Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 55


Recap:Twiraj journey

Twiraj were sitting in the truck, they were not talking to each other.
Yuvi was doing something with the flowers and was watching at twinkle all the time.
Twinkle tried to look what he was doing but was aware of his gaze on her.

Yuvi:”twinkle, ok stop it now! I am sorry, plz forgive! I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Twinkle, still looking away.
Yuvi:”twinkle, twinkle???”
Now he was quite angry. He moved to twinkle close to twinkle. He hold her hand tightly and quite loudly:”twinkle i am talking to you…”

Twinkle:”yuvi you are hurting me…”
Yuvi realize his grip and said:”sorry twinkle! I hurt you…” He pulled her sleeves up so that he could see if he hurt her.
He checked her hands.

Twinkle looked at him lovingly.
Twinkle:”yuvi, i am fine!”
And she hugged him.
Yuvi:”twinkle sorry…”
Twinkle:”no i am sorry! I overreacted a little bit…”
Yuvi breaking the hug, said:”a little bit??”

Twinkle hit him at his arm.
Yuvi:”ok my tigress now calm down”
They both hugged once again.

Yuvi:”baby i want to give you something…”
Yuvi:”for my beautiful princess, her crown…”

Yuvi gave her the crown of flowers which he made earlier.
Twinkle:”ohhh, that’s so pretty!”

Yuvi:”yeah, i thought to make it in a tigress form but i am not an amazing artist”

Suddenly the truck stopped,
Yuvi to the driver:”why did you stop here?”
Driver:”because it’s launch time and i am am hungry…” He pointed towards the dhaaba (I don’t know the english word for it. If someone knows then please tell me)

Twinkle:”ohhh i was so hungry!!” And she jumped from the truck.
Yuvi:”wait twinkle! This girl is such a foodie”
Twinkle:”come on yuvi”

Yuvi climbed down and walked toward the dhaaba. They ordered food. It arrived quickly compared to a 5 stars hotel.

They enjoyed the food, suddenly yuvi ate something spicy and started to cough.
Twinkle:”yuvi? Are you fine?”

Twinkle got up to take water but found lassi(milk; plz correct me if i am wrong) instead.
Twinkle made him drink the whole glass which is normally quite big.

People around were praising them for their love while twinkle felt shy.

They went to wash their hands. After that they continued their journey.

In the truck,
Twiraj were enjoying themselves, yuvi was showering flowers on her.
They enjoy a lot.

The busy city of Mumbai is shown. It was in the afternoon that they reach. (I don’t know the actual distance so sorry if it is wrong)
The driver stopped the truck. Then Twiraj is shown, behind, with twinkle sleeping on yuvi’s shoulders and even yuvi felt asleep.

The driver came to them and woke them up. Finally they climbed down. Yuvi thanked the driver and they left for their hotel.

They find the hotel easily as it was quite near and well known. Yuvi went to get the keys at the reception.
Reception:”Yuvraaj Luthra, yes please come in, your room is ready and here is the key.”
Yuvi waited for the receptionist to give him the other key.
Reception:”anything else sir?”
Yuvi:”yeah, actually i booked 2 rooms, so…”
Reception:”no sir, you booked only one!”
Yuvi:”no 2. One for me and one for my guest”
Reception:”sorry sir, there is only one room booked under your name”
Yuvi:”ok, never mind! Can i get another room for my guest?”
Reception:”sorry sir but we are full. There is full room occupancy. I am sorry”
Yuvi:”ok, can you inform me once there is a free room”
Reception:”sure sir”

Yuvi came to twinkle
Yuvi:”baby, there is a little problem, we got only one room”
Twinkle:”what but you booked 2…”
Yuvi:”yeah but…”
Twinkle:”ohhh ok! We have to share the room right?”
Yuvi gave her a fake smile and she understood that it was a yes.
Yuvi:”but trust me I won’t do anything…”
Twinkle:”yuvi, you don’t need to justify. I am ok with it. I mean i trust you.”

Precap: not decided

Credit to: Zai

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