Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 54


Recap: yuvi teasing twinkle in front of leela

Twinkle was getting ready and was packing her things(they were going to stay there for three days)

Leela came to her and asked:”twinkle do you really want to go with yuvi??”
Twinkle, excitedly:”yes maa, i am very eager to go with yuv…” She noticed leela with a doubtful look and changed her words.
Twinkle:” i am very eager to do something for you and about that yuvraaj i can bear him for you”
Leela:”twinkle, is there something that i need to know?”
Twinkle:”about what maa?”
Leela:”about you and yuvi?”
Twinkle, shocked and tensed:”yuvi and me??”

Leela:”yeah, i noticed that you don’t fight with him now…”
Twinkle:”maa, nothing like that! And you know what i will miss you”
She tried to change the topic.
Leela:”even i will miss my star. And yes be careful! You are going to be alone with yuvi…”
Twinkle:”maa, don’t worry! I will take care of myself and yuvi won’t be able to do anything with me.” And hugged her mom.
Twinkle, continued:”maa, now plz help me in packing all this”
And they both started packing.

Luthras house
Yuvi entered and Anita asked him:”so who is going with you?”
Anita:”twinkle, that miss fighting!”
Anita:”ok, anyway you take care of yourself and if that twinkle mess with you then you should show her her place, ok?”
Yuvi:”yeah, I will! Mom can you help me with my packing. You know i hate that”

Anita:”yes! And that’s why i have already packed it for you.”
Yuvi:”really mom! Love you.”
Yuvi went in his room and checked his bags and everything was there, all his necessary things.
Yuvi thinks:”mom, you are the best”
He took out his phone and messaged twinkle sorry but she didn’t reply.

After 3 hours,
Yuvi was near his car, he was continuously looking at his watch. Finally twinkle arrived there
Yuvi:”twinkle, what’s this? I told you 2 hours and you came late. You could have at least told me”
Then he noticed that twinkle was angry and said:”come on twinkle, i have already apologized…”
But twinkle looked away.
Yuvi, quite annoyed:”ok, you don’t want to talk then ok. Then stay angry.”

They both entered the car. Their journey started.
They drove for approximately 30 mins in complete silence. Yuvi turned on the radio.
There was a song playing and yuvi was singing along to irritate twinkle. But she didn’t react.
Then yuvi turned it off and silence was once again present.
Finally unable to bear it any longer,
Twinkle:”how can you do this?”
Yuvi:”what did i do now?”
Twinkle:”can’t you see that i am angry with you?”
Twinkle:”so apologize to me!!”
Yuvi, sarcastically:”ohh really! I didn’t think of that!”
Twinkle:”come on! Apologize to me”
Yuvi:”I already apologize to you by texting millions of sorry”
Twinkle:”that’s does not count”
Yuvi:”what? You mean that i should apologize to you again?”
Yuvi:”then i am sorry…but I won’t do that. Even i am angry with you! You made me wait in this scorching sun for one hour”
Twinkle:”because i was angry at you…”
Yuvi:”i am tired of convincing you all the time…”
Twinkle, angrily turn away.

Suddenly the car stopped,
Twinkle:”now what happened??”
Yuvi:”see even the car got enough of your anger”
Yuvi went out and opened the front roof of the car. There were smoke coming out and he tried to check but couldn’t as it was too hot.
Yuvi:”damn it”
Twinkle, from the car:”even your car couldn’t bear you”
Yuvi, softly:”tigress twinkle”
Twinkle, shouting:”what?”

Yuvi came back in the car and took his bag.
Twinkle:”wait, what? Where are you going?”
Yuvi sat down on a big rock.
Yuvi:”walking as the car won’t”
Twinkle:”but wait for me”
Yuvi:”what do you think i am doing?”
Twinkle quickly took her bag out and walked towards him.
Twinkle:”now what are you waiting for?”
Yuvi got up and they started to walk.

They walked for a long distance, yuvi was in front followed by twinkle.
Twinkle:”yuvi stop! I can’t go any further. I am tired”
Yuvi:”miss tired, a little more. Once we reach the main road we will ask for lift.”
Twinkle:”but I can’t” and dropped her bag.

Yuvi, putting his bag on his shoulder, walked back to her and told her to pick her bag. She did but then ask:”why?”
Yuvi didn’t answer but instead pick her up in his arms.
Twinkle was surprised and looked at him lovingly.
Yuvi looked at her then she looked away. But smiled.

They walked further and then yuvi stopped.
Twinkle:”why did you stop?”
Yuvi put her down:”you seems slim but you are heavy. My hands are paining and i need to get lift.”
Twinkle:”for the second time i am not heavy”
Yuvi:”ask the one who carried you all this time. Anyway sit here till i get lift.”
Twinkle, fuming went to sit on the grass.

Yuvi tried to take lift from many cars but none stop. He was tired while twinkle laughed at him.
Yuvi spotted a truck and stop him.
Yuvi asked him:”plz can you give us lift till Mumbai?”
Yuvi point at twinkle.
Driver:”have you elope with her? Sorry I can’t…”
Yuvi:”no no we didn’t elope from home, we are…”
Twinkle saw him talking and went to them.
Driver:”then who you both are if you didn’t elope from house”

Yuvi:”we are married…”
Yuvi:”yeah we just fought and now she is angry with me.”
Driver:”ohhh ok! Fighting is normal between couples. Come on get in”
Twinkle and yuvi got in and sat behind in the truck among the flowers.

Yuvi got in but twinkle couldn’t due to the height. Yuvi helped her and they both sat down.

Credit to: Zai

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