Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 48

Recap: yuvi’s friend got to know about twinkle

Taneja house,
Leela was very happy and called everyone.
All were confused and listened.
Leela has obtained a very important contract. This contract would have a great impact on her business as through this she would be able to operate at an international level.
For some procedures, she has to go to Pune.
She decided to go by road. (I know she could take the plane but you will get the reason afterwards)
She was leaving in 2 days. She wanted to talk to twinkle if she would want to come with her.

Twinkle arrived a bit later as they had an extra class.
When she arrived, leela talked to her ask her if she would accompany her.
Twinkle:”but maa, college and everything?”
Leela:”i will talk to them”
Twinkle:”and who would take care of the house when you are not here. Remember i am in charge of the house when you go out”
Leela:”when dis i say this?”
Twinkle:”when i was 10″
Leela laughed:”do you still remember?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Leela:”ok, if you want to stay then ok”
They chat for a while then leela went to do the arrangements.

Next day,
Assessment day,
All students were worried about the test. No one had a happy face.
The teacher handed them the papers, the clock is shown it was 9:00. Their test finished an hour later.
When they got out of the class, all were discussing about the test.
Rohan, chinki and twiraj too.
Twinkle:”that test was…”
Rohan:”agree, yaar”

Yuvi:”come on guys, it already done now”

Rohan:”yuvi, yaar you, you are never afraid or tensed about any test”
Yuvi:”because i have already done now we can’t change it”

By the afternoon, the teacher had already corrected the papers and left the students quite shocked as no teacher hand them that paper on the same day.

They all got their papers. Rohan, chinki and twinkle got good marks. (Around 70 over 100)
They all asked yuvi’s marks. Twinkle saw his marks(yuvi was the first one with 90 over 100)
Rohan:”yaar yuvi, how do you manage to get all these good no excellent marks”
Yuvi:”i just…” (He put his hand on his chin as if thinking something)
Yuvi continued:”by studying and revising”

Twinkle:”how i wished i get such excellent marks!!”
Rohan and chinki congratulate him. Twinkle just kissed him.

After college they went home as they were all tired by the test.

Luthras house,
Anita was already at home talking to Malhotra family.
Yuvi entered and saw all of them talking and laughing.
Yuvi:”family time without me, soo unfair mom.”
He dropped his bag on one couch and went next to sana.
Sana side hug him.
Sana:”how was your test?”
They talked for a while.
After dinner Anita called yuvi in her room.
They talked but all muted. (Will reveal it later on)

Next morning,
Leela was leaving for Pune today. She was leaving early in the morning.
Twinkle woke up very early (it was the first time she woke up so early-she was the first one to wake up)
She wanted to prepare the breakfast for her mom. She tried to make it.
After sometimes everyone woke up. They noticed breakfast already on the table and twinkle who was putting the plates.
Leela:”twinkle what is all this?”
Twinkle:”mom i prepared breakfast for you”
They sat down and tasted it. They all made weird faces but try to cover it. Everyone quickly ate the food.
Twinkle,surprised:”you all liked it soo much”
All nodded yes.
Twinkle:”ok now i will also taste”

Everyone try to stop her but she already ate a bite.
She felt the taste horrible.
Twinkle:”why did you all eat this? It’s horrible”
Everyone smiled at her.
Twinkle:”i am zero at cooking”
Leela:”i will prepare something for you.”
She went to the kitchen and saw it all messed up and servants cleaning it.
Leela:”pagal ladki”

After a proper breakfast, leela left for Pune.

Twinkle texted yuvi. She asked him if he could pick her up.
Yuvi texted her back:”sorry baby, I can’t. Mom sent me out of station for some work. Really sorry and yeah i will come late in the night. There is no much network on the highway, i will call you once i reach. Love you”
Twinkle:”couldn’t he say it to me”
She texted him back:”ok, take care. And do call or you will face the tigress at your return. And love you too.”
Yuvi:”no i will have to call you back, I don’t want to face the tigress”
Twinkle smiled and then say:”ok twinkle, no mom, no yuvi! What will you do now?
I will go to college by myself!”

And she got up to get ready.
Hey guyz hope you like it
Sorry for the mistake
Thank you for all your support

Credit to: Zai


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