Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 53


Recap:pani puri competition and twinkle’s jealousy
(Guys I don’t really remember which business they do in the serial so i invented one. Both of them are in construction business)

College, during lunch time
Yuvi was in the cafeteria, he was on the laptop and was working on the project.

Twinkle, chinki and rohan came there.
Rohan:”yuvi come on stop it now.”
Twinkle:”yeah yuvi stop it!”
Yuvi:”no guys. I have to go on the construction site after college so must finish this.”
Twinkle:”yuvi stop it!” And closed the laptop.
Twinkle:”now eat”

Yuvi followed her orders. They talked and chat for a while.
And then classes began again.

After college,
Yuvi was in the parking lot when twinkle came to him.
Twinkle:”yuvi, I’ll also come with you.”
Yuvi:”ok, get in”

Construction site
They both arrived and yuvi was talking to some workers who were having a little break.
Twinkle worked a bit further and saw the shareholder who talked about yuvi’s dad in the meeting.
Twinkle, to herself:”what is he doing here? Maa said that all the shareholders will come together… If he is here then maa might be here too?”
She looked around to see if there was anyone else but there was just the workers.
Twinkle thinks:”what he is doing here?”

Twinkle thought to follow him. She was following him but then an old worker fell down and twinkle helped him to get up.
Twinkle:”uncle are you fine?”
Worker:”thank you beta. I am fine”

At that time yuvi came there. He saw that the worker was hurt and brought the first aid box. While he was caring for his wound. Twinkle got up to find the shareholder but he already disappeared.

Twinkle thought that he might come to check everything and it was useless to tell yuvi.

Yuvi checked everything and talked to the manager who was there.
Then they returned.

On their way back home,
Twinkle, to yuvi:”everything is fine? I mean as you wanted?”
Yuvi:”yeah, it’s going as planned but i am scared…”
Yuvi:”yeah, mom put me the head of this project. She has full trust on me, if i fail then everything will be ruined. I will break my mom’s trust, my plan to reunite our moms, everything. That’s why i want it to be perfect or at least i should achieve what they expect from me”

Twinkle:”yuvi, you are doing it nicely. You are handling everything well, college, the project, and everything else. All will go nicely.”
Yuvi looked at her and thank her. Twinkle put her head on his shoulder.

Luthras’s house
Yuvi entered, and saw Anita talking on the phone. And was quite worried about something.
Yuvi:”mom? Everything’s fine?”

Anita:”baby, actually there is an important meeting which i need to attend tomorrow. Now the textile manufacturer called me to check the fabrics, which we are going to use for the decorations, in Mumbai.”

Yuvi:”but mom, we still have time for this. I mean the construction is not yet complete, we have to paint etc..”
Anita:”yeah i know but as we are placing a big order of that fabric, the manufacturer will take time.”
Yuvi:”ok now, what’s the plan?”

Anita:”don’t know. How am i going to do this? We could have sent leela but she will also have to be there for the meeting tomorrow.”

Yuvi:”ok, so let me go”
Anita:”yuvi, i know that you are doing your best and i am very proud of you but I don’t want this to affect your life and your studies”

Yuvi:”mom, i know. And i promise that it will not affect my studies. You have lots of work do I thought to help. Plz let me go.”
Anita:”ok, but you will have to take someone from the Taneja group to go with you.”

Yuvi:”ok, but not that shareholder”
Anita:”you decide who you want to take.”
Yuvi:”ok, i will go and ask them”

Tanejas house
Yuvi entered, he was about to knock at the door when he noticed twinkle at the dining table with her phone, she was standing there. She had her earphones.

Yuvi looked around and noticed no one. He entered and went behind twinkle. He hugged twinkle, from behind. Twinkle screamed and yuvi turned her and put his hand on her lips.
Yuvi:”twinkle shhhhh it’s me”
Twinkle, shouting, as she still had her earphones:”yuvi!!!”
Yuvi signs her to not shout and remove her earphones.
Twinkle:”what are you doing here?”
Yuvi:”i came to kiss you”
Yuvi:”yeah! Now kiss me quickly so that i can leave”

They heard leela asking from upstairs:”twinkle what happened?” And she was coming downstairs.
Yuvi and twinkle were near the stairs so Leela couldn’t see them from upstairs.

Yuvi:”come on, hurry up”
Twinkle:”yuvi, plz go…”
Yuvi:”i will but first…” And showed her his cheeks.
Twinkle quickly kissed him and pushed him away.
Leela came there.
Leela:”what’s happening?”
Twinkle was too scared to answer. She thought that leela saw everything.
Leela:”twinkle, what was going on and yuvi what are you doing here?”
Yuvi:”actually i came here to talk to you…”
Twinkle looked at him confused.

Yuvi, continued:”i saw twinkle here and came to her. I called her twice but she didn’t hear me due to her earphones. So i pat her shoulders but she screamed”

Twinkle just looked at him shocked and with fake anger.
Leela asked yuvi to come and sit to talk. Yuvi smiled at twinkle while she looked at him angrily.

Leela:”so what do you want to talk about?”
Yuvi:”actually aunty, i have to go to Mumbai to talk to the textile manufacturer for the fabric to place the order. Mom said that someone of your company should accompany me so as he/she can give you feedback”
Leela:”but all of us are going for a meeting tomorrow…”
Twinkle, excitedly:”maa, i can go… I mean if you want”

Leela:”twinkle you hate meetings then??”
Yuvi understood that twinkle wanted to go with him.
Twinkle:”maa, i can do this for you. I thought of helping you”
Leela:”if you want to go you can.”
Yuvi:”but aunty does twinkle even know which fabric are we talking about??”

Twinkle stared at him angrily and then said:”i know… The fabric you are going to use for the decorations”
Yuvi:”the name of the fabric??” And smiled at her.
Twinkle:”i know the name… Wait i will tell you… Hmmm hmmmm i forgot it”
Yuvi laughed at her. Twinkle got angry and left from there. But yuvi called out to her.
Yuvi:”miss forgetful… Be ready in 2 hours we are leaving”
Twinkle left from there without answering and angrily.
Yuvi smiled but stop when he noticed Leela staring at him confused and doubtfully.
Yuvi, tensed:”i should go now. I need to prepare for the journey”

And leave from there.

Precap: road trip of twiraj. Twinkle angry as yuvi was making fun of her

Credit to: Zai

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  1. So funny n it was nice..n zai u should consider in making a movie or drama…it was so nice n tis is the way the tashan e ishq should be actualli…hhmm…anyway im waiting for ur next one…

  2. Thanks harna and i already post another one a long time back but it didn’t got post till now I don’t why.

  3. awesome..really u can make a movie

  4. make something on twinj plz..
    I m a twinj fan actually..

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