Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 52


Recap: shareholders meeting and yuvi hurt by the taunts about his dad.

Inside the restaurant,
Anita control herself and said that she has to go to yuvi.
She went out and even leela began to search twinkle.
They both were searching for twiraj.
Twiraj were still hugging each other when yuvi saw Leela coming and break the hug.

Yuvi:”twinkle your mom! You should go”
Twinkle:”you are fine?”
Yuvi hide behind a tree, while twinkle went to leela.
Leela:”where were you?”
Twinkle:”no where”

Leela:”lets go”

And they were leaving while twinkle looked back to see yuvi. She signed him to smile and he did.
Anita came to him from the back and pat at his shoulder.
Anita:”baby you are fine?”
Yuvi nodded yes and hugged her.
They also left.

At home, Luthras house
Yuvi and anita came back and Sana came there with dadi and ask about the meeting.
But yuvi went directly to his room.
Anita told dadi what happened. And Sana went to him.
Sana:”hey partner!”
Sana:”partner, i want to go to eat pani puri. But no one is taking me to that stall which have newly opened??. Plz take me there. Plz, plz??”

Yuvi:”ok but later on.”
Sana:”done partner. Can i play games on your phone?”
Yuvi gave her his phone. Sana knew his password so she ran out of there.”

After sometimes, she came back while yuvi was working on the project.
Yuvi:”what happened partner? You usually play for hours but today you returned it in 15 mins”
Sana:”nothing i was getting bored. And yeah we are going in 2 hours”
Yuvi:”ok partner”
Yuvi continued on the project.

After 2 hours,
Yuvi and Sana left. When they reach the pani puri stall, yuvi saw twinkle chinki and Rohan there. He looked at sana who just smiled at him.

Yuvi:”when did you call them?”
Sana:”when i took your phone”
Sana called the three of them to cheer yuvi.

Yuvi thanked her and they joined twinkle, chinki and Rohan.
Rohan:”what about a competition?Boys v/s
Chinki:”ok lets do it but spicy one.”
Rohan and yuvi in unison:”spicy???? Yeah ok”
Twinkle and chinki laughed at their reaction.
Sana:”ok, i will be the arbitrary”
First round rohan and chinki. They both ate 10 each but then rohan couldn’t as it was too spicy. And chinki won.

Second round twiraj. Both ate around 12, 13. Yuvi looked at twinkle who was enjoying it a lot. She was eating it as a child. He got distracted by her and then rohan shook him but twinkle had already more than him.
So twinkle won.
Both the girls jumped in happiness.
Chinki:”now that we won, time for your punishment!”
Rohan:”which punishment? We didn’t know about this?”
Twinkle:”boys, winners always get something at the end”
Yuvi:”you should have told us before”
Sana:”guys stop it! Boys, you lost so the girls must be rewarded”
Rohan and yuvi, again in unison:”what do we have to do?”
Chinki:”ok both of you, have to go to those girls over there (pointing at a group of girls) and you have to talk to them for 10 mins without them slapping or scolding you. You have to make them smile.”

(Actually twinkle and chinki heard their conversation that they were angry at their boyfriends as they left them to go to play cricket and they were really angry. So they knew that if yuvi and Rohan went there they would be scolded)

Rohan whispers something to yuvi. And they went to the girls.

Twinkle and chinki looked at them and giggled. But then they saw the girls enjoying and laughing with yuvi and rohan.
They were surprised and angry.

Even the 10 mins passed, but yuvi and rohan continued. By that time twinkle was very jealous and yuvi was enjoying her jealousy.

Then finally, twinkle couldn’t bear it and went to yuvi and pulled him away.
Twinkle:”what were you doing?”
Yuvi:”something is burning right?”
Twinkle:”i am not jealous ok”
Yuvi:”I didn’t say that YOU are jealous” and smiled.
Twinkle:”how can you do this in front of me? You were flirting with those girls in front of me. I hate you, i hate you”
And she was hitting him on his chest.

Yuvi:”twinkle, stop it. I am sorry, sorry” he tried to escape.
She was hitting and then she hugged him.
Yuvi smiled seeing her love.
Rohan came there with chinki and sana.
Chinki:”why is she crying?”
Yuvi told them.
Rohan, chinki and sana in unison:”awww”

Rohan:”but twinkle do you want to know what we said to those girls?”
Yuvi signs him no.
Twinkle wiped her tears and said:”yeah i want to know, what he says that those girls were…”
Rohan:”he was just talking about you…”
Rohan:”yeah he was talking only about you, how much you were beautiful, your childish behavior and lots more. That why the girls were soo much impressed by him. They were amazed to see a boyfriend who was just speaking about his girlfriend rather than flirting with them”

Twinkle look on and smiled while yuvi bend down feeling shy.
Chinki began to tease twinkle and she buried her face in yuvi’s chest.
While yuvi hugged her.
Yuvi, teasingly:”thanks yaar rohan. Otherwise the tigress would have kill me by now…”
Chinki, rohan and sana laughed.
Twinkle was still blushing and smiling.
Yuvi:”first you were not stopping from hitting me and now from hugging me”
Twinkle, hearing this, left him.

Yuvi:”but I didn’t tell you to leave me…” And hugged her again.
Rohan:”ohh lovebirds, control” bit yuvi didn’t leave Twinkle, while she kept laughing.
Rohan unconsciously side hug chinki. Then left her when sana coughs. Sana giggles watching twiraj and rohan chinki.

Credit to: Zai

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