Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 45

Recap: twiraj stuck in the shop

Next morning
Anita was waking yuvi as she was already late for college. But as he slept late he was in no mood to wake up.
Yuvi:”mom, plz 10 mins”
Anita:”since one hour you are saying 10 mins, you are already late”
Suddenly yuvi’s phone rang flashing ‘Baby’
Anita:”see even your friends are searching for you”
she took his phone and with a confused look asked:”who is baby?”
Yuvi:”she is twi…” But then jumped off the bed and took the phone hurriedly.
Yuvi:”mom, my friend! Mom, go and prepare breakfast for me. I am late”
Anita:”ok, ok going”
But she was not quite convinced about the friend excuse.
And she left while yuvi was relieved.

He messaged twinkle that he is coming.

Yuvi arrived late in class and excused himself
He came to his seat besides rohan.
Teacher:”ok so next week i am going to give you an assessment on the chapter which we just finish. I hope you will do well”

All the students were unhappy( of course who is happy after hearing about a test)

After the class, students were free due to teachers meeting and twiraj and chinki, rohan went to the cafeteria.
Yuvi was still sleepy and was yawning. They ordered lunch and ate. They were discussing about the test while yuvi bowed his head on the table.( he was having a bad headache)

Twinkle:”yuvi, are you fine?”
Chinki:”did you not sleep yesterday?” She was unaware of what happened yesterday.
Then twinkle told her everything.
Chinki: “awwww soo sweet. But you could have slept too when twinkle was asleep”
Twinkle:”yeah yuvi you could have sleep”
Yuvi, looking at them:”and if someone opened that shutters and saw us like that what would they tell about you(to twinkle)”

Twinkle looked lovingly at him. And in heart thanked him for being with her.

Rohan:”ok girls, i will take him to the washroom so that he freshen up”
Yuvi:”no I don’t want to move from here”
Rohan:”come on yuvi” and he pulled him out of his chair.

In boys washroom
Yuvi was washing his face,
Rohan:”yuvi, you know you can’t miss your sleeping time” (remember yuvi had gone under operation, brain surgery. Doctors said that he needs to have his sleeping time properly)
Yuvi:”i know yaar”
Rohan:”does twinkle know about it?”
Yuvi:”about me not being totally fit and fine? No anyway doctors said that i will get only headaches if i miss my sleeps nothing more. Its fine why to worry her.”
Rohan:”ok, lets go if you have finish”

When they came back, the girls had already finish their lunch.
Rohan:”wow girls, couldn’t you wait for us?”
Chinki:”you were taking soo much time, we couldn’t wait”
Yuvi:”let it be yaar, come on lets eat”
After lunch, the classes continued

After school, rohan brought Yuvi directly at home and he put him on bed. Yuvi slept like a baby.

He woke up late in the night.
He was now feeling better. He checked his phone to find several message from twinkle.
He rubbed his hair and thinks she must be worried.

He came outside, and thinks how to go in as he noticed twinkle’s window close.

He thinks to enter through main door but it was too risky. But then thinks to take a chance. He entered the house looking here and there. Suddenly, Raman was coming from outside, talking on the phone, hearing him yuvi hide behind the main door.

Raman entered and stood in there talking on the phone. Yuvi sneak out and thinks:”God, when will he go? I can’t stay here for long.”

After sometimes, Raman away and yuvi came out of his hiding place. He moved in when he heard footsteps coming.
He panicked and searched a hiding place. He hide under the dinning table. He moved the chairs slowly so that it hid him.
It was a servant who came there. When he left yuvi came out. He started to climb the stairs but then saw Pinni coming from upstairs.
She was busy with her phone thus doesn’t notice yuvi. Yuvi quickly hide under the stair case.
Yuvi, thinks:”oh God, soo many people in this house, i will be dead till i reach twinkle’s room”

After Pinni left, yuvi finally reach twinkle’s room. He said:”finally, i escaped nearly…”

Yuvi entered twinkle’s room. He saw her near the window, which was now opened, she had her eyes close and the little breeze was playing with her hair. Yuvi was mesmerized seeing her.

He moved towards her, without closing the door behind him. He came near her tiptoeing so that he doesn’t make her hear him.

He sat next to her without making any noise.
He moved close to her and quickly kiss her on her cheeks. Twinkle opened her eyes and was shocked
Twinkle:”yuvi? What are you doing here?”
Yuvi:”sorry, I couldn’t reply to your texts”
Twinkle:”are you fine?”
Yuvi:”yeah, i slept the whole afternoon, i am fine now”
Twinkle:”yuvi is there something wrong? I mean your health?”
Yuvi:”yeah, i am fine. Just you remember my operation…”
Twinkle nod yes.
Yuvi:”after my operation, the doctors said that i need to sleep properly or i will suffer from bad headache, that’s it. Nothing more”
Twinkle:”sorry yuvi, because of me…”
Yuvi:”shhhh don’t start it ok. Nothing was your fault, ok”
He hugged her and say now smile. Twinkle with a cute face nod no.
Yuvi:”areyyy… Ok then i will make you smile”
He start to tickle her.
Twinkle, while laughing:”yuvi stop it”
And she got running from here and there, while yuvi chased her.
Twinkle, starting to get annoyed:”yuvi, stay away ok, don’t come near”
Yuvi:”no you refused to smile now i will make out smile till you get tired of laughing”
During the chase, leela goes through twinkle’s room and saw everything. She misunderstands the whole scenery.
She shouted:”yuvraj….”
Twiraj were both shocked and tensed seeing her.
Hearing her voice, all the family members gathered. Dadaji also came there and seeing them, he hit his forehead and thinks:”oh God, now what will happen?”

Twinkle was hell shocked, she knew that yuvi is gone but didn’t know how to save him.
Yuvi looked at twinkle, tensed and worried.

Precap: any guesses what will happen


And also, guys yuvi’s headaches are normal nothing serious about that

Guyz plz if my ff is becoming boring plz tell me because compared to other ff of twinj i am getting less comments.

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  1. Itsss awesomeeeeeee Really loved it , was waiting for ur ff, thanks for posting it nd it wasn’t boring at all!!!! U’re amazinggg writer zai!!

  2. Hey Zai…ur ff is amazing dear and its not boring at all but unfortunatelly there arent many twinraj fans so i guess thats why ur not getting so much comments 🙁 ur ff is awesome dear…i love it….

  3. Thank you Sunaina and katrina. I appreciate it a lot

  4. And guys plz guess the precap what will happen now??
    I really want to know your ideas about the precap

    1. Hey dear…about the precap im guessing twinraj will start a fake fight to cover up the situation and if Leela will ask why Yuvi is there im guessing Twinkle will take the blame on herself and tell that she instigated him by insulting him and challenged him to face her if he has guts…and Yuvi accepted her challange and came in her room 🙂

  5. Guyz next update will be done on Wednesday night as i have an important assessment coming up. Hope you guyz understand
    But if i get time i will surely post it

  6. Hey Zai, basically i am Twinj fan but initially i use to like Twiraj …i dnt like Uv’s char in tei but i like Zain alot… Ur ff’s are always awsum…will be waiting for ur nxt epi…

  7. hi.zai how ru..aur kitna bsy rehte yaar bhot intezar karna padta tmr ff ka pls roz ek epi to bhjo na pls…aur nxt epi wednsdy se pehle bhjne ki koshish karo na aur tmre ff sab se acha hai..mai to sirf yahi twiraj ff pasand karti hun aur pls tm cntnue karo..isse stop mat karo..wtng 4ur nxt epi

    1. Thanks for your comment and i will try to post it as soon as possible

  8. ur ff is d best dear.luv twiraj.

  9. no no..it is nt boring…it is awesome..i am telling you ..urs is the best ff.. since there are more twinj fans they aren’t commenting urs.. that’s it.. nothing more..ur is the best ff…don’t stop please

  10. Amazing yrr its awesome zai

  11. Woohoo zai..Fantabulous u know what I m a Twinj fan but ur ff was awesome..and that flirty yuvi..ohh gid I thought I will faint due to happiness..and please update soon..u r best.. :-*

  12. So nice…n i tink leela wil slap him or anything…then anita n leela wil hav misunderstanding again..but after some time,anita would start to tink why would he go in there n remembers about the baby in his handphone…so she wil start to hv a suspect on both of them..tis is not a precap i tink but i tink its the story line that maybe appear…hihi

  13. Superb & fantastic epi zai

  14. A fabulous epi zai. Keep it up!

  15. Thank you guys soo much for your guys. I really appreciate it

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