Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 51


Recap: Twiraj dance

Luthras’ house
Yuvi got up early as today was the first day of the project and he had to go with his mom.
He got ready. ( he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt. He looked as a real business man)

He came downstairs for breakfast. Anita was angry as yesterday yuvi told her about sharing the project.
Yuvi:”mom relax, at least we got the project and maybe this merge will benefit us”
Anita:”but leela will try to put her ideas first, she will not let any of our ideas…”
Yuvi:”no mom, Mr. John (the international owner) has already decide what will be there in the project. And he include both the projects and it is great. I couldn’t show you the design as you were angry but trust me it is awesome”

Anita:”ok i trust you now but if she try to mess with me i will not leave her”
Yuvi laughed and said ok.

And they left.

They reach a restaurant to discuss the project with the shareholders of both companies. (Yuvi decided for the restaurant so as not to create any fight regarding the place)

Yuvi and Anita came before everyone to see the preparation.
After sometimes, yuvi received a call from twinkle.
T:” hi”
Y:”hi baby” he was still busy in the preps.
T:”someone is looking really handsome”
T:”i mean you are looking really handsome and charming”
Y:”where are you?” And he looked around at the door. He saw twinkle waving at him.

He was confused as yesterday twinkle told him that she hates meetings and she wouldn’t come.
T:”I thought to come to support”
(As yuvi was going to present the project. Actually he lied to Anita that Mr. John include both the project actually he was the one to do so. Only twinkle knows it as he told her)

Yuvi hang the phone and went to her.
Twinkle was confused as both their moms were there. Leela was still outside but Anita was there even if she was busy in the preps and not looking at them. But it was risky.

Yuvi forward his hands up to twinkle’s shoulder as if hugging her. Twinkle was scared to be caught and looked at yuvi.
She signs him no through her eyes but yuvi didn’t stop.

She closed her eyes being scared. Then she realized that yuvi didn’t hug her and open her eyes and turn around.
He saw yuvi that yuvi actually forward his hand to Leela. To shake hands
Yuvi to leela:”aunty plz come in”
And he smirked at twinkle.
While twinkle was confused and fake anger.
Leela whispers:”thank you but do not think that after yesterday i will not fight with you. You are sill Anita’s son, my enemy’s son”
(It was not true, Leela’s hate feelings for yuvi has changed but she thought not to show it and continued to be as before)

Yuvi felt a bit bad as he thought that leela has started to like him or at least not hate him after yesterday but he was wrong.

But nevertheless yuvi welcomed her. Twinkle and leela came in.
Anita and leela looked at each other angrily. Yuvi noticed that and went to Anita.
Yuvi:”mom relax, remember the project which is important for our company”
Anita looked at yuvi and nodded yes.

And then one after the other the shareholders arrived and took their places. They had to wait for Mr. John to be on the conference to start the meetings. (Mr. John said to yuvi that he will himself call so they need to wait)
The waiters offered all of them juice and water.
They all looked at each other confused and tensed. (As they were each other competitors, all the employees knew about that)

Twiraj noticed the silence, twinkle signs to yuvi to do something to cover up the silence. He thought of something. But thought of nothing as he was nervous.
(This was not the first time he was presenting but he knew that if he says something wrong then all will be finsh not only the project but also his plan to reunite both the families.)

Twinkle noticed yuvi’s nervousness and texted him.
T:”yuvi calm down! Everything will he fine. And remember you can do this”
Yuvi looked up at twinkle and signs him thank you through his eyes.

Then finally Mr. John was on conference and the meeting started.
Yuvi started to present the project. Twinkle stared at him lovingly and felt proud of him.
At first yuvi was looking at twinkle and was getting distracted but then redeem himself.

After the presentation, Mr. John said, through the conference call,
Mr. John:”wow yuvraaj. I am quite impressed with your project and i am looking forward to this. I hope all will go nice and we all will be successful in this”
Saying so, he ended the call.

Yuvi to everyone:”so any question?”
One shareholder of tanejas’ group:”yes, why did you change the colour of the decorations of the entrance hall”
(I know this is quite a stupid thing to ask but only want to show that they need to have a problem)

Yuvi:”i thought that it will match with the decorations of other rooms”
Shareholder:”but you changed our designs, this shows that you wanted to do it your way”
Yuvi:”no, the hall decorations is of your project, the same design just the colour i have change.”
Shareholder:”yeah why did you change it?”

Anita’s patience was gone by now and she stood up and said:”he only change the colour, he kept your design right? So you must be happy. Anyway, this was decided by Mr. John, he was the one to decide what of your project to be put.”

Leela was shocked hearing this and looked at yuvi. When yuvi noticed her, he bend his head down and leela understood that he did so as not to create a fight. And also that both companies have their contribution in the project.

Leela thinks:”he prepare all this but told that it was Mr. John’s idea…” And smiled but no one noticed but then control herself.

By now the shareholders had started a fight.
Shareholder, who ask that question:”why did you put your son the head of this project? He knows nothing, he is not experienced.”
Anita:”my son will do it”
At that time yuvi was fed up and hit his forehead.

Shareholder:”what if he fails? Will he commit suicide as his father?”
Anita and yuvi was shocked to hear that and both were teary eyed.
Twinkle felt bad and said to the shareholder:”stop it now uncle! I don’t want to be rude but you have no right to comment on their personal life”

Shareholder:”ma’am(leela) did i say something wrong? I said the truth”

At that time Anita went to yuvi and hold his hand. She had already accept all these insults many years ago but yuvi didn’t.
All this were new for yuvi, the insults about his dad.

Leela:”stop it! You can’t say that… No one has the right to say anything to someone’s life. And i am fine with yuvraaj’s project. I don’t find any problem, is that understood?”

Her shareholders all said yes.

Finally yuvi control himself and asked with a weak voice:”anymore questions?”

All nod no and he left from there hurt and tensed.
Anita also sat there and thinks of everything that happened.
All the shareholders had gone and twinkle also went out to see yuvi.
Only Anita and leela were left there.
Anita was very much hurt. (Not of what the shareholder said as she already faced it before but she was worried for yuvi. About how he is going to handle this)
Leela was there but couldn’t go to her to console her.

Outside the restaurant,
Yuvi was standing outside trying to make himself understand that he will have to control himself. He had removed his coat and his sleeved was rolled up to his elbow.

Twinkle was searching him when he noticed him.
Twinkle went to yuvi and put her hand on his shoulder.
Yuvi jerked her hands away.
Yuvi:”go away twinkle, plz go”
Twinkle:”how can i leave you like this?”
Yuvi:”twinkle plz leave from here, I don’t want to hurt you by saying something that i will regret afterwards.”

Twinkle just hugged him. At first yuvi tried to break the hug but then hugged her tightly. And cried.
Yuvi:”why did dad do this? He could have rectify what he did. He didn’t have to commit suicide”

Twinkle said nothing.(she knew that yuvi had to let out all his anger out so that he can calm down and moreover she didn’t know the reason why his dad committed suicide and she didn’t want to hurt him by asking)

They hugged each other like thus for sometime like this.

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