tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 5


In college
Twinkle was walking towards her class while messaging when she bumped into yuvi and her phone fell down.
Yuvi: “watch out girl”
Twinkle: “can’t you see? Don’t you have eyes?” while picking up her phone. She saw her phone broken.
Yuvi: “I can ask you the same.”
Twinkle: “you have broken my phone.”
Yuvi leaves saying: “whatever”
Chinki comes to Twinkle and apologizes for last night. Twinkle says it’s ok. Chinki saw her phone and asked: “what happened?”
Twinkle says: “forget it yaar.”
And they proceed to their class.

@ Lunch time- cafeteria
Yuvi and his friends are sitting at their usual place. Twinkle and Chinki also come there. They were talking about the college trip planned for tomorrow and were excited.
Chinki went to talk a bottle of water which was on the table next to yuvi’s place. When Yuvi’s friends saw her they started taunting and commenting on her. Chinki felt embarrassed. They continued to taunt her but yuvi was silent.
Twinkle came to Chinki and argued with yuvi’s friends.
Twinkle: “Oh boys, stay in your limits. We are not going to tolerate this kind of behaviour. Anyway why should I blame you when you have such bad company” (pointing at yuvi)
Yuvi: “hey mind you! I was not even misbehaving with her.”
Twinkle: “leave it, let’s go Chinki.”
They leave from there while yuvi fumes. Yuvi thinks: “what’s her problem, dude?”
At their house, both yuvi and twinkle are asking permission for the trip and their moms happily agreed. Both started packing as there were going for 3 days.

Next day in college
All students were already there and were waiting for the bus. All were very excited and impatient. Finally the bus arrived and all took their seats. The two girls sat together while yuvi sat with his friend.
All were enjoying and singing when the bus stopped. Two teachers who accompanied them asked the driver what happened.
After some time, the teachers told everyone to come out. All were confused but followed the orders.
Teachers explained that the bus can’t go further as there was some constructions going on and they will have to walk. All picked up their bags and started to follow the teachers. They had to walk a lot as it was quite far.
As night was falling, the teachers asked them to stay in groups but no one really listen. They had to cross a small forest to reach that place. They all stop at a place and the teacher told them that they are going to sleep there for the night and all agreed. They light up a bonfire and rest around it.
Twinkle wanted to call Leela but there was no network. So she went a little further but in vain. When she turned back, she realized that she have lost sight of the group. She worried and panicked. She thinks: where am I?”
Yuvi leaves as he wanted some time alone. There Twinkle started to shout:
“Chinki? Ma’am?” she was very afraid.
While walking yuvi heard her and went in her direction. He used the torchlight of his phone to see. When he saw twinkle, he came to her and asked her: “what are you doing here?”
Twinkle being afraid hugged him. Seeing how much she was sacred, yuvi hugged her back to comfort her.
When they realize the situation they both composed themselves. They felt awkward and there was complete silence.
Yuvi: “what are you doing here alone?”
Twinkle still afraid: “I was trying to get network to call home.”
Yuvi: “we are in a jungle, it difficult to get network here.”
Twinkle: “I know but…”
Yuvi sensed that she was afraid and to divert her mind: “you should thank me…”
Twinkle: “thank you for what exactly?”
Yuvi: “I saved you else you were so afraid as if you saw a ghost.” And laughed at her.
Twinkle fumbling: “I was no…not afraid. I can handle myself.”
Yuvi: “Oh yes, I can see that you can handle yourself.” He said sarcastically
Twinkle: “stop it”
Yuvi: “let’s go”

Credit to: zai

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