Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 57


Recap: meeting with supplier

Next morning,
Twiraj slept there itself at the window, while hugging each other.
The sun rays fell on yuvi’s face and he woke up. He looked at twinkle who was sleeping on his shoulders.
Twinkle was far asleep and her hair was on her face which was disturbing her. Yuvi moved it away. And twinkle once again was peacefully sleeping.

Yuvi looked at the time, it was still time for the meeting.
Yuvi tried to move so that he could reach to the laptop but couldn’t as unconsciously twinkle hugged him tightly.
He preferred not to move.

Suddenly his phone rang,
It was next to him, he didn’t have to move.
It was Rohan,
Yuvi, as if whispering:”hey buddy…”
Rohan:”why are you whispering?”
Yuvi:”actually twinkle is sleeping, I don’t want to disturb her”
Rohan:”twinkle is with you in your room??”
Yuvi explained him the situation.
Rohan:”okk, anyway how’s all going?”
Yuvi:”quite good and there?”
Rohan:”boring, college and everything is boring without you!”
Yuvi:”And did you go to my place?”
Rohan:”yeah, i went after college, everything’s fine, Anita aunty, your room and yeah sana was trying to call you”
Yuvi:”ok, i will call her later on, she might be sleeping right now and thanks. Every time i am away from home you take care of everything…”
Rohan:”yuvi, don’t bore me with your thank you.”
Yuvi:”ok, ok”
Rohan:”ok, I’ll hang up as i need to get ready for college and you must be wishing for me to hang up so that you can be with your gf”
Yuvi laughed and hung up. Twinkle after sometimes, woke up.
Twinkle:”morning, with who were talking?”
Yuvi:”morning, with Rohan!”

They got ready and went for the meeting. They spent 2 hours for the meeting. All were finalized and they returned.

Twinkle wanted to do shopping so they went to the mall.

Twinkle bought many things for her family. Even yuvi bought gifts for Anita, Sana and everyone else.
While shopping yuvi called sana and she gave him a list of things to buy for her.
After shopping, they went for sightseeing. They visited a lot of places. They were really tired when they reached the hotel.

Twinkle went on bed and was sleeping, yuvi went outside the room very late.

After sometimes, twinkle got up and looked for yuvi but find him nowhere.
She decide to call him.
Twinkle:”where are you?”
Yuvi:”come to the poolside”
Twinkle couldn’t even answer, he hang the phone.

Twinkle changed her clothes as she was in her night dress. She came out of the room, without making noise.
She came to the poolside.
It was beautifully decorated with lights, there were flowers at the entrance. Everything was in white, and silver. Twinkle walked on the flowers and came near the pool.
She was very close to the pool, she looked at the water and took a step back as she got scared.
Twinkle called out yuvi.
Yuvi came behind and placed his hands on her shoulder. Twinkle startled and turn around.
Yuvi:”baby relax, it’s me”
Twinkle:”yuvi, you scared me”
Yuvi:”ok, I’m sorry”
Yuvi took her hand and brought her near a table where there was two glasses and a bottle.
Twinkle, seeing the bottle was confused
They sat down and yuvi pour the drink.
He hand it over to twinkle.
He drank it at first and signs twinkle to drink it.
Twinkle hesitantly drink it. After one sip, she made a weird face.
Twinkle, with questioning look:”apple juice”
Yuvi, smiling:”yeah, what did you think that i will make you drink?”
Twinkle smiles.
Yuvi, taking her hands:”baby, trust me i will never force you to drink.”

Yuvi got up holding her hands,
Twinkle:”where are we going?”
Yuvi:”shhhh you trust me right?”
Twinkle nodded yes and followed him. Yuvi took off his shirt and bring her near the pool.
Twinkle:”yuvi, no…”
Yuvi:”come on twinkle, you know how to swim, right”
Twinkle nodded yes
Yuvi:”then? Come on get it the water.”
Twinkle:”No yuvi!”
Yuvi:”baby i will not let anything happen to you. You are my Jaan (life) how can i let anything happen to my life.”

Twinkle hesitantly sit at the edge:”yuvi, let me be here and when i will feel comfortable i will join you”
Yuvi:”ok, as you wish”
He jumped into the water and swim to the other side of the pool.
He signs twinkle to come. While she tries to resist.
Finally yuvi came back to her and took her hands and made her come in the water.

Twinkle held yuvi’s hands tightly. Her nails were hurting yuvi but he didn’t leave her. Twinkle’s eyes were closed and unconsciously she came in the middle of the pool.
Yuvi smiled:”baby open your eyes!”
Twinkle opened her eyes and got scared and hugged yuvi closing her eyes once again.
Yuvi:”baby see you are in more that the middle and the water reach till your shoulder. You won’t drown in this amount of water.”

Twinkle:”sure” she still had her eyes closed.
Yuvi:”yeah sure. And i am not going to leave your hand”
Twinkle, slowly breaking the hug, held yuvi’s hand and opened her eyes.
They walked a bit in the pool so that twinkle get comfortable. And yuvi left her once she was.
Yuvi:”now catch me”
But yuvi swim away.
Twinkle finally won over her fear and she swim.
(Even if twinkle knows swimming, she was always afraid of going into the water,since childhood itself. While learning to swim she overcome her fear but afterwards didn’t get the chance to swim again and during that time her fear came once again)

Twiraj were enjoying in the water. They were swimming, splashing water on each other.
They both swim till a little fountain which was at the end of the pool. They raced to go there and yuvi won.
Yuvi:”i won”
Twinkle:”you cheated”
Yuvi:”what did i do?”
Twinkle:”you crossed my way so i had to stop”
Yuvi:”that doesn’t change that i won. Now i want my prize”
Yuvi:”winners always get something, right? You said that for the pani puri competition, remember?”
Twinkle thinks of the time she said that.
Twinkle:”ok, what do you want?”
Yuvi:”a kiss from my baby”
Twinkle:”yuvi?” And signs him no
Yuvi:”but i want only that prize”
Twinkle came close to him. She put her hands on his shoulder and moved closed to his lips. But then moved to the left and kissed his cheeks.
Yuvi:”what’s this?”
Twinkle:”a kiss, you didn’t say that I should kiss you on your cheeks or lips so the choice was mine”
Yuvi:”ok then i will take my kiss myself”
Twinkle tried to go but yuvi held her waist under the water.
Twinkle:”yuvi, plz let me go”
Yuvi:”no i want my kiss then you can go”
Yuvi moved closer to her and he looked at twinkle who had many droplets of water on her face.
And finally yuvi kissed her on her lips. When they parted away, yuvi kissed her neck while his touch make twinkle feels butterfly in her stomach.

Yuvi was kissing twinkle’s neck and then he picked her up in his arms. They have an eyelock. He brought her out of the water and carried till their bedroom.
He place her on the bed and came next to her.
They were completely lost in each other.
Yuvi once again kissed her on her cheeks and her neck, twinkle hugged him. He tilt her face up so that she is face to face with him. He came close to her lips and kissed her. Twinkle also reciprocate his actions.

Suddenly twinkle’s phone rang due to which they parted away and realized their position.
Twinkle took her phone and saw it was only the alarm and she said it to yuvi.

They both smiled recalling what happened.
Twinkle:”we should sleep, tomorrow we need to leave”
Yuvi:”you are right”
They both lay down facing the ceiling with the veil in between. They both couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier.
Twinkle was continuous smiling. Yuvi noticed her smile and lift the veil a bit and held her hand.
Twinkle looked at him and they both felt asleep while holding each others hands.
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Credit to: Zai

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