Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 58


Recap: Twiraj romance in the pool

Next morning
Twinkle woke up and didn’t find yuvi in the room. She searched around, on the terrace, in the washroom but he was nowhere.
She called him but he didn’t answer.
Twinkle, to herself:”may be he went outside, i will check later on”
Twinkle went into the washroom and changed her clothes.
She came out of the room and went to the restaurant. She ordered a coffee. After drinking she went for a walk.

While walking, she kept on calling yuvi but he didn’t answer. She walked to the sports area, and noticed yuvi there playing football with some kids.
She smiled seeing him. Yuvi saw her and waved at her. Yuvi whispered something to one kid and he came running to twinkle.
Twinkle bend down and that kid kissed her on her cheeks and said:”from him”
He hold twinkle’s hand and brings her in the football ground.
Yuvi:”wanna play?”
They played for a while with the kids. When the kids got tired, they returned to the room.
They noticed some gifts bags.
Twiraj opened some of them and found a letter from the supplier. He send them those gifts.
Twiraj smiled at each other.
Yuvi:”now we should get ready, we need to leave”
Twinkle:”yeah, lets go”
Yuvi packed his bags and put the gifts that he brought for everyone. While twinkle went to bath.
When she came out yuvi went to bathroom and she did her packing.

They check out of the hotel and paid the bill. When they came out, a boy came to yuvi and hand him his car keys. He was a mechanic who repaired his car. (Actually yuvi informed the hotel about his car and they send a mechanic to repair it)

They got trapped in the traffic, at the same time, twinkle noticed a candy floss and request yuvi to put the car aside.

They got down and yuvi bought 2 for twinkle. They sat in the bonnet to eat.
Twinkle:”you didn’t take?”
Yuvi:”no I don’t like it”
Yuvi:”it too sweet and you should also take only one”
Twinkle:”but i love it, you can’t stop me from eating”
Yuvi:”ok baba”
Twinkle was eating it as a small child and yuvi smiled looking at her. Twinkle took a little piece and try to make yuvi eat it while he tried to resist. But finally twinkle tickles him and she put in his mouth.
Twinkle:”how’s it?”
Yuvi, with funny face:”nice, very nice”
A small kid came to them and yuvi picked her up. The kid shows him the candy floss
Yuvi went back to the vendor and bought for her. The girl kiss him on his cheeks and thanked him.

Twinkle smiled seeing his caring nature. Yuvi came to her.
Twinkle got down and hugged him.
Yuvi was confused by her actions.
Yuvi:”baby, what happened?”
Twinkle, breaking the hug:”you are so sweet!”
Twinkle:”yeah for what you did. You won’t understand, girls find some things cute and sweet”
Yuvi:”ok. So it was true”
Yuvi:”no one can understand girls”
They both laughed.
Yuvi:”now my tigress lets go”

They got in the car and drove off.
They reach Amritsar in the late afternoon.
Yuvi stopped the car a bit away from their house.
Twinkle:”why did you stop here? Everyone knows that i will return with you”
Yuvi hugged her.
Twinkle:”yuvi what happened?”
Yuvi:”baby, i love you”
Twinkle:”i love you too”
Twinkle kissed him on his cheeks.
Twinkle:”yuvi what happened?”
Yuvi:”nothing, I won’t be able to hug you in front of your mom, so…”

They both reached home and got off.
Yuvi, handing her a file:”give this file to your mom, there is every details about the meeting”
Twinkle:”when did you prepare this?”
Yuvi:”when you slept”
Yuvi nodded yes.
Sana came out of Luthras’ house and shouted yuvi.
She ran to him and he picked her up in his arms.
Sana:”i miss you partner”
Yuvi:”i miss you too”
Sana:”you bought my gifts”
Twinkle:”sana, he didn’t select anything. I chose everything for you, he just paid, right yuvi?”
Yuvi:”so what if she or me chose. Its the same. And anyway I cant chose girls things”
Sana:”never mind if twinkle chose it. At least it will be of good taste”
Sana and twinkle laughed and have a hi-fi
While yuvi looked away showing fake anger.

Leela also came out of her house, and came to twinkle. She hugged her and bring her at home. And yuvi also went to his.

Yuvi met Anita and hugged.
Anita:”how was it baby?”
Yuvi:”fine but tiring”
Anita:”ok baby you should rest, go and fresh up”
Yuvi hugged Anita and went to his room.

As twiraj were tired, they rested and slept for the whole day.

Credit to: Zai

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