Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 47


Recap: twinkle save yuvi from going to jail by giving an excuse.

At night,
Yuvi was feeling pain as he was hurt. He was trying to take off his shirt but couldn’t.
At the same time, twinkle called him. She was in tears after what happened.

Yuvi:”hi baby!”
Twinkle:”sorry yuvi… Maa insulted you so much today. Its all my fault…”
Yuvi:”relax baby. Its ok and its all my fault, I should not have come like that or at least I should have close the door behind me”

Twinkle:”mama(uncle-raman) has beaten you a lot, you are must be hurt…”
Yuvi:”no not that much… Ouch”
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi, holding his elbow:”nothing my arm hit the cupboard… Actually i was trying to change my clothes… I am not able to”
Twinkle:”i will come to help you…”
Twinkle:”yeah you are not being able to so I thought…”
Yuvi:”baby, if you wanted to see me shirtless you could have said”

Twinkle, blushes:”I didn’t mean that… And stop it”
Yuvi:”ok. No plz don’t come”
Yuvi:”baby i don’t want to be killed, i just escaped it this time”
Twinkle:”ok, but ask someone to help you”
Yuvi:”ok, now plz let me go”
Twinkle:”bye, love you”
Yuvi:”love you too”
And then the screen, shifts to Anita who overhead everything( actually not, she only heard after yuvi got hurt with the cupboard)

Anita, in her heart:”i knew that there is some girl in his life, but who? I should check… No i must trust my son. He would chose the best girl. I must wait till he feel to tell me”

And she came and knocked at the door.
Yuvi:”hey mom”
Anita:”what are you doing?”
Yuvi:”trying to change but…”
Anita:”let me help you…”
Yuvi:”no…” And moved away a bit.
Anita:”let me…”
Yuvi:”no mom. Its ok. I am no more a baby”
Anita, laughing:”my son is feeling shy in front of me… Don’t forget i was the one who changed your diapers”
Yuvi:”mom, stop it plz”
Anita, pulled his cheeks:”ahhhh soo cute”

Mr.Malhotra called anita from downstairs.
Yuvi:”mom plz send uncle. At least he would not mock me”
Anita nodded yes.

After sometimes, mr Malhotra helped him and they chat for a while.
Mr.malhotra:” don’t worry its not deep injuries. It will be fine in some days.” After sometimes mr. Malhotra left.

Next morning,
Twinkle couldn’t sleep the whole night. Leela came to her room. Leela went next to her and caress her hair.
Leela:”morning beta”
Twinkle:”morning mom”
Leela:”twinkle, whatever happened yesterday…”
Twinkle:”maa, plz I really don’t want to talk about that”
Leela:”but why did you save that yuvraaj?”
Twinkle:”because he was innocent, he did not do anything wrong with me. How could let him go to jail for something he didn’t know”
Leela:”i am proud of you. You fought for the injustice even if he is an enemy…”
Leela:”ok, now get ready you need to go to college”
And she left while twinkle went into the washroom.

In college
Yuvi was circled by his friends, asking him what happened, seeing his injuries and the bandage on his forehead.
Even rohan was asking him but yuvi signed him something which he understood.
Rohan smiled and whispered to yuvi
Rohan:”so Mr. Yuvraaj even got beaten for his baby!” And laughed.
Yuvi just rubbed his hair, trying to hide his smile but Rohan saw that and said:”soo sweet”

His other friends didn’t understand this and after soo much requesting by his friends, rohan told them everything but not mentioning twinkle’s name.
His friends, all at once:”yuvraaj luthra is in love, awwwww”
And they kept teasing him for sometime. Yuvi just smiled and felt shy.
One of his friend asked:” what’s her name?”
Rohan and yuvi looked at each other but finally said twinkle’s name.
All were shocked at first but then felt happy to see yuvi happy.

After sometimes, twinkle and chinki came there, looking for yuvi. They stopped a bit away seeing yuvi with his friends.
One yuvi’s friend:”hey here is twinkle…”
He went to her.
He said:”hi twinkle, oh sorry bhabhiji( just to tease yuvi)
Chinki and Twinkle were shocked and confused.
But then Rohan cleared all the confusion.
They all laughed and chat together.
Yuvi’s friends kept teasing him while he kept blushing.
(His friends never saw yuvi so in love with someone. They were happy for him, they didn’t care about the enmity between their families)

During lunch time,
All the group were together and chatting. Twiraj were sitting together. As the other were talking, yuvi held twinkle’s hand under the table.
Twinkle tried to remove her hand but yuvi only tighten his grip.
As yuvi was holding her right hand, twinkle couldn’t eat. She used her left hand but couldn’t manage.
All were busy talking while twinkle was struggling to release her hand.
Finally she got an idea. With her left hand, she pinched yuvi as hard as possible. Yuvi released her and scream at top of his voice.
Everyone were confused and looked at him with a questioning look.
Yuvi looked at twinkle with an angry look but twinkle just give him a cute school.

Yuvi looked away to see his friends looking at him.
Yuvi:”actually i…”
Twinkle:”a mosquito bite him”
Yuvi:”yeah a mosquito”
No one believed them but they let it be, and continued to talk.
Yuvi came close to twinkle and whispered:”a beautiful mosquito”
Twinkle looked around and when no one was looking, she kissed him on his cheek.
Even yuvi was shocked by her action but he was happy.
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Credit to: Zai

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