Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 44

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Recap:twiraj funny fight at the café

After coming out of the café, chinki rohan and twiraj were all laughing at what happened inside. They laugh for a while till they reach the car.
Twinkle:”come on chinki, we have to go”
Yuvi:”where are you going?”
Twinkle, naughtily:”to meet my other boyfriend…”
Yuvi, holding her hands and pulled her close:”who is the other boy who can bear the tigress?” And laughed
Chinki, rohan laugh at their small fight.
Twinkle, fuming:”don’t call me tigress”
Yuvi:”ok but where are you going??”

Chinki:”there is sales in twinkle’s favorite shop so we are going to the market”
Rohan:”you girls have nothing to do apart from shopping??”
Twinkle:”nooo! Why don’t you two cone with us?”
Rohan and yuvi looked at each other. Rohan whispered to yuvi:”now we are trapped”
Before the boys could answer, both the girls pulled them in the car.

In the market,
Twinkle and chinki visited almost all the shops and bought nothing.
Yuvi and rohan were tired and wanted to go.
After each shop, they asked the same thing: “can we go home now”
After sometimes, chinki got a message and said that she needs to leave. And seeking the opportunity, Rohan also went with her.

Twinkle went to her favorite shop and the sales boy showed her many items but she didn’t like it. She showed him the dress on her phone.
Sales boy:”ma’am, that’s all we have”
Twinkle:”no, there would more in the stores”
Sales boy:” ma’am we are about to close down as it is Sunday”
Yuvi:”twinkle, leave it. We will come tomorrow if you want”

Twinkle:”no, sales is only today. I want that dress only. I saw on their website this is the last piece”
But till then the sales boy was already busy with another customer.
Seeing around, twinkle pulled yuvi inside.
Yuvi:” twinkle, leave it. If someone saw us here then you will never be allowed here”

There was a big room with many clothes which were already packed.
Twinkle:”yuvi, blue dress, ok?”
Twinkle:”won’t you help me?”
Yuvi nod at her, twinkle shows him the design. And they start searching it together.
But they didn’t find it.
Yuvi:”twinkle, i think it is already sold.”
Twinkle with a sad face:”ok, lets go”

When they come out, they find the shop closed. They were tensed. Yuvi tried to open it but couldn’t.
Twinkle:”how are we going to go home? Maa will be much worried”
Yuvi:”baby, relax. We will try to call out for help”
They shouted at top of their voice but the all shops was already closed.
Twinkle:”yuvi, its useless. We are alone here”
Yuvi, seeing twinkle tensed:”listen, baby, i will try to call rohan and he will get us out of here.”
Twinkle nod at him. Yuvi tried Rohan’s phone but his phone was switch off.
Yuvi:”damn it”

Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”switch off, i will send him a message”
Twinkle:”now what? Chinki.”
Twinkle tried chinki but she didn’t answer.
Twinkle nodded no at yuvi.
Yuvi banged at the door but in vain.

Twinkle sat there with a sad face. Yuvi side hug her and said:”baby, don’t worry. I am with you, right?”
Twinkle:”yuvi?? I am hungry!”
Yuvi:”what? How am i gonna get food for you here?”
Twinkle, innocently:”how i wish that we got stuck in the food court instead of here. I would have eat all the food”
Yuvi looked at her lovingly and said:” so you are upset because of your hunger?”
Twinkle looked at him, and with a cute smile nodded yes.
Yuvi, getting up:”i’ll see what i can get for my baby in this shop”
Yuvi went inside and come back with nothing. Twinkle looked at him impatiently while yuvi said:”only a candy!”

Twinkle:”it better than to have nothing”
Twinkle ate the candy then realised about yuvi and asked:”you won’t eat?”
Yuvi nodded no.

Twinkle:”yuvi, for how long are we gonna stay here?”
Yuvi:”don’t know but i am enjoying myself”
Twinkle, confused:”why”
Yuvi:”baby, if we stay here for the night, it will be our first night together”
Twinkle, looked at him, nervously.
Yuvi:” twinkle i bought something for you. I thought to give you on a special occasion but let me show you. Close your eyes”
Twinkle followed his orders.
Yuvi took out a beautiful stole from his pocket and made twinkle wear it.
Twinkle opened his eyes and looked at the stole on her head. She went to the mirror.
Twinkle:” yuvi, its really pretty! I loved it”
Yuvi, hugging her from behind:”i want my baby to wear it on our first night of marriage.”

Twinkle, blushing. She turned around and hugged him.
Twinkle:”i love you”
And kissed him on his cheeks.

Night had fallen, while they were still stuck.
Twinkle couldn’t stay at one place and she was walking here and there and was talking non-stop.
Yuvi was sitting on the floor and listening to her silently.

Twinkle noticed a cockroach on her dress and jumped here and there telling yuvi to remove it. Yuvi:”stop moving”
Yuvi removed it.
Twinkle was relieved and then saw yuvi laughing at her.

Twinkle:”i am not scared ok.”
Yuvi, trying to control his laughter:”yeah, someone who isn’t scared of a cockroach would not scream like that.”
Twinkle was about to hit him but yuvi held her hands and lose his balance due to which they fell down.
Twinkle moved aside but still hugging him, with her hands on his chest. After sometimes, she felt asleep.

Yuvi didn’t want to sleep for protection as if someone comes to open the shop, and saw them together, they might say anything about twinkle.

When yuvi noticed that twinkle was far asleep, he removed her hands and got up. He took off his jacket and covered her.
He walked around the shop and saw the surveillance camera and thinks to delete the video. He did so and then came back to twinkle.

He looked at her lovingly and kissed her forehead. He sat next to her and played with her hair, when suddenly his phone rang flashing Rohan’s name.
He told everything to Rohan and he replied that he is coming.
After a while, Rohan came and opened the shutters with the watchman’s help.
Rohan:”are you fine?”

Yuvi nodded yes and asked the watchman if he could give him some water. And he left.
Rohan:”where is twinkle?”
Yuvi pointed at a sleeping twinkle. He went to her and woke her up. Twinkle got up and then came out of the shop.
They left as soon as the watchman came back.

Rohan dropped them outside their house and left. They both said good night and left for their house.

Twinkle house
Leela slept on the sofa waiting for her.
Twinkle saw her and wake her up.
Leela:”twinkle where were you? I was so worried”
Twinkle:”maa, don’t worry. I just got stuck in the shop…”
Leela:”stuck… Where? How?”
Twinkle:”maa, relax i am fine”
Leela:”are you fine?”
Twinkle:”maa, relax. The watchman helped me to come out”
Leela:”no twinkle tell me everything”
Twinkle got tensed at first but then said everything without mentioning yuvi.
Leela, hugging her:”you must have been scared alone”
Twinkle, softly:”i felt so safe being with him”
Leela:”did you say something?”

Twinkle:”no maa. Nothing. I want sleep. I am very tired”
Leela:”ok, but i will make you sleep”
After changing, twinkle slept in her lap.

Yuvi was not asked so much questions as it was quite usual for him to come late.

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