Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 56


Recap: Twiraj in Mumbai

Twiraj enter their room, their bags were already there. Twinkle opened the curtain and they had a beautiful view of the beach.
Twinkle:”wow! This is so pretty.”
Yuvi looked at her and smiled.

Twinkle:”i am so tired”
Yuvi:”you can rest, we have still sometime to go for the meeting.”
Twinkle:”i will go and freshen up.”
She went to the washroom, after washing her face, she came out.

Twinkle looked around confused
Twinkle:”yuvi? What are you doing?”
Yuvi:”so which side?”
Actually yuvi put a curtain/ a veil, they could see each other through it( which he asked from the hotel), he separated the room and the bed in half.

Yuvi:”twinkle? Which side?”
Twinkle, smiled by his act:”right”
Yuvi:”ok left is mine”

Twinkle, sitting on the bed:”at what time do we need to go?”
Yuvi:”actually it is a dinner meeting so you have approximately 2 hours to rest”
Twinkle:”ok, then…”
She lie down and pulled the blanket over and slept.
Yuvi went to the washroom and washed his face. When he came out, he started to work on the laptop.

After 2 hours,
Yuvi already got ready, he was wearing a black suit(just as he wore when he came back from London in the serial)
He was putting perfume in front of the mirror.
After that, he went to twinkle,
Yuvi:” twinkle, wake up…”
Twinkle woke up after several attempts of yuvi.
Twinkle, looked yuvi from toe to head:”you already got ready…”
Yuvi:”yeah, now you go”
Twinkle got off the bed, and went to washroom.
After sometimes, she came out, she was wearing a pink salwar kameez.
Yuvi looked at her and he was mesmerized.
Twinkle came to him and said:”yuvi? Yuvi?”
Yuvi, back to senses:”yeah…”
Twinkle:”can we go?”
Yuvi nodded yes.

They reached a restaurant where they had a meeting, the supplier also came there and yuvi started to talk to him.
They were having dinner at the same time. Twinkle tried to understand what was yuvi saying.
Twinkle thinks:”oh God, i really don’t understand anything about business…”
Supplier:”so Miss Taneja what do you think about that?”
Twinkle was tensed as she didn’t even listen to the last part.
Yuvi saw her and said:”yes, Miss Taneja(he remained formal) what do you think about the price he is offering which is ……. And the delivery time?”
Yuvi took a pen and a paper and wrote something under the table, he signs to twinkle to read it.
Twinkle read it as he wrote.

Supplier:”ok, then we will go as we decide”
Yuvi:”yeah sure”
They continued their dinner, and now twinkle could participate as they were talking about random things.

After dinner, the supplier went by saying that he would show a sample of the fabric tomorrow in his factory.
Twinkle and yuvi came out of the restaurant and went on the beach nearby.

Twiraj were walking, in the water.
Twinkle:”yuvi, I always wanted to come here so that i can enjoy the beach. I love the beach”
Yuvi:”so, i have to decide a beach destination country for our honeymoon, right?”
They hugged each other and then they took pictures of the beach and selfies.

They returned to the hotel, yuvi called Anita to tell her about the meeting.
Yuvi:”hey mom….”
Anita:”baby, how are you? Everything’s fine right?”
Yuvi:”yeah mom…” Yuvi told her about the meeting.
Anita:”ok baby, i think that the offer is good”
Yuvi:”yeah mom, even i think so”
Anita:”so everything’s else is fine? I mean twinkle is not irritating you”
Yuvi:”no mom, actually she is calm”
Anita:”good then, baby take care of yourself”
Yuvi:”yep mom, love you”
Anita:”love you too”
And he hanged the phone.

Twinkle came out of the washroom.
Twinkle:”yuvi, you can go”
Yuvi went next to change.

Twinkle also talked to leela, she also told her about the day, but nothing concerning the meeting.

When yuvi came out, twinkle hung up the phone.

They both went to bed. They were a bit awkward. They were facing the opposite direction and felt quite weird.
They were not being able to sleep.

Then both of them turn in the same direction.
They were very close to each other. They have an eyelock.

Yuvi:”you didn’t sleep till now?”
Twinkle:”no, i am missing my bed. And you?”
Yuvi:”same, home is home. It seems we came to an unknown place.”
Yuvi moved the veil and came close to twinkle, he kissed her on her forehead.
Twinkle hugged him tightly.

Even yuvi reciprocate the hug. Yuvi again kissed her again.
Twinkle breaking the hug:”yuvi?”
Twinkle:”you want leave naa?”
Yuvi looked at her confused.
Twinkle:”you will always love me like this only?”
Twinkle looked at him surprised.
Yuvi:”i will love you more and more”
Twinkle hugged him more tightly.
Yuvi:”why are you asking me this?”
Twinkle:”nothing” and smiled.
She got up from the bed and went to the window.
Yuvi also got up and went to her. He hugged her from behind.
Yuvi:”baby i love you”
Twinkle:”love you too”
Yuvi kissed her on her cheeks. They sat there itself and talked the whole night.
While a background music plays

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