Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 50 part 1


Hey guys, thank you for all your comments and also the silent readers. I can’t believe that it is my 50th episode. Today will be a special episode. Hope you will like it.

Recap:Yuvi and Leela meets at the conference.

After the dinner, in Pune
All the other businesses owners went back but Yuvi and Leela had to stay to discuss about the project with the international company owner.

After half an hour, they began to leave.
It was by now midnight.

Yuvi came out of the venue looking exhausted. He took up his phone and saw multiple miss calls of twinkle.
He thinks:”Oh God, i forgot to call her. The tigress must be so angry.” And smiled.

He call twinkle but it was engaged. Then he noticed Leela who was on the phone and thought it might be twinkle.

As Leela was near the gate so yuvi had to pass by there. Yuvi heard her conversation a bit.
Leela:”twinkle listen to me, i was… But listen…”
But yuvi could only imagine twinkle’s shouting.
He imagine himself facing the tigress.
He imagines:’ twinkle yelling at him and making him apologize by doing sit-ups in front of everyone’
Then shook his head to dismiss the thought.

Yuvi to himself:”yuvi, you are soo screwed. Now face the tigress”

He saw Leela staring at him and went towards his car.

He waited a bit to call twinkle and thinks how to convince her.
He was about to call her when he noticed that Leela has not gone yet as there was some problems with her car.

Leela was looking tensed as there was no way to go back home at this time.

Yuvi, after much thought, went to her. As she had her back towards yuvi, he called her out
Yuvi, hesitantly:”aun…aunty?”
Leela turned to him and was quite rude to him.
Leela:”what do you want?”
Yuvi:”aunty, if you don’t mind then you can come with me. Our destination is the same we can go together”

Leela:”no i am fine. I don’t need any help from the Luthras but… you want to help me right?”
Yuvi nodded yes.

Leela thinks a bit and then says:”ok, repair the car”
Leela:”yeah repair it now.”
Yuvi thinks what to do as he was not a mechanic he didn’t know how to fix the problem.

Leela smirked seeing yuvi tensed.
Then she said:”ok, let it be.”
Yuvi:”then lets go! Consider that a stranger gave you a lift”
Leela seeing no option, followed him to his car.

There was complete silence in the car.
Yuvi was uncomfortable in front of her. He actually didn’t want to hurt her by saying anything so he preferred to stay silent.

After an hour of driving, it was about 2 in the morning.
Leela didn’t want to sleep so she was awake and looking outside the window.

Suddenly she spotted a couple injured and asked yuvi to stop.
Yuvi:”aunty bit it is highway, it is dangerous to help strangers”

Leela:”how can you be soo selfish? I want to help them.”

Yuvi finally stopped the car but the car still had auto lock which only yuvi could open.
Yuvi was hesitant to go out.

Leela:”open the door.”
Yuvi took out a pocket knife and kept it in his hands.
He open the door and both of them rushed out. Yuvi kept looking here and there and dropped something in a small bush. Leela bend down to see the women who was injured but was shocked that she was not and that yuvi was right.
These people turn out to thieves.

The man hold Leela and when yuvi tried to move forward, he was stopped by few men who were hiding.

Man to Leela:”come on give me your jewelry”
Leela resisted at first but they took out a cutter from their pockets.
Leela was about to remove her jewelry when one of the man who was holding yuvi screamed.

He released yuvi and saw his hand bleeding. Yuvi showed him the pocket knife and then fight them all. But they overpowered him at point. They blocked yuvi from everywhere.

They asked leela to take off her jewelry which she gives and snatch the car keys from yuvi.

They left from there in yuvi’s car. Yuvi was on ground with few scratches. Yuvi looked at leela and asked:
“Aunty, are you fine?”
Leela nodded yes at him. She felt guilty as yuvi warned her before but she didn’t listen to him.

After sometimes,
Leela:”i am sorry…”
Yuvi looked at her surprised but then said:”its ok aunty, you were just helping them…” Yuvi didn’t want to continue so that she stops feeling guilty.

Leela:”how will we go now? No car no phone as i left it in the car”
Yuvi got up and went to the small bush. He showed her his wallet, their phones and her purse.

He called Anita and told her the situation and she said that she will come but yuvi said no seeing the time and leela who was with him. And ask Anita to send another car.

They sat down there for a while. The silence was maintained even now.

Finally, breaking the silence
Yuvi said:”aunty i am sorry…”
Leela:”for what? All your misbehaviors towards twinkle?”
Yuvi:”actually… For what… My dad did to you”
Leela was shocked that he knows everything. She was teary eyed remembering all those moments.

Yuvi:”i know…”
Leela:”how do you know this?”
Yuvi:”i saw an article that stated about you both and then i found it by research. I am sorry aunty”
Leela:”didn’t your mom tell you that i had an affair with your dad”
Yuvi:”she… She doesn’t know that i know the truth. I didn’t want to hurt her”

Leela was confused:”i thought that she told you…”
Yuvi:”aunty, I don’t know what happened there as i was small but i want to apologize to you for what my dad did. I know that these excuses won’t change anything now but i just want to get rid of this guilt.”

Leela:”I neither your mom didn’t want you to hate your dad as we knew how much you love him…”

Yuvi:”i know aunty but i am feeling ashamed of my dad. He didn’t think about mom and me when he misbehave with you when he committed suicide he didn’t think of me and mom…” Yuvi was teary eyed recalling his dad.

Leela never saw yuvi in that state and was continuously looking at him.
Yuvi:”aunty plz do not tell my mom that i know the truth plz”
Leela nodded yes.
She hugged yuvi to console him as he was on the verge to cry.

Suddenly they heard a car coming and broke the hug. Yuvi wiped his eyes. The driver came to yuvi and then him and leela got in.
Yuvi told the driver not to tell Anita about leela, and the driver agreed.

After hours of traveling they finally reached home. Both yuvi and Leela felt asleep in the car itself.

Credit to: Zai

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