Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 43

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Precap: Twiraj reunion.
In the park, under a tree
Twinkle was seated, her back towards the tree, with yuvi sleeping on her lap.
Yuvi was holding her hand, he had a smile on his face.
Twinkle was caressing his hair.
Then suddenly twinkle’s tears fell on yuvi’s face, he opened his eyes and saw her crying
Yuvi, by wiping her tears:”baby, what happened?”
Twinkle:”i am sorry yuvi. I said so many things to you…”
Yuvi:”baby, stop it… I was the one who hurt you. Plz stop it”
Twinkle hugged him tightly and yuvi also reciprocates her hug.
They were like this for sometime.
Yuvi:”you know what…”
Twinkle looked at him and asked:”what?”
Yuvi:”i quite liked the tigress twinkle who just can’t handle her anger”
Twinkle:”you called me tigress…”
Yuvi, naughtily:”not only me, but even your family members, your dadaji calls you a tigress.”
Hearing this twinkle fumes and chased yuvi
Twinkle:”youuu! I will show you what this tigress can do”
Yuvi:”ohh God, plz save me from this tigress…” And laughs
Twinkle:”yuvvviiiiii” and chased him around the tree.

Outside Twiraj house
Dadaji was coming back when he bumped into sana’s dadi, who was with sana. Dadaji continuously looked at her.
Dadi:”sorry I didn’t see you…”
Dadaji:”its ok…”
Dadi:”excuse me?”
Dadi gave him a confused look and dadaji realised what he just said.
Dadaji:”i mean sure”
Sana smiled at them.

Later in the evening,
Both Twiraj returned home.

Yuvi’s residence
Yuvi came in whistling. Sana was on the couch with her dadi.
Yuvi:”hi dadi and my beautiful partner…”
Sana looked at him with a questioning look.
Then yuvi went from there quickly. Sana excused herself from her dadi and ran behind yuvi.

Yuvi was about to close the door, but sana could get in just before he closed it.
Sana:”how did my sad partner become soo happy? I missed something. Come on tell me, tell me fast”
Yuvi laughs and says:”ok, ok baba. I will tell you”
And he told her everything.
Sana was very happy and hugged him, congratulating him.
Sana:”even you miss something”
Sana told him about dadi and dadaji.
Yuvi laughs listening to her.
Yuvi:”partner, there is nothing such, I don’t think that dadi and dadaji…together. No I don’t”
Sana:”trust me partner.”
But yuvi kept laughing.
Sana:”i will prove you” and went from there angrily.
Yuvi kept laughing at her innocence.

Twinkle residence
Twinkle was very happy, when she spotted leela, she went to her and hugged her.
Leela was confused by her actions.
Twinkle:”maaaaaaa, i am soo happy today!!!”
Leela:”what happened?”
Twinkle:”i will tell you at the right time, surprise” and left from there happily.
Leela:”pagal ladki(crazy girl)”

At night, both Twiraj on bed, talking to each other. They were very happy and all smiling.
While there was a background sond going on. (You can imagine any song which you love for Twiraj-free to your imagination)
After talking for hours, they both slept with their phones.

Next morning,
Yuvi was getting ready to go out.
Actually he thought to celebrate their reconciliation with twinkle, chinki and rohan.

Yuvi came bear the door, he noticed sana hiding as if a spy.
He smiled seeing her and touched her shoulder. Sana startled and then said yuvi to hide and see.
Yuvi followed her orders.

Yuvi:”sana? What is all this? You are spying on people. Ver bad”
Sana:”shhhhh, let me concentrate”
Yuvi smiled at her.

Sana noticed dadi and dadaji coming back together and pointed it to yuvi.
Yuvi was also shocked at first but then said:”they might be friends also, you are overacting. I need to go…”
Sana:”you go, i will manage”
Yuvi:”all the best, partner” and pat her shoulder.

Yuvi came in front of dadi and dadaji
Dadaji:”we were not together we just….”
Dadi:”we just met on the road…”
Yuvi:”but… I didn’t ask you anything”

Both of them realize that, and left fron there quickly. Yuvi was confused but then remembered his treat and he dismiss the thought.

@ café
Rohan, chinki and twinkle were already there. They were waiting for yuvi.
Twinkle:” he invited us, and now he is late!!”
Yuvi finally arrived and apologize multiple times.
Twinkle turned her face away being annoyed.
Yuvi:”sorry baba” and hold his ears.
But twinkle didn’t comply. Rohan signs yuvi to try something else.
Yuvi, shouting loud enough for the entire café could hear him:”twinkle, plz forgive. I am really sorry…”
Twinkle looked at him, telling him to lower his tone but yuvi continued.
Yuvi, going on his knees:”twinkle, plz, plz. I am really sorry. Just think about our little baby who is waiting for you at home, plz come back.”
Twinkle was speechless and confused.
Yuvi, noticing an old couple sitting next to their table, went to them:”you tell me oncle, how many times did you fight with aunty?”
Oncle:”many times”
Yuvi:”and you aunty?”
Yuvi:”but did you punish you kids for that? No naa, plz ask her to forgive me, else what will happen to our son who is only saying mama and waiting for her” and he pretends to cry.
Aunty:”no, don’t cry! Beta(twinkle) don’t put your child in between your fights, the poor, he is apologizing to you. Don’t be soo much angry. Forgive him at least for your child”
Twinkle didn’t know how to react. While chinki and Rohan try hard to control their laugh.
Yuvi looked at her and gave her a naughty smile.
Twinkle understood his trick and thinks:”you want me to apologize to you but i will make you apologize”
Twinkle:”aunty, you are asking me to forgive him but do you know what he did? Nobody knows what he did?” And sat there with a sad face.
Yuvi was shocked at the turn of situation but thinks:”baby, i will win in this. You will have to accept my apology in front of everyone”

Yuvi:”what did i do?”
Twinkle, getting up:”you…”
Yuvi didn’t let her finish.
Yuvi:”uncle, i will tell you. Yesterday was her birthday, i was planning to gift her a ring, i worked so much to get the money and I couldn’t come for the small party. I was busy buying her gift. What’s my fault?”
Oncle:”yeah beta, forgive him!”
All the people present there request twinkle to accept his apology. Twinkle couldn’t think about any other excuse and said yes.
Yuvi went to her and hugged her. In her ear:”really sorry twinkle. By the way i won, you tried to defeat me but i am the best”
Twinkle hit him a little but then hugged him and smiled.
All the people clapped for them.

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