Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 46

Recap: Twiraj cute moments in twinkle’s room and leela caught them.

Leela:yuvraaj luthra…
Twinkle:”maa listen to me actually…”
Leela, without listening to her went to yuvi and slapped him.
Twinkle, shocked:”maaa…”
Yuvi stood there quietly.
Leela:”how dare you come here in my daughter’s room”
Raman:”sis… I will teach you a lesson”
He was about to hit him but dadaji stop him.
Dadaji:”Raman, stop it… Let it be.”
Leela:”let it be dadaji… He was misbehaving with twinkle and you are saying…”
(Actually she misunderstood the scene where yuvi was trying to catch twinkle. Leela thought he was misbehaving with her)

Dadaji couldn’t think of any way to save them.
Leela:”that Anita send you here right?”
Yuvi:”no aunty. Mom doesn’t ‘t know…”
Leela:”shut up! This is for sure your mom’s and your plan”
Yuvi:”aunty plz, my mom…”
But dadaji stop him.
Dadaji:”stop it yuvi. Now go from here”
And signs yuvi to go.
Yuvi understood and began to leave but…
Leela:”dadaji he was misbehaving with my daughter and you are asking him to leave”
Twinkle:”maa, listen to me once…”
Raman:”sis… I will teach him a lesson”

Raman started to beat yuvi. Twinkle try to reason her mom but in vain.
She asked dadaji for help but he knew that it was of no use.
Raman pulled yuvi out to the hall. Yuvi was now bleeding from the mouth and a bit from the head.
Yuvi was bearing everything without harming anyone.

Raman pulled yuvi till Luthras’ house and threw him on the floor. Followed by everyone including twinkle, who was crying.
Leela,shouted:”anita…. Come and see what your son has done”
Anita:” why are you shouting….?”
Seeing yuvi’s state she ran to him. And helped him to get up.
(Anita, sana and her dadi came there)

Anita:”what the hell leela? How dare you and your family beat my son?”
Leela:”oh shut up! Ask him what was he doing with my daughter”

Anita looked at yuvi with a questioning look.
Leela:”I won’t bear if he tries to touch my daughter. If i had not passed by my daughter’s room and saw what he was doing…”
Anita:”but ask your daughter, how come yuvi went into her room, tried to misbehave with her and she didn’t scream. Normally, girls screamed if someone try to touch her or misbehave with her, right?”

Leela:”what kind of a women are you? Twinkle didn’t react doesn’t mean she allow him to do anything”

Anita:”you keep saying your daughter is very brave, what happened to her? She could have done the same thing which you did some years ago….”
Yuvi:”mom, stop it now…”
(Yuvi didn’t want twinkle to know the past things this way)

At that time, they heard the police siren.
(Leela called the police before coming to Anita’s house)

Police:”Mr. Yuvraaj Luthra, you will have to come with us to the police station.”
Anita:”but for what?”
Police:”Mrs. Leela Taneja has put a complaint against him for assaulting her daughter”
Anita:”but officer, you can’t…”
Police:”ma’am plz let us do our duty”
They handcuffed yuvi.
Twinkle was about to say something but yuvi signs her no.
As if she told everything everyone would got to know and they might not accept their relationship.

Twinkle looked helplessly at yuvi but he just smiled at her to comfort her.

Anita:”leela, you should ask your daughter what happened? You were not there… I am just guessing that what kind of a daughter you have? She let yuvi come into her room and did nothing. Twinkle, what a charac….”

Yuvi, in an angry tone:”mom, stop it. You can’t say that twinkle is a characterless girl. You don’t know her. She is nothing of that sort. She is just simple and very kind at heart, and that’s the reason that i lov….”

He realized what he said, while others were confused.
Dadaji and sana just smiled seeing his love for twinkle. And twinkle was overwhelmed by his words.
Anita:”what did you say…”
Police:”ok , enough of this drama. Lets go”

They were taking yuvi away. When they reached the door, twinkle stopped them.
She went to yuvi and said to the officer:”you can’t arrest him. He didn’t do anything wrong…”

Leela:”twinkle, don’t be scared…”
Twinkle:”no maa, earlier also you ignored me. Yuvi didn’t do anything. Yes he was in my room, but… we had a school project together. I knew that neither you nor anita aunty would agree that’s why i made him enter through the window. He didn’t misbehave with me officer”
(Obviously it was a lie but she didn’t have any option)

Officer:”ok, means you are taking back your complain?”
Twinkle nodded yes.
They released yuvi and left.

Anita:”see anita! My son didn’t do anything and you…”

Leela pulled twinkle away followed by her entire family.

Anita came to yuvi and made him sit.
She brought the first aid box and was caring for his wounds.
Anita:”what’s all this baby? Today you will have to answer me, yuvi. What happened to you?”

Yuvi:”nothing mom just school…”
Anita:”plz yuvi, don’t give me this school project excuse. Till now you both didn’t get any project together and suddenly when this happens the school project excuse”

Yuvi:”mom, plz I don’t want to talk about this”
Anita:”ok, fine. Forget about the Tanejas. Tell me something, who is your baby?”
Yuvi:”twi… Who mom?”

Anita, naughtily:”tell me…”
Yuvi, trying to control his smiles:”mom, stop it”
Anita:”did you already select someone as my daughter-in-law?”
Yuvi:”mom, i have to go. Let me go mom, let me go”
Anita:”no, even i have the right to know”

Sana:”let me tell you…”
Yuvi look at sana angrily.
Sana:”its…. Twi…”
Yuvi signs her no
Sana:”twi…I don’t know”
Yuvi felt relieved.

Meanwhile yuvi got time to flee from there.

Anita thinks of all the incidents that happened with Twiraj. She felt something wrong and decide to do something.

Precap: not decided….

So guys hope you like this chapter.
I wrote it because some of you were requesting me to post. I hope you will enjoy it.
And sorry if it was too much filmy. And for the mistakes too
Thanks again for all your comments

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