Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 49


Recap: Leela left for Pune.

It starts in Pune,
Leela is busy in conference room. She looked quite tired by the journey.

All her day went in the conference room busy in meetings.
There was one person whose face was covered due to the projector light.
His/her face was not shown.
After his/her presentation, the others also went one by one, even Leela.
But as the lights were off no one face could be seen.

In Amritsar
Twinkle was in college but was getting bored. There was no yuvi, and twinkle just try to keep herself busy with the classes.

The whole day went like this only.

@ night,
In Amritsar
Twinkle was in her room, walking here and there.
She talks to herself:” couldn’t mom call once? I just want to be sure that she is fine. And yuvi? He told me that he will call me once he reach but he didn’t.”

She kept checking her phone if Leela or Yuvi call but then throws her phone on the bed in frustration.

In Pune,
After the conference,
All of them were asked their opinions about the different projects which were presented.
All were given a specific letter to each business.
For example: Leela was given the letter “T”
And the unknown person was given “Z”

Leela was at all praise for the unknown person. She really liked his/her project.

Leela shook hands with the person “Z”
She kept praising him/her.
The lights were still off so they couldn’t see each other.
As they shook their hands, the lights turn on and leela was shocked seeing the person.

The person turn out to be yuvi. He also came for the conference.
Leela thought that she was the only company in Amritsar who would operate with the international company but she was wrong.

She felt as if she came here for nothing as she was the one who was praising his project a lot.

After the conference,
There was a dinner. Leela was with the other women taking and laughing.
Leela noticed yuvi who was talking to the owner of the international business.

Leela thinks:” the owner seems very interesting with Anita and yuvi’s project. They will surely get the project.”

There yuvi was talking to the owner:”sir, i want to say something to you if you don’t mind?”
Owner:”yeah, sure”
Yuvi:”sir, i think that Mrs. Taneja’s project was also interesting. I think we, both companies, can merge together to do this project. If you agree…” And rubbed his hair.
Owner thinks a little bit and then says:”that might be a good idea but will both of them agree? I mean i know the enmity”
Yuvi:”trust me, everything will be fine. But you must say this. As in a condition to do the deal with them. Please accept it and i will be there to control everything if anything went wrong”
Owner:”ok, but my business should not suffer in this. I am giving you this responsibility”
Yuvi nodded yes.

During the dinner,
The owner told everyone his decision while leela was happy but also angry.
Happy that she got the deal but angry that she has to share it with her biggest enemy.

Yuvi smiled as his plan was successful.(this merge was a way to reunite their moms)

Precap: don’t know yet

Hope you like this episode
And thanks for all your comments and to the silent readers too

Credit to: Zai

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