no as it is boys night out. So no girl is allowed so I don’t know… But why are you asking?”
Twinkle:” yuvi and his group went for boys night out”
Chinki laughed at her.
Twinkle:”why are you laughing?”
Chinki:”someone’s jealous thinking that there might be some girls too”
Twinkle:”i am not jealous! It’s just that i want to know what happened in boys night out”

Chinki:”relax! You call me here to discuss this or…”
Twinkle:”no I thought what about having a girl night out.”
Chinki:”ok, but what we will do?”
Twinkle:”we will do whatever we do in sleep overs”
Chinki nodded yes.

Firstly, twinkle helped chinki to place her things. And then they came in the kitchen and prepare microwave popcorn.
They went back to the room, and watched romantic movie.
Twinkle:”chinki, we watched it several times. I even know the dialogues by heart now.”
Chinki:”yeah me too. What to do?”
They both think what to do and then decide for pillow fighting.
They start hitting each other with the pillows and run here and there.
They finally lie down as they got tired.

Yuvi’s side
All the group were at an isolated place, near a lake. The view was beautiful, there was mountains all around them. They group were seated there in a circle around a bonfire.
They all had a bottle which they were drinking.

After sometimes, they decided to play football. There were 4 cars so they turned on the headlights so that they can see.
They played for a while.

After that they left from there and were on the road.
One of yuvi’s friend who was in the car with him:”hey why don’t we go to the club?”
Rohan:”yeah, yuvi club”
Yuvi:”ok then lets go”

Rohan messaged the others to join them at the club.
The club was in the urban areas. The club was very popular to the youngsters.
And yuvi and his friends always go there. There was the dancing floor, the bar, the bowling area where you could spent the whole night.
(At that time of the night, there wouldn’t be girls as it was too late. And the club was very particular about the activities happening, they wouldn’t allow drugs in so the youngsters were safe. Only alcohol were offered)

Twinkle’s side
The girls finally got an idea, twinkle opened her wardrobe and removed two horrible masks:”remember these, we wore it on halloween last year”
They wore the masks and some black clothes.
They went in Raman and Pinni’s room.
They slowly came inside the room and took off the blanket from them. Pinni tried to get back the blanket and finally woke up.
Seeing twinkle and chinki with the masks, she screamed.
Raman, still in his sleep:”what… What happened?”
Pinni pointed towards the door. He followed her hands. When he saw them, he also screamed. They covered themselves with the blanket.
Till then, chinki and twinkle went out.
Leela and all the other family members came there, asking what happened.
They took off the blanket and said, with shivering voice:”bhoot bhoot (ghosts)

Leela:”what ghosts? No one is there!”
Even twinkle and chinki came there, trying hard to control their laughter. They hid their masks behind their backs.
Twinkle:”what happened Raman uncle?”
Pinni:”we saw ghosts”
Chinki:”ghosts but they don’t exists”
Twinkle:”yeah, and why will two ghosts try to scare you?”
Twinkle’s cousin, raman and Pinni’s daughter(sorry i forgot her name) came to leela and showed her the masks in twinkle’s and chinki’s hand.
Leela understood and ask:”twinkle how did you know there was 2 ghosts?”
Twinkle bite her tongue as she realized what she said.
Leela:”i will show you how you know”
Leela went near them and pulled their ears.
Chinki and twinkle:”maa, aunty plz leave its hurting”
While twinkle’s cousin took the masks from their hands and showed it to her parents.
Pinni:”what twinkle? You could have given me a heart attack” she also came to twinkle and give a small slap on both their cheeks.
(In my ff, pinni also loves twinkle and considered her as her daughter not as in the serial where she is always reprimanding her)

Yuvi’s side
At the club,
They knew the owner of the club so they easily got entry.
They all went to the bar for a drink first. After the drink, they all went on the dancing floor. They danced on the song Sharabi from the movie of pyaar ka punchnama 2 (sorry if i have written it wrong)

They went off to the bowling area and played for a long time. By then it was already morning.
Yuvi and Rohan returned home very tired as they did not sleep. They went directly in bed and slept.

Credit to: Zai

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