Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 42

Sorry guys for not posting yesterday. And here is the episode you guys have been waiting for.
Recap: Rohan got to know about the truth & twiraj funny argument

They were smiling at each other, when twinkle realized and became sad. Yuvi noticed her expression and he became quite too.

The vendor came to them: “sorry ma’am! I didn’t see you. I am really sorry.”
Twinkle:”it’s ok, no problem” and she left from there.
Yuvi:”excuse me, how much for the flowers? I spoilt them all”
Vendor:”it’s ok, consider it as a gift to your love”
Yuvi looked at him, with confused face.
Vendor:”people can see that”
Yuvi just smile at him

After submitting their research, they returned home.

Yuvi’s house:
Yuvi was about to go in, when someone called him.
Yuvi turned around and saw dadaji. He greet him. Dadaji ask him to come with him. Yuvi followed his orders. They went to a nearby park.
Yuvi was confused but followed him. They stop at a place.
Dadaji:”why did you lie to twinkle?”
Yuvi:”about what?”
Dadaji:”you told her that you don’t love her and didn’t blame me. Why?”
Yuvi:”you are elder than us, you have seen all what happened and sometimes even i think that we can’t get everything we want, how could i blame you?”
Dadaji:”thank you! I thought when you will as i said, you will tell her everything about my disapproval then she would have hate me…”
Yuvi:”i know you love twinkle a lot, you would think for her betterment and happiness”
Dadaji:”yes, her happiness! That’s why today i am going to give her all her happiness…”
Yuvi have him a confused look.
Dadaji:”i am sorry, yuvi. I didn’t understand your love. Today, i want to give twinkle to you. From now on, twinkle is your responsibility. I saw your love for her, your care, I can’t take that feeling from you, her. I have no objection with your love. I will support your love. Yuvi, I don’t know what will happen when your moms find out bit i will try to help you as much as possible.”

Yuvi was really happy, he could have jumped in happiness but he controlled himself.
Dadaji blessed him and then hugged him.
Dadaji:”now you handle the tigress twinkle and her tantrum. Best of luck!”
They both laughed.
They talked for a while, but then yuvi thinks:”ohhhh god, how am i gonna make her trust me again? After such pain and feeling of betrayed, no girl will trust that boy ever…”
Dadaji:”what are you thinking?”
Yuvi:”don’t know how i will convince her? It took me soo much time to make her say i love you too, and now…”
Dadaji:”don’t worry! I will tell her everything…”
Yuvi:”but she might get angry at you, the tigress she is!”
Dadaji:”no, i will tell her”

Dadaji called twinkle to the park.

Twinkle got worried, while driving, thinking if something happen to dadaji.
She hurriedly entered the park and searched for him.
She noticed him and went to him.
Twinkle, panting:”dadaji, why you asked me to cone here so quickly. You made me scared, i thought something happened to… Anyway why did you call me here?”

Dadaji:”first breathe and relax, nothing happened to me, see”
Twinkle:”ok, ok, tell me now!”
Dadaji signed someone to come behind twinkle.
At first, twinkle was confused but when she spotted yuvi, she was shocked.
Twinkle:”you? What are you doing here?” Coming towards yuvi.
Yuvi signed her no and she understood looking at dadaji”
Twinkle in her mind:”did dadaji find out??”

Dadaji:”twinkle, what’s all this? How can you even think of him(pointing towards yuvi) to be a…”
Twinkle was really scared and embarrassed. She bows down not able to face dadaji. While yuvi and dadaji tried to control their laugh.
Twinkle looked up and said:”dadaji, plz forgive me…”
Dadaji:”forgive you? How can you doubt…”
Twinkle:”dadaji plz…”
Yuvi, by putting his hand on her shoulder:”baby, it’s ok, you love me…”
Twinkle, jerking his hands off her shoulder:”dadaji, plz… Don’t listen to him. I know that…”
While Dadaji turned away to hide his laughter but twinkle thought it was because he was angry.
Twinkle, coming to yuvi and grabbing him by his collar:”why did you say? Are you not happy to have hurt me soo much, that now, you are taking my family away…”

Dadaji, stopping twinkle and removing her hands:”twinkle, plz don’t doubt him for something that he…”
Twinkle:”dadaji, plz forgive me…”
But both yuvi and dadaji started laughing. Twinkle was confused and then asked them.
Dadaji:”beta, you should let me finish my sentences. You should learn to listen to others, my bholi bacchi(my innocent child)”
Twinkle looked at yuvi confused.
Dadaji:”beta, plz forgive me! I didn’t want to have fight between the two families again.”
Twinkle:”forgive you for what?”
Dadaji:”twinkle, yuvi didn’t betray you, he never bet to make you fall in love with him. He always love you! He did that on my sayings”
Twinkle was shocked and looked at yuvi who had his head bowed down.
Dadaji, continued:”i told him to be away from you. He did all that on my saying, really sorry.”
Yuvi:”twinkle plz don’t misunderstand your dadaji, he was just thinking about you, even you know that it will be difficult to unite our moms, he was just afraid of that.”

Twinkle hugged his dadaji:”thank you dadaji. I know you will always be here to protect me and today you did so. I amnot angry with you. Infact i am very happy to have such a loving dadaji, who will always be here to protect me”

Dadaji:”now you have to apologize to him(yuvi). You hurt him soo much by your words and he bear everything silently.”

Twinkle looked at yuvi apologetically. And was going to hold her ears. Yuvi stopped her and said:”its ok! I hurt you soo much, i need to say sorry.”
But twinkle stopped him.
Dadaji hugged both of them and blessed them.
Twinkle:”but how did you get to know this?”
Yuvi and dadaji exchange looks. Then they started to laugh remembering that night.

When they told twinkle, she was embarrassed but dadaji said:”it’s ok, love is such”
And twinkle felt shy and buried her face in yuvi’s chest to hide her face.

Dadaji:”now, my job is done, you lovers spend some time together. And yes yuvi, i want my daughter back before 9.”
Yuvi and twinkle looked at each other and then dadaji:”i am joking”
They all smiled and dadaji left. While Twiraj were hugging each other with a smile on their face.

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